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  1. I don't have asthma, but I've smoked with people that do. No issues at all. One of my friends was born with one lung, and has asthma in that lung. She doesn't smoke hookah, but she's been in the same room as I'm smoking with zero issues.
  2. 4 hours a couple weeks ago. Tangiers OG Red Tea in a small Crown phunnel with Razan coal. I did a lot of leveling up on MW3 that night.
  3. You reach a new level of "pissed off" when you taste that your bowl is cashed only 10 minutes after putting new coal on
  4. [quote name='Cp44' timestamp='1345050525' post='554151'] you've saved the word "hookah" for your predictive dictionary on your smart phone when you think smoking mint flavor helps clear your mucus coated throat [/quote] I've also saved Tangiers and Nakhla into my phone. I try to keep some mint or citrus mint on hand for my bad allergy days. It really does help my sinuses.
  5. When someone you've never met or barely talked to randomly texts you with "I was told to ask you for hookah advice."
  6. [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' timestamp='1318310326' post='527328'] When your Saudi neighbors tell you that you smoke too much. [/quote] Dave, if anyone could do this, it's you and Clayton...
  7. My first hookah experience was in the spring of 07 at college. I've been smoking ever since. I haven't noticed any lung issues. I walk to a lot of places in town since I live close enough. Any physical shortcomings I have is because I'm fat and don't exercise enough. I, too, have allergies (dust, mold, and the #1 enemy, cats). I haven't noticed any issues caused by hookah. On bad days when I'm extra congested, smoking mint flavor helps.
  8. [quote name='packersfan23' timestamp='1344011417' post='553255'] I don't eat there because I'm allergic to it (they use MSG in damn near everything), so my boycott of them is about their ingredients, not their politics. Dan Cathy has a right to speak his mind, and people have a right to choose where they want to eat. Although I don't agree with Cathy and think he's a little dumb, I support his constitutional right to free speech. For the record, I am a Christian who has no problem with gay marriage. The Bible spends so little time talking about that subject but spends a few hundred pages talking about loving thy neighbor, treating people the way you want to be treated, and showing grace and mercy to others because we were first shown grace and mercy by God. The vocal portion of the Christian faith that is so vehemently against gay marriage is missing the point, in my opinion. Gay marriage is no more a slight against the sanctity of marriage than the straight conservative politician who has been married multiple times. [/quote] [quote name='packersfan23' timestamp='1344011676' post='553256'] And as an addendum, I really don't think the sanctity of marriage is a big deal. We as a nation have much bigger problems to deal with than how many people one has been married to. It's really pathetic that this anthill turned into Kilimanjaro. [/quote] Favre, I love you, man. And this is why you're my little bro. For me, my politics account for less than 0.00001% of the world's population... Chic-fil-a can lobby all day long against gay marraige. The groups they donate to can lobby all day long. But ultimately, it comes down to the senators and representatives that vote on it. Which, is sad to me, cause I'd rather see the government removed from the private institution. Also, on my to-do list: A picture of me with a meal consisting of Chic-fil-a and Oreo pride cookies, with a caption along the lines of "I have a non-partisan stomach"
  9. Hey guys. Haven't posted in a long time. A random idea came to mind... I wonder if Mush could start a sticky thread where people can post their packing methods? Shisha brand, bowl type, packed tight, packed loose, heat management, etc. I figure this would be a good reference point for people who are new to a certain brand or need tips for a particular bowl. We could also learn new methods to try out. My packing method for Brand X works great for me but someone else has better results using Method Q. Thoughts?
  10. First forum log-in since...can't remember win. Surprised my account was still active.

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      Welcome back, stranger!
  11. Welcome to the forum! You'll love it here. I learned a lot of things the hard way (read: through experience). I wish I had been given a run down of the basics: packing technique, water level, heat management, etc. To save others from the troubles I had, I try to give them a quick 2-minute run through when they express interest in buying a hookah.
  12. http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-9772-hookah-flip-inverted-hookah-bowl.html I'm sure I'm not the only one who receives H-S.com newsletters. Just wondering what the consensus around the water cooler is? It's a little expensive for my tastes, but just maybe.... Pretty awesome to see hookah innovations though.
  13. I don't mean to revive a dead thread, but it was the most relevant thing to come up from the search. I opened a brand new box of John's natural coal a couple weeks ago, and in that time, I've had 4 "explode" on me. The slight pressure from the tongs as I pick it up off the coil causes it to shatter everywhere. I didn't know if anyone else was having this problem. I've been using John's natural coal for about a year and this is the first that it has happened...and 4 instances from this box (I'm about half-way through). Almost seems like the coal wasn't pressed enough and the heat caused it to separate.... At least, that's my theory.
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