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  1. Social Smoke. May need to branch out with my next order though!
  2. [quote name='king_lunchb0x' timestamp='1316534071' post='524522'] [quote name='natgnat' timestamp='1316533430' post='524516'] Pretty sure Social Smoke is dyed with the golden color. Guess that just leaves Tangiers? [/quote] this is what they post on the website [url="http://www.socialsmoke.com/Social-Smoke-Tobacco-100g-Can-Absolute-Zero-i"]http://www.socialsmo...Absolute-Zero-i[/url] maybe some flavors are and some are not i dunno [/quote] No Artifical Colors or Dyes... unless there's some sort of "natural" dye used on shisha, you may be right. I stand corrected. Just thought that the golden color wasn't authentic.
  3. Pretty sure Social Smoke is dyed with the golden color. Guess that just leaves Tangiers?
  4. TIL that Reddit has a hookah subreddit. Not that I should be surprised. Most definitely trying this next time I have smores! I'm thinking a coffee tobacco to go with it... just because.
  5. Probably less than 10 times a year. No typo. I mostly bring my hookah out in the summer months, when I can sit outside after a long day, read a nice book, and smoke until the sun goes down. I personally don't want to be at a point where I'm smoking daily, but that's just me. Pretty sure that puts me in the minority around here.
  6. Apparently Colorado is the place to be to buy a lounge: [url="http://denver.craigslist.org/bfs/2512480963.html"]http://denver.craigslist.org/bfs/2512480963.html[/url]
  7. natgnat

    Baja Blue

    [b]Social Smoke [color="#0000ff"]Baja Blue [/color][/b][b] Hookah:[/b] MZ Horas B [b]Bowl:[/b] Tangiers Mini Phunnel [b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds Heavy Duty [b]Hose: [/b]Nammor [b]Coals: [/b]Exoticas [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water [b]Appearance:[/b] Shredded, Juicy and golden dye [b]Nicotine:[/b] 0.5% [b]Base: [/b]Undisclosed [b]Smell:[/b] Primarily blueberry, with a sort of... creamy? undertone. Not that it smelled like cream, mind you, but it was close to a super sweet blueberry than a tart one. [b]Taste:[/b] The tobacco didn't seem to want to make up it's mind on this one. At times, it was blueberry, then switched between a candied cherry flavor, a mixed berrry "smoothie" effect with a mint undertone, and a berry pie essence. [b]Smoke:[/b] Very nice clouds [b]Buzz: [/b]Nah [b]Duration: [/b]1.75 hours [b]Purchased From:[/b] SocialSmoke.com [b]Overall: 9.5[/b]/10 Great flavor, kind of fun to go through the weird cycle of different tastes throughout. Only (minor) complaint is that the flavor seemed to die off a little earlier than other tobaccos I've tried (except Starbuzz)... admittedly, this might be due to shotty heat management this particular day. Would definitely purchase again.
  8. natgnat


    [b]Social Smoke [color="#00ff00"]Mojito [/color][/b] [b]Hookah:[/b] MZ Horas B [b]Bowl:[/b] Tangiers Mini Phunnel [b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds Heavy Duty [b]Hose: [/b]My Nammor broke, so this one was reviewed with a borrowed standard hose. This may have had a slight impact on this review. [b]Coals: [/b]Exoticas [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water [b]Appearance:[/b] Shredded, Juicy and golden dye [b]Nicotine:[/b] 0.5% [b]Base: [/b]Undisclosed [b]Smell:[/b] Actually, I didn't like the smell. Overpowering Salty/Unknown kind of smell. Very strange. [b]Taste:[/b] When it did kick in, pretty darn close to a mojito. No real alcohol taste obviously, but a mint/lime flavor did shine through. [b]Smoke:[/b] Pretty awesome, even with mediocre hose. [b]Buzz: [/b]Nah [b]Duration: [/b]1.25 hours [b]Purchased From:[/b] SocialSmoke.com [b]Overall: 6[/b]/10 This would have probably received a higher rating if the flavor wasn't so damn weak! It took about 20ish minutes before the real mint/lime tartness kicked in, otherwise it was just a very mellow mintish flavor. Compared to Baja Blue, the flavor just didn't punch me in the face like I expected. Did a nice job (along with 7 other 50g packs) of stinking up my kitchen in unopened baggies, which was moderately impressive. I want to give this one more shot now that I repaired my Nammor and see if that makes any difference, but even if the flavor is much stronger, I'm not sure that I'd pick this one up again unless it was on sale.
  9. Might I suggest adding Pescetarian to the poll? Been a vegetarian for almost 10 years (since I was 12). Switched from being Pescetarian to Lacto-Ova within the last three or four. I started off with this whole mentality of saving the animals from cruel slaughterhouse fates... I've since learned that my actions do nothing, but since I enjoy my diet to this day, I see no reason to go back to eating meat. I at least like the principle behind it. I would love to live in a world where I could raise chickens for my own eggs (I don't drink much milk, as I seem to be somewhat lactose-intolerant), but I don't think I could ever go full-vegan.
  10. Why buy a hookah when you can buy the bar? [url="http://cosprings.craigslist.org/bfs/2420003718.html"]http://cosprings.craigslist.org/bfs/2420003718.html[/url] I actually can't tell which place this is.
  11. The fact that I haven't smoked in almost a year due to laziness (or visited the forum in almost two... whoops?) I mean, setting up the hookah is...actual effort on my part. That counts as a peeve, right? Setup, cleaning, me being a lazy bitch... all of that. I hope to change that this summer... new goal: more smoke inhalation!
  12. I use some variation of this username on pretty much every site everywhere. Real name is Natalie, Nat for short. I'm also apparently a big fan of silent g's and repetition. So, natgnat. If i'm feeling extra awesome, it becomes catgnatnat. Rhyming too!
  13. Have yet to try HoN... though if matchmaking keeps screwing me over, I may consider starting fresh elsewhere. I like this game, but sometimes...
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