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  1. Fusion Irish Creme. Awful session but the flavor was good if I remember correctly. heh
  2. Holy shit! I can't believe I missed this post. I hate my classes so much. Well, like everyone else has said, glad to see no one was hurt. My plan in any situation like this is to just give the guy with the gun what he wants--everything I have can be replaced except my life and my watch/wallet/cell phone are not worth that.
  3. Well, when you get here...I will be the first to say, "Welcome to Orlando!". I really need to get a gathering of people from Central FL to smoke. There are a nice little group of us now. To answer your question of where to smoke...I don't know of any places in that area. If you're in the area when Joe(FamiliarJoe) and I are smoking then you could join us for a session. Not really a permanent solution but something is better than nothing, right? haha If you have a big car, like an SUV or even a Station Wagon, you could drive your car somewhere, park and set up in the cargo area. Pretty good place to smoke at night when the sun isn't cooking you. heh
  4. Eh, I love the phunnel. When I moved, I just threw all of my egyptian bowls in the trash. I have none, I don't use them. It's fine that you don't like it, in fact, it's good to see an opinion that's so different--kind of refreshing if I'm perfectly honest. Now the phunnel was designed to smoke Tangiers out of, it does that wonderfully--I only use it for that anymore. So, it can't fail there because the overwhelming amount of data on the subject says otherwise. For smoking other brands, I think it works fine--you clearly disagree. Now, to say that the Phunnel equals fail is silly. They don't. Unfortunately, for you, this is a fact. Gah, I keep getting distracted. Anyway, the point is, you made this post to get replies...this is mine: I disagree. It does not fail, you don't fail. It's just not working for you and that's fine. Now, I can't imagine what kind of response you thought you would get when you made this post in a forum where everyone loves the Phunnel bowl.
  5. Nakhla Kass Super is not a good flavor. I got some from a relative who was in the middle east. If you like nasty BBQ sauce and an all over smokey taste, go for it--if you don't, don't. The site doesn't look too bad, not a huge inventory, lot of things misspelled, some empty categories...I hope they're just getting started and just haven't finished their site yet.
  6. Tangiers is my favorite but I smoke some Nakhla on occasion if I want some Double Apple or Earl Grey or Al Fakher if I want some Esk. Apple or Mint. After that, the order would be Fumari and Starbuzz. Those are the big 5 for me (There's really only 1: Tangiers ).
  7. Hope you had a good birthday, Mush! Happy Birthday!
  8. Tried it. Liked it. It's the only Starbuzz flavor I've considered buying more of--still haven't but I have considered it. It's the thought, right?
  9. A year and a couple of months. Still smoke daily and still loving every session. It's magical.
  10. I just go until I get nice clouds. Usually 3 Golden Canary coals on a small is enough to get plenty nice clouds (Like, ZOMG where'd the TV go?!). I have used 3 Coco's on a small before and got great results but it is just too much heat for some different flavors and you would just get clouds of misery. After a while, I moved down to 2 and maybe 3 if the clouds weren't quite satisfying.
  11. Tangiers White Grape is amazing, I've tried a lot of grape flavors trying to find one that I really loved and that was it. Although, Layalina grape was really good and AF grape was just as good. The very close second to Tangiers White Grape is Mizo White Grape--a great flavor for any grape lover.
  12. Just tell them, after they freak out, wait for them to calm down and then explain it to them. Explain what it really is and what it's really meant to be used with--they'll understand it. There are much worse things you could be doing, then offer it to them. I've found it way too difficult to hide something from my parents so I would just tell them about any recurring hobbies I had if there was any chance they would find out. So much easier.
  13. QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Sep 6 2009, 03:42 PM) or I'll send my cave troll after you....better hope you're wearing mithril armor...sigh, by the white wizard's beard.... Huzzah! Someone who likes those movies as much as I do! I second the haha
  14. QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Sep 3 2009, 07:49 PM) welcome to the club, feels good to be amongst the elite, doesnt it? Always make me happy to see another. Glad to see you made it!
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