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  1. [quote name='mavsfan31' timestamp='1356283807' post='566127'] I don't think there is. The best that I've been able to find is some AF and a bit of Nak. [/quote] yeah same here.
  2. Does anyone know a place n Dallas to buy tangiers up here for Christmas break n I ran out .
  3. sounds like a great time ive been wanting to take a trip out to san diego n the odessey lounge just need some extra funds
  4. wow thats the shinest km pharonie ive ever seen my favorite pipe to smoke from out of my collection except i dont polish mine i perfer the traditional look but beautiful pipe n boho base for sure
  5. wow just read the title to this thread and almost tipped my hookah over from laughing so hard two thing that should never be in the same sentence hookah n needels lol
  6. [quote name='Cloud9' timestamp='1297226828' post='497271'] Johnny Cash says: "Aint no grave can hold this thread down." [/quote] well said my friend
  7. i use ch nats with my tangiers. hj alien-2 ch nats tang mini- 2 ch nats tang small- 2-3 ch nats depending on which flavor
  8. looks great i have the km base thats looks like that one but i wish is was boho
  9. [quote name='king_lunchb0x' timestamp='1293255448' post='492309'] [quote name='noodle' timestamp='1293248587' post='492299'] [quote name='jeremyk' timestamp='1293230996' post='492287'] i have a 1st gen hj alien n a 2nd gen and the newer deeper alien's r hands down alot better they alot better n hold a little more shisha [/quote] How about a pic of the two? [/quote] yes please pics would be great!!! [/quote] id put up a pic but my bowls are 8 hrs away at the moment ill try to remember to take some pics when i get back home
  10. i have a 1st gen hj alien n a 2nd gen and the newer deeper alien's r hands down alot better they alot better n hold a little more shisha
  11. i want me some sex panther lol it sounds really good i havent smoked any social smoke but after hearing its like fuzzy navel i may have to pick some up. sweet gift from the gf also congrats
  12. my question is how much did those meduses cost cause i didnt see a price
  13. id say go with some nakhla because its easier to get smoking right imo, if you r having problems with af burning n not tasting good nak likes heat so its harder to burn up as for flavors double apple, manderine, sweet melon, watermelon, mint, etc. i pretty much like all of nakhla's flavors n their mizo line is like af's tobacco if you like a wetter tobacco
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