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  1. I have some starbuzz samples for trade, roughly 40-50 g of each. I'm looking for equal samples of the following. I have Kiwi Irish Cream Grape Guava Looking for AF Golden Black Grape Fumari Tropical Punch Fumari Grape I also have roughly 200g of Tangiers Watermelon as well up for trade if anyone has anything to offer. I'm mostly interested in trying the flavors above.
  2. There was this couple that was married for 20 years, and EVERY time they had sex the husband always insisted on shutting off the lights. Well, after 20 years the wife had enough and wanted to mix things up a bit and see what was going on all these years. So one night, while they were in the middle of doin it, she turned on the lights. She looked down and saw her husband was using his own motion but holding a 10 inch dildo. "You bastard," she screamed at him, "how could you be lying to me all of these years. Explain yourself!" The husband looks her straight in the eyes and says, calmly, "I'll explain the dildo if you can explain our three kids."
  3. I usually order my tobacco from Hookahcompany as they are one of the few vendors that sell all the brands I'm looking for. Recently had an order that called for Waha Grape and they shipped me a tub of what appeared to be grape from the outside of the tub but inside was double apple. I called the following day and no questions asked they shipped me the right shisha.
  4. Never tried mint or cappacino but I love their grape, sweet melon, peach, and banana. Everyone always compares different brands of tobacco, I seem to love a few flavors from each. They all have their unique characteristics, therefore you get best of all worlds when mixing.
  5. I've never smoked hookah with an ice bucket on the stem. I personally don't see how it would make that much of a difference.
  6. I contacted Social Smoke and they claim that this piece is painted, what we're seeing is water marks in the paint. They claim it's a cosmetic weakness and doesn't influence performance or health. Oh well. They also mentioned that they are changing manufacturers for their Egyptians and that this piece in the future will be stainless as well. ETA on those is roughly 2 months or so. For those of you waiting for them to replenish their stock on Egyptians currently out of stock, Wednesday's shipment will be the older style that I have. New ones aren't due for a while.
  7. Yes, and every day it seems to get worse. :-(
  8. Those of you that have a SS, let me know if you have a similar problem. The part of the stem that sits in the vase and in the water.... mine is starting to show some signs of..... well hard to explain it's not rust but looks like corrosion or at the least water damage. I've only tried removing it with sink soaps etc. but haven't put too much energy into it until I find out what's best to use. Anyone else have this problem? I usually dump out the water after every session so I'm not sure why this is happening so quickly. It's only been 1 year. No pic available at this time as I'm working... maybe later.
  9. First, make sure your grommet is dry. A wet grommet will make your bowl slip and slide and not sit right. I don't suggest using LB's method on the QT, it works on most Egyptians and MYAs that have a taller area of the stem for the bowl. The area for the bowl is a bit shorter on the QT so what will happen is your bowl will just lay on your tray and not sit air tight. I find that pushing the grommet all the way against the tray first does the trick. Push down and twist very gently one direction will help the bowl sit properly. The question is what type of bowl are you using. My suggestions are with using the standard MYA bowl.
  10. You're not the first one that said they witnessed a 3kings coal explode. I just can't see this happening, hope it never does I've had japanese coals fall apart on me hbefore, but luckily near the tray.
  11. I thought about one of those bowls with the windscreen lid, unfortunately I'm hooked on the phunnel so there goes that idea. As a precautionary measure, today I added the following to an order from MYA I placed the other day: http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ITE...EPARTMENT_ID=36 At least I won't have to walk around my house with tongs and coals just waiting for a coal to break or slip out of grasp
  12. See the cute little pooch in my sig <-- , my Cairn Terrier... Vinny... was getting brushed by my wife last night while we were all relaxing watching a flick. My wife pulled out a knot on his chest and took the hair and placed it on the coffee table next to my 32inch Egyptian. 10 minutes later my dog got a little anxious to get his hair back and decided to jump up (2 paws) and reach for his hair. He never goes near the table as he knows better, but when I told him to get down, he leaped sideways getting tangled in the hose. Timbbbbbberrrrrrrrr. 2 large holes in my carpet, chaos cleaning it up. Dog was fine, wife was pissed. She got over it quickly though when I reminded her about the time she knocked over nail polish remover on my new bedroom set. All this did was get my ass in gear for putting down new flooring which I was going to do in the spring anyway, so no big deal, besides a runner covers it. My question is this, and be honest. How many of you have damaged one thing or another in your days smoking?
  13. I love El Basha Grape. I go through it faster than any other tobacco in my stash.
  14. Captain Morgan and 7up/Sprite FTW!
  15. I can't tell from your pic, but does your stem resemble this one? Here's a different angle on the stem, looks as if you have 1 of the 3 pieces of the shaft. http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ITE...EPARTMENT_ID=42 I'm trying to determine whether or not it's the same. Have you asked MYA about a replacement heart, last time I spoke with them you can purchase individual replacement parts.
  16. I own a MYA and have the same stem "heart" as yours and never had any issues, been smoking out of it for a year. I own a SS Egyptian as well and find it to be much more difficult to clean simply because it's 1 piece and larger. I prefer to smoke my MYAs any day over my SS Egyptian which everyone here loves. I enjoy it, but not nearly as much as my MYAs. Clean it with soap and water, not sure about soaking it for an extended period of time but I clean my pieces all the time with soap. Have you tried using a brush to reach in and grab some of the crap off the walls? Try reaching out to MYA, explain the problem and see what they have to say about it. Those guys will take the time to explain and do whatever it takes to make you happy.
  17. ninja which MYA stem are you having trouble with. MYA has a few, can you post a link I'd like to see which one you're having trouble with.
  18. I don't know about that. I own both and they both hit like a champ and the acrylic certainly doesn't taste like plastic. I see no difference.
  19. My only Tangiers experience (1 250g bag of watermelon) wasn't so great either. I let it acclimate for 12+ hours, stirred it up well and got it smoking without problems. The problem was that it just didn't taste all that good. I understand that Tangiers is stronger than most, my problem was that myself and others I smoked with would NEVER consider the taste to be watermelon. A friend of mine commented saying it tasted like we were smoking BBQ. I don't know about that but I wasn't overheating the tobacco and was getting plenty of smoke. But what the hell do I know, I tried over and over again to get it smoking with flavor, every time getting an identical taste to what it smelt like in the bag... just can't describe it. Think about this... overcook a chicken, take blackened/overcooked skin off and eat it. There's my flavor.
  20. It's your choice. You can request either an Egyptian or Lebanese http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ITE...EPARTMENT_ID=36 Always remember, when ordering from MYA you can customize any component in any given setup. Good choice, enjoy it.
  21. No shipping hasn't always been $25. I've purchased a ton of stuff from them in the past year and it's either been 7 or for larger purchases double that.
  22. You're missing a classic Egyptian from your lineup. I own 2/3 of the hookahs you named, minus the Stratus/Stargate (F that thing) and a Large Social Smoke Egyptian. I use them all, they all smoke differently. I started up the SS the other night and I must say, it rocks. If you do go for one and you usually smoke alone, I strongly suggest buying a 1 hoser. Do not get a 2 hose stem thinking that you'll plug it up when not using it. Losing a purge valve sucks, even if a rubber grommet does the work of plugging the hole. My vote = SS Egyptian up next for you.
  23. Order by the website. It will at very least prompt you for comments which you put in the hookahforum code.
  24. I'm confident I was one of the first to reply. The thread was in the wrong category at the time and there were no replies, I emailed them back then... but as of now nothing. I live in Long Island, NY.
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