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  1. Yup that does look like a Mini MYA Acrylic. I got one with my Paragon from H-S.com It's pretty amazing, and since it's easier to clean than my Paragon, I use it more. Smokes amazing. That definitely looks legit to me though. Congrats on the great deal!
  2. I use a really shallow and wide Egyptian bowl that came with my MYA Paragon. It works really well and doesn't waste any shisha. If you're looking for something like that, lots of local shops have cheap ones.
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  5. I don't think it was the coals, since we were pretty careful and split a quick light in half, taking half off on my small bowl. We've done it fine in the past with the same setup and everything. We used AF for the second bowl, and it had basically the same issue to a lesser extent. I may just have to soak it in baking soda and lemon juice tomorrow and try it again. I think I'm losing my taste for the sweeter flavors like orange cream and strawberry. Might try some Macchiato or something to see if it's any better. Thanks for the help. I'll go clean it out and watch the heat for the next time. =)
  6. So, I can't really figure out why it was so bad. We had Romman Coconut, which was fine last time, but this time every time we inhaled we'd start gagging. It was probably the worst smell I've ever smelled coming from my hookah as well. So we tried another flavor, same thing, wasn't quite as bad, but it was still pretty terrible. So, we broke down the hookah and tried to clean it out a little better to no avail. I'm thinking about giving it up for a few weeks because of that. Still can't figure out what's making it taste so bad, anyone have any ideas?
  7. QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Sep 27 2008, 02:06 AM) sounds like a great setup, I hope you enjoy it. Oh and btw remove the reference of the drug you mentioned. Even though you were not using the term in a fowel way, we try to keep those words out of the forum, so it doesn't show up on hits and what not in Google and searches. Enjoy the hookah and hoses. Sorry about that, I'll go edit that out. Didn't think about it that way.
  8. Firefly is made of win and awesomeness. Joss Whedon really knows how to write his dialogue.
  9. QUOTE (agentscot @ Sep 26 2008, 09:57 AM) There was a hookah in several episodes of Firefly, one of the best shows ever made. Inara had one on her shuttle. It fit in with the middle eastern theme of her character. Hah I loved that show! I never noticed that before though, time to go watch the whole first season again. =) Thanks for reminding me about that show too lol. Haven't seen it in a while.
  10. So I got it yesterday and it looks SO much better in person than it does in the picture. This thing is a work of art. I set it up for a 8 hour session, Nammor hoses and all. The bowl was somewhat shallow, so it allowed us to change flavors more frequently, which was nice for how many I had to sample. The whole setup was fantastic. We didn't once burn the shisha or taste ash during the full 8 hours. First off was the Al Waha Orange Cream. This was possibly the richest, cleanest flavor I've had. Smoke was fantastic, and the smell filled the house within minutes. We moved on to a mix, since my friend doesn't like any orange flavors. Strawberry with Coconut. I'd have to say I thought this was almost as good, but not quite as good as the first. Nice smoke as well. The coals seemed to be working extremely well. Then we moved on to an Al Waha California Dream bowl, which is pineapple, cherry, orange mixed. This one was weird. Somewhat bitter taste. Overall it was an amazing session. The Al Waha have a nice buzz, and everything was awesome. I washed it out while my friends continued to get drunk, and then I went home pleased with my purchase. =) Everything was amazing, Hookah-Shisha.com was great, they were out of cleaning brushes so they sent me a washable hose and 100 foils instead, which was nice, except I still don't have a brush lol. The Mini MYA was pretty nice too, and it's easier to clean so I'd say it was pretty nice hehe. The bowl was pretty narrow and deep, which was a little different from my others, but it was in no way worse than the others. Sorry I don't have pics up yet, but once I get my camera fixed I'll get some up. Overall I'm happy with the Paragon AND the Mini MYA. Great purchase.
  11. QUOTE (Jacob @ Sep 25 2008, 01:15 AM) Are Nammor hoses water washable or do I have to blow air through them? Oops... It helps if I read the description... They are, which is nice lol. Sorry about that.
  12. Are Nammor hoses water washable or do I have to blow air through them?
  13. White Peach imo, it tastes really good for the first 45 minutes, smells amazing too.
  14. I shot noodles out my nose when I saw the Machine Gun Hookah. That was the funniest shit I've ever seen.
  15. I just use a blanket I got from Mexico every time I use it in the house. It covers a pretty big area of my carpet and works as a buffer so I have time to pick up the coal or put it out before it hits the carpet. It also catches all the ash when i accidentally blow it off the top of the bowl.
  16. Thanks a lot everyone! Everyone was really helpful and I just finished my order with hookah-shisha.com. Got my free mini MYA too hehe. I got a Gold MYA Paragon 2-hose with a blue base, since it was the only one in stock, but I'm not picky so that was pretty cool. I also got some other stuff to put it over $200. 2 Nammor Hoses A bunch of Al Waha shisha tobacco, the one's that I saw in the reviews looked pretty good, so I tried those. Also got a box of 3k coals. Thanks for the help everyone, you guys know your shit lol. It should come on Thursday and I'll let you guys know how it is!
  17. QUOTE (click @ Sep 21 2008, 12:21 AM) My friend has a Mya Gyro that can be made up to 4 hose that is really nice. Another friend has a Mya Diva that is two hose. Nice too, just smaller. My vote is on the Gyro or Paragon. Awesome thanks for the help. It looks like I'm going with a Paragon. May have to wait, seeing as hookah-shisha.com is out of stock in every color lol. Must mean it's a pretty decent hookah. I'm heading down to my local smoke shop tomorrow to see what they've got. Maybe I'll find something there. Thanks again for the help!
  18. So I'm kinda new to hookah, I've only owned a cheap off-brand hookah, and I was looking to get a full setup that's a bit higher quality and will last me a while. My base broke because it was really thin, and that was pretty upsetting, so I'm going with something better. So I'm looking for some help picking out a decent hookah, 2 or 3 hoses... What would you guys recommend?
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