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  1. I have been there 3 times now, its a pretty awful atmosphere IMO. It isnt a very good hookah lounge, there are 2 others nearby that make it seem like a complete joke. The prices are good for buying coals and tobacco (mainly al-waha) but they dont seem very knowledgeable, they seem to think nakhla is a "shitty" brand of shisha. Their hose prices seem very reasonable too. The cost of hookahs and refills is a bit steep compared to the competition. I cant recall the first 2 times but the last time i actually smoked from their hookahs was for a friends birthday party, they sent out 4 hookahs, all of which the hoses had major and minor burns in them which seeped a noticeable amount of air into the hits, and the hoses were clearly dirty, particles on the 3rd hit = no no. It will pass as a fine place to someone who doesnt avidly smoke hookahs/shisha but for all others its a stay away place IMO. Also the blacklights gave me a headache, but that is just me.
  2. QUOTE (OC4111 @ Jul 22 2008, 05:32 PM) first off you should watch the thr "b" word. that's not allowed on here. As for the cleaning of a hookah, they all should come with a brush set. Just use some warm or room temperature water and soap in the base and use the brush to scrub that out, I then pour some of that soapy water down the stem and then use a stem brush to scrub it out. I rinse out the base pour some non-soapy water down the stem, scrub again, then blow out any excess water from the stem. ah sorry about the b word, didnt know about that =] i ninja edited, but i got a mya, and it didnt come with cleaning brushes, i have some pipe cleaners around so ill just use that and pick up a good pipe brush to make shift a stem brush. thanks though for the info, i figured thats what should be done, just wasnt sure about using soap or not =]
  3. So i heard you are supposed to soak bowls and glass items and stuff in rubbing alcohol then rinse with warm water, what about hookahs? especially the metal parts. how do you guys clean your hookahs? because mine has about a years worth of crap built up in the neck haha
  4. Damn, you guys make my bad experiences sound amazing hahaha, all of that sucks, but at least it makes for good stories!
  5. Ill start with mine, i have 3 im curious what bad happenings other people have had. *First:I was stupid, and didnt clean my hookah for a while (wasnt smoking it) and ran out of ciggerettes so i was like oh well ill just smoke the hookah, light it up, first hit was great, second WHAM some tobacco piece or coal piece something gross hits my throat, almost threw up. Clean your hookahs, lmao. *Second: I cracked my firsts hookahs vase trying to get the neck off, let it sit to long, rubber got dryed on and snapped the neck, almost cut my hand open. *Third: It was one of the first times i smoked a hookah, i was at the hookah bar and took waaaay to many big hits, and i got the worst headache, manly hotflash, and sweats ive ever had, let alone at one time, that was horrible. Other then that, the other 300 something times ive smoked it, its been great =] Your turn!
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