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  1. Layalina Kiwi and Layalina Bahrani Apple 50/50 mix The Kiwi tastes great on the inhale, and the Apple is sweet on the exhale Mya Bambino Vortex Bowl Reynolds Wrap HD, small holes with two circles around the outside diameter approx 1/8" apart "Slushie" Water - ice and water in a mixer and make it come out margarita style!
  2. I switched over to a Vortex Bowl (yeah, go ahead and send me fanboy complaints) from the Myas... I just don't see myself spending a whole lot of money on a bowl (greater than $10), so I figured it was worth a try... I picked two of them up for $5.60 ea from homeofthehookah.com (unfortunately they are only in blue and white). I pack the shisha light and fluffy, and cover with foil... and poke about three rows of wholes around the edge, SMALL holes Then I rotate a 3 Kings 40mm around the outside... I usually go through about 4 charcoals in one bowl. The difference was huge. Le
  3. after smoking this bad boy for about a month or so now, i must say i am impressed great build, VERY easy to clean (the bottom of the stem can be unscrewed to clean the inside of the port holes!), portable but can still pull as well as hookah's twice it's size, cheap considering it's a mya saray, the hard case is nice, the tongs are decent (yes i've had cheap tongs before, they suck) i am going to order a 2nd one for my wife on another note, been smoking with vortex bowls (sue me) on it, they fit and seal just fine, and seat almost all the way to the ash tray nice and snu
  4. I've used the shallow bowls and the deeper Mya bowls. I found the trick with the Mya is to use more charcoal and constantly move it, and if you still have wasted shisha, but a layer of foil underneath the shisha then another on top. The double layer also makes it easier to clean and less prone to stains, but it will still stain some.
  5. I just ordered a Bambino (this is about my 4th or 5th hookah) and I am waiting it's arrival. After debating for some time between the QT and Bambino I came to this conclusion because I want a small hookah that comes with a hard case. I really like the QT better and have smoked from both of them at a friend's house... but I share the two main issues with the QT: the top rubber gommet can be burned at the tray, and the ball bearing sticks. I haven't really noticed any issues with the Bambino and was reading reviews looking for one, but it's only minor details. I have owned s
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