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  1. Lounge: Hookah Bliss Location: Chapel Hill, NC Refreshments: Beer, Soda, Tea, Coffee and take out from a local Mediterranean Deli. Hookahs: Mya QT's Hoses: Mya's Coals: Unlimited supply of Exotica's Shisha: Starbuzz, Tangiers, AF, Al Amir, Naklha, Layalina Overall: 9/10 This is the best Lounge in North Carolina. Not only do they provide you with unlimited coals, but their hookah menu includes all of the top of the line shishas. If the owner wouldn't smoke it himself he won't sell it. The prices can't be beat. If you get there prior to 7pm it is 2 dollars off all sessions. You can tell the owner really cares about what he servers and he wants to make sure that your experience is the best he can give. My first voyage into the bar, he explained everything to me. I thought for sure it was going to be a rough go, walking into an unknown area, but the owner Adam made my first experience a memorable one. The staff is always friendly and willing to teach you the ways of the hookah. He also keeps his beer menu fresh, changing it up all the time. He only has quality beers, better beers then you will find in most bars in the area. No matter how bad my day has been, I know once I step into this bar all my stress will go away and I am guaranteed a good time.
  2. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Jul 21 2008, 03:35 PM) I get them hot Ggriffith and then blow the silver coating off. Your not Del Ggriffith are you? Nope I am Qgriffith
  3. Thank you for all the replies. I had eating less then an hour before the session so I don't think it was an empty stomach and I drank water the whole session. It could of just been unrelated to the smoke session, but I figured the silver stuff wasn't that good for me and that may of been the cause. It appears no one else has the issue with it so I will try it again, this time with a shisha that I have smoked several times. For the ones that take the magnesium off the coals, do you just scrap it prior to lighting them? I had the coals glowing red and the coating was still on them, and didn't start to go away till they ashed.
  4. Hello everyone I have been browsing this board for about a month, and have found almost all my questions answered in older post so I have not had a reason to post till now. Last night I tried some new coals, Golden Finger Coals, from Japan. About 45mins into the session I started feel sick to the stomach, and this queasiness increased more and more with each in-hale. I have never had this happen in the couple of months I have been smoking hookah. Has anyone else experienced this with these type of coals, or any coals? It was almost my first time smoking the new Peach from Al Fakher, however I have tried other flavors from Al Fakher and never had any issues so I don't think it was the tobacco. I did notice these coals have some sort of silver outter coating on them, which I have not seen on any other coals I have tried not sure if the coating had something to do with it.
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