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  1.   Actually, when you refer to "they", to be 100% accurate, that's changes Kris is making at his retailers. Every other retailer outside California and a few in Nevada already are doing the exact same thing. All my retailers that I rep for have always done that and nothing has changed.    Kris should keep you stocked with stuff until your order kicks in. Why Kris ever started trying to guess what 50+ retailers and lounges needed and ordering blindly in the first place, I can't say.    Some retailers were using Kris' system to order a few flavors and then if someone
  2. I talked to Pat Conley about this item, I'd like to donate $500.   Chris, if you or Adam could let me know the specifics, I'd appreciate it. Phone is best. 619-265-2225
  3. Copper/brass will buildup an oxide layer simply from washing. Don't brush it for a few weeks when you first get it. The green material you're getting off when you wash and brush it is a mixture of CuCO3 and Cu(OH)2. CO2 reacts with water to form carbonic acid H2CO3, which reacts with copper to form the CuCO3. Water will also react directly with the copper to form Cu(OH)2. Both will decompose to form CuO. The CuCO3 will evolve CO2 leaving the CuO and the Cu(OH)2 will evolve water to form CuO.    Aluminum will unlikely contribute any oxygen as Aluminum (or Aluminium to our non-Americ
  4. You can be underpacking and overpacking at  the same time.    Try mashing the tobacco up against the outer edges of the bowl and pack the tobacco without worrying about the weight of the tobacco going into the bowl. A poor heat conduction from the side will affect how it smokes.    You can, quite possibly, have too much or too little coal since coconut coals are too large to begin with. Try moving them around towards the center and towards the outer edge.    It sounds like underpacking. A little juice running down the sides might be normal, especially w
  5. Perhaps you should be using many, good sized holes and not small pin-sized holes. If its taking 10 minutes to get a bowl smoking right, one of three things may be true:   1. You're using too small/too few holes.  2. You're using a crummy bowl that has a poor heat conduction 3. You're underpacking the bowl.   I took Tangiers with me on a road trip in 2003 and I noticed no substantial changes in smoking condition based on altitude. Denver was fine. San Diego's altitude is similar to Florida's, or perhaps a smidge lower, I'd imagine.    I didn't smoke in Holbrook,
  6. The CO detector isn't sensitive enough I should think.    Lets say the difference is between .001 and .002. Substantial, but enough to register or affect the draw necessarily. The draw isn't the the real issue however, the issue is the somewhat enclosed central area. Are there pockets that don't have enough oxygen? 
  7. Its a real KM.    Its about a 2010 model with a 2011-2012 tray on it. The jar is not KM, the hose is not KM. The jar is a typical Cairo quality, but likely made in Egypt. Without picking it up and holding it, I would guess, based on its style, it's about a 2008 model jar. Its somewhat old.   Some of the more important details to determine its authenticity were omitted from your photographs, like the knob on the bottom of the downstem, the detail inside the ice chamber, the hose port close-up, etc. 
  8. Um, that electroplating isn't done by KM, importers do that subsequently upon importing them.    I hate the electroplated ones, too.    That damage could have happened from the KM factory, in transport on the cargo ship, in the importer's warehouse, when the plating occurred, in the hands of the retailer, or in transport to the customer. Now, I'd be the first to blame KM, if it were appropriate, but I would guess that damage happened after the KM factory. It could have happened in the KM factory, but due to the nature of the electroplating, deficient or defective units
  9. I have no idea what brand the two I have are. One has a Syrian type head port and the other one has a metal base (no glass). I've looked at Elmas Hookahs on-line and didn't like the cast lines and lack of vent. 
  10. Like I said, I wanted to get more information out of him, but he wouldn't discuss specifics unless I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which would have then prevented me from telling what information (usually bad stuff) that I was able to glean from them. If you did ask him, they would probably say it didn't and if you asked for more information they would say its proprietary information. 
  11. I had a few more thoughts I wanted to share:   The chemical reactions governing the burning of charcoal are as follows:   C + 1/2O2 -> CO + Heat CO + 1/2O2 -> CO2 + Heat   These types of reactions are called exothermic in that they evolve heat. This is problematic for chemical kinetics because higher temperatures for a reaction IN GENERAL increase reaction rate. Lavoisier's Principle tells us if we increase the amount of a product, it slows the reaction. So, heating up an exothermic reaction may increase the rate of the reaction or slow it down. Since the charcoal t
  12. True that. Grommets are "pass-through" protectors. Grommets are found on shoes and corsets, or things that have laces. The metal eyelets on shoes that the laces go through? Those are grommets. 
  13. The boiling point of peach flavors is often close to the boiling point of nicotine as is blueberry. Blueberry is generally lower, however, but its in that area of 250C Depending on acclimation, it can "mix" the boiling point of nicotine and the fruit flavor to make the sucker hit like a freight train.    Fruity flavors often get "harsh" because their flavor's boiling point lie entirely or almost entirely below the boiling point of nicotine. As the flavor is depleted, and the bowl's temperature rises, the nicotine starts boiling off with no flavor to "cushion" the nicotine. Hence, h
  14. I tried one that the inventor gave me (with a red rubber piece :) ) . Now, I never use coconut coals. Everybody that seems to get something out of the Lotus uses coconut coals. I use Japanese Fumaris/Golden Canaries and they don't do much in there. The smoke is kind of anemic and flavorless. I would surmise that they trap and collect the heat that was previously being lost due to the inefficiency of the design of coconut cubes. In short, I think that they make coconut coals smoke more like Japanese coals. Now in this heat-trapping process, they slow down the rate of oxidation of charcoal, but
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