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  1. That guy is the owner (? I'm assuming) of a local smoke shop. They specialize really in cigars and pipe tobacco, but they are known as THE hookah place just because they have the largest (read: practically ONLY) selection. I had not seen his part when I was interviewed, so it really threw me off when I saw him talking about how there's no nicotine or tobacco. I don't know, but it was kind of disappointing to see that the other guy on "my team" didn't really know quite what he was talking about or else was misquoted. Regardless, it was a fun interview to do and the lady seemed legitimately interested in hookah and how we hookah smokers saw things. I never had high hopes for them actually putting all of my pro-hookah statements in there, but I can't say I didn't try. I'm glad you guys liked it! I've been waiting for them to hurry up and air it so I could find a link for you.
  2. I was approached by a local news station because a buddy of mine, the one who actually introduced me to hookah, knows a guy at the station who was doing a piece on hookah. Since he knew that I had taken off with hookah in a very big way, he asked me to do the piece and agreed to do it with me. This was filmed some time in July, but just aired tonight. Most of what I was interviewed on didn't make the cut, but I guarantee you I defended our beloved hookah 'till the bitter end. Every concern she had was answered logically and with facts and research, thanks to you guys at Hookah Forum. [url="http://www.ktbs.com/health/25678695/detail.html"]Click Here[/url] I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Fusion has always been inconsistent with me. The first 50g of Cactus Pear I got was sex in a bowl. I bought a 250g hoping for more tongueasms, did NOTHING different with the packing/coals, and got no flavor. It wasn't harsh, it wasn't bad, it was just...nothing. I was incredibly disappointed. Until they can get some consistency I would say it is not worth the money. Still wish I could get I could get my hands on a good batch of Cactus Pear, though. That stuff was DELICIOUS when it worked.
  4. We have one of their offshoot/partner stores, Earthbound, in a shopping center near my house. My friends got all excited to tell me that they sold hookahs there. I was in the neighborhood one day and decided to check in to make sure it wasn't TOTAL crap selection (we have literally ZERO quality hookah supply shops in my area), and what I saw just absolutely baffled me. They had maybe 3 hookahs total, all cheap Chinese pieces of shit, and the ONLY stocked Roland QLs and SOEX shisha. My total time spent in that store was less than 1 minute. I walked in, found the hookahs, saw their selection, and walked right the fuck back out. As a hookah smoker I was embarrassed to be NEAR that place
  5. My little brothers (3 and 6) LOOOOVE Tom and Jerry. I was sure to turn them on to it because it was one of my favorites growing up. One of the neighborhoods kids was over the other day and my brother said something about Tom and Jerry. The little girl said "What's Tom and Jerry?" My 6-year-old brother and I said "WHAT?!" at the same time, which was pretty damn adorable. I had to facepalm, though, because it's an absolute classic and this poor girl had no idea. It's the advantage of having a cool older brother, I guess, but it's really sad that most of these kids have to grow up with the shit they are showing these days.
  6. Tobacco: Life's a Bitch, Make it Quick™ I personally wouldn't do it, because while dip IS juicy, I doubt it's the same juices that make for an enjoyable hookah session. If you try it, please let us know, but no one will judge you for passing on it
  7. Invader Zim Freakazoid Mission Hill (short-lived, but very funny) Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Venture Brothers I remember my second grade teacher back in the day delivering a huge rant on The Simpsons when somebody said they watched it. It apparently is immature and makes you a terrible person if you watch it and you are everything that is wrong with the world for keeping it on the air. Ahh, Louisiana public school...
  8. Most of the reason why I have been (marginally) active on the forum lately is because I am trying to quit cigarettes for good. It's only been 6 days, but it's already saved me like $15, which is awesome. Anyway, I was having a major nicotine fit today and I remembered reading this thread last night, so I decided to pick up a promotional tin of Camel Snus Frost after class to take to work. Firstly, this shit is delicious. It tastes like wintergreen and leaves a nice little tingle in my lip. As far as nicotine goes, as someone who used to smoke Camel Filters and smokes unwashed shisha (Nakhla and Tangiers), the Snus is VERY weak. I noticed a bit of nicotine, but it was only enough to piss me off and make me want more. It's like if you showed Tiger Woods a nipple and nothing else. It did a little bit to curb my fiending for a cigarette, but only by a little bit. So, in conclusion, Camel Snus Frost: fucking delicious, but it pretty much boils down to being a wintergreen breath mint that is super expensive and you have to be 18 to buy. Stick a Certs in your upper lip and save your money.
  9. For $15 I will pass. I don't play MW2 much these days anyway, but this is still seriously expensive for 5 maps, 2 of which are just remakes from CoD4. But to get off my soapbox and answer your question: it's out on 360 now, and will be out on PS3 and PC on May 4 ([url="http://kotaku.com/5512887/modern-warfare-2-stimulus-package-arrives-for-ps3-pc-in-early-may"]source[/url])
  10. is going to see Conan O'Brien at Bonnaroo 2010! June can't get here fast enough!

  11. Just got out of this situation, and am kind of still in it. Basically, this girl and I never dated because she was not over her last boyfriend and didn't think it would be fair to me to be with me. She thought it WOULD be fair to me to hang out with this guy all the time, go on trips with him (just the two of them alone), and when I wasn't there (we were an hour apart) to hang out with him "because she missed me and didn't want to be alone," which is the shittiest logic ever. Basically, I told her I was sick of it when she spent New Year's Eve alone in her apartment with this guy while I was 1000 miles away on a vacation I was dragged to, and almost called off completely so I could be with her. Nothing happened between them, I trust that, but I still felt it should have been MY place and he was the stand-in boyfriend when I couldn't be there. Not cool. She asked if we could be in a "casual" relationship. I finally sacked up and told her flat-out no, that I was looking for something serious and if she couldn't give that to me then we were done. We're done, but trying the whole "friends" thing. It's working alright so far. Then along comes this girl whom I've had a crush on and who has had a crush on me for a while now. Basically, this girl is perfect. No ex-boyfriends in the picture, easy to talk to and hang out with, she can hang out with my friends (my friends hated this other girl), and she can take my bullshit and dirty jokes and fling them right back. She's fucking awesome. We're taking things slow, and I daresay it is the first time I have been in/tried to get into a "normal" relationship in quite some time. It feels WEIRD to think that this is how things are supposed to be and I've been doing it wrong for so long. So my advice to you, as someone who was just in a similar situation, is to not settle. You may love this girl, you may have feelings for her, but you shouldn't sacrifice what YOU want out of the relationship for her sake, especially if she isn't making the same sacrifices for you. It will only hurt you in the long run to want more emotionally than she is willing to give, and you may be quite surprised by what you can find close to you. There is a girl somewhere who wants exactly what you want and will complement you perfectly, and honestly you are wasting your time trying to make things work when she isn't. Good luck, man. It isn't easy, but you deserve better. It seems like you are doing everything you can for this girl who isn't reciprocating the effort/commitment, and there are girls who would KILL to have someone put half as much effort into a relationship as you have been, and will appreciate it so much more.
  12. That's the beauty of hookah, though. It has so many variables and requires such a precise technique that you will rarely get the same experience back-to-back. We all KNOW the glory of having everything click: you've packed it perfectly, you're heating it right, everything is firing on all cylinders, and the thick clouds and smooth, rich flavor reflect it. That feeling, especially to non-hookah smokers, is indescribable. Then there are times that, for whatever reason, it is less than ideal. It is still smokeable by all means, but it isn't QUITE where you want it in terms of smoke/flavor/smoothness/what have you. The majesty of hookah is that we are all chasing that perfect bowl, that feeling we get when we nail everything. It's more than chasing a chemical buzz from nicotine: it's trying to achieve hookah Nirvana. With cigarettes, every stick is the same and we are at the mercy of the manufacturers. Not so with hookah. With hookah, bad batches and shitty coals aside, WE are the masters of our own destinies. We can take full credit for a finely packed hookah bowl, because we can see that bowls vary even when using the same batch of shisha. This is why we are considered masters of hookah in our respective communities/circles of friends: a non-hookah smoker can tell the difference when a hookah owner knows what he or she is doing, and we know more or less how to achieve that. THAT is what makes hookah beautiful - user control. Anyone can light a cigarette, but it takes a learned hand to pack a damn fine hookah bowl. Yes, I know this is about blowing Os, but I figured I would ramble for a bit on why I think hookah is above and beyond other forms of smoking.
  13. I threw up the other night, but not from nicotine or CO. I am recovering from a sickness and I have a bad cough from it still, so my throat is sensitive (DON'T YOU DO IT, JAY). I was smoking and the smoke agitated things and made me cough, then the coughing turned to retching, and the next thing I know I'm holding a handful of vomit. You better believe I finished that bowl, though
  14. Kashmir Bacon Sandalwood Balsam (for the holidays) Pine-Sol And then Hot Topic could sell ambiguous emo scene shisha like: Despair Blood Donnie Darko Tim Burton "Happiness" (tastes like irony!)
  15. Nakhla Mizo Mint solo is my favorite all-time smoke. I have to buy 2-3 boxes at a time or else it goes entirely too fast. To me, mixing mint with anything is just wasting mint that could be going towards a full bowl.
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