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  1. Yea I been through that stage various times. Now that my life is in a somewhat shitstorm I tend to smoke more lol. Good stress reliever paried with a good video game.
  2. Don't you hate it when you have a supar session and feel you have to make up for it by smoking another bowl later?

  3. Hey guys long time no post. the forum looks amazing! I am down to Tangiers F-Line Cocoa, Apricot, and some Fusion Peach so I thought I would order some goodies which is great because the Alien mini is available while I don't need another bowl in the name of science and my hookah obsession I am ordering one! Here is my restocking order 72 Tangiers 250g 3 Pack Price Each: $41.95 Tangiers Flavor: Tropical Punch Tangiers Flavor #2: Mimon Tangiers Flavor #3: Melon Blend $41.95 Remove 121212 The HJ Alien MINI Phunnel Bowl Price Each: $18.99 Alien
  4. Sometimes iced water sometimes just cold tap. Honestly I don't see the difference anymore. I've also done vodka and tequla with water and it def changed the experience...hardcore headache lol.
  5. Tangiers is def worth a vacation if you ever get the chance. First time I went I seen the whole production in action it was pretty cool. Not only that I don't recall what we smoked when I got there but it was freshly made from scratch and was so so good. I also remember Scoop giving Eric some kinda hug for making him a fresh batch of whatever he ordered to take home. I think Eric had fear in his eyes LMAO.
  6. Looks a lot like my friends hookah he bought for 30 bucks at a smoke shop. Thing smokes beastly and its our main smoker at his house unless I bring one of mine. I wish I had friends who would pitch in once in while lol. I am the go to guy for hookah but I don't mind since I do smoke a lot more than any other of my friends do.
  7. That is pretty fuckin raunchy dude. I hope you complained to management on your way out. I love hookah bars for basically making me a lifetime fan but also hate them for the inconstency and lack of knowledge or laziness to have a good upkeep on their hookahs. This is the sole reason I prefer to smoke at home or a friends house; I have total control of the hookah.
  8. I poke holes all the way to the bottom to get nice big holes to that of the circumfrence of the toothpick. I tried ohh so many times to use a oyster fork, but I fail miserably every single time. I also let the shisha touch the foil because it smokes best for me and I love that sizzle when I first put coals on the bowl. Its kinda sexy lol.
  9. Since HJ has come to be a friggin awesome vendor, I don't shop HS anymore but I was complusive as well and spent all points I currently had on every order I did. They used to be my go to shop for when I ordered Tangiers triple packs and Exoticas. John ships way faster and he is in OC so its a huge advantage ship time wise for me since I am in the Bay Area.
  10. 90% of my solo sessions involve me reading Harry Potter as well! I find that intriguing so many of you guys do the same lol. As for tonight I am smoking Lucid Horchata as we speak on my new HP laptop I bought "for school." I put quotations on school because I do online classes at home so I really didn't have a major need of a new laptop since my desktop PC is pretty new. Heh its more of a chill on the forum or watch Blu-Rays while smoking in the garage computer lol.
  11. Depends on how long you wanna smoke one flavor as well. My friends and I tend to switch up on flavors for more variety during our sessions even if the bowl clearly still has full on flavor. For this reason alone I use a small phunnel. I have smoked 3+ hour sessions on a small solo with full flavor easily so I'd say a small with suffice depends on how many people you have smoking. For me its from 2-5.
  12. my friend would kill me if i got one of these seeing as how he armenian. but they are very sexy hookahs.
  13. QUOTE (Stuie @ Oct 12 2009, 08:53 PM) I love mixing Sour with M. Cherry.... and just about everything. +over 9000! I tried this at Eric's lounge a while back amazing!
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