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  1. Such a quick and easy transaction! Wade you are a legend in the hookah industry, and I feel honoured I can smoke from your Bowls
  2. If you still have the old smalls and mediums I'm willing to buy asap
  3. I have one from the tangiers.us group buy a few years ago. Only 25 were made. Looking for a 08/09 small for the trade
  4. I have cocobrico coals. They are brilliant. Last an hour and a half
  5. I did get permission from eric first, so that was the reason for the name. Conveted quite a few people frkm starbuzz to tangiers and many lucid smokers to noir. Thanks for all the comments guys, it is indoors. We shall get pics soon. As for the name, we want to supply a lounge made by connoisseurs, for connoisseurs, so we were going to call it connoiseur lounge, but what do most of us smoke? Tangiers. So thats why we went for that. Try and get the UK hooked to tangiers. Mush, i will do thanks
  6. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1308001992' post='512547'] Tip for keeping it nice and shiny after you've polished it... Whenever you wash it, immediately dry it off with a towel. Rubbing all the water off is kinda like polishing it again and it will continue to stay shiny. In fact, I haven't polished mine again for quite a long time and they're still so nice and shiny. [/quote] same with my mkamanja, rj told me to do it, has been working wonders.
  7. I can just immagine the tangiers dripping down there.
  8. right so one can start spamming in the forum without action being taken up? Wonderfull.
  9. im just shocked that its continued this long without a mod closing it for obvious spam...
  10. the most useless thread ever.
  11. let them die. If i have to choose a chemically tobaccoo i choose social smoke. But otherwise, i don't smoke anything bar tangiers.
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