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  1. QUOTE (OneMoreYouth @ Aug 17 2008, 02:24 PM) Beer Pong Hookah Table? So i am SOOO gonna make this when i get my new apartment!!!
  2. I'm gonna have to join the general opinion and go with Nakala!
  3. QUOTE (wilarseny @ Nov 21 2008, 02:54 PM) Also I have to say, Samah is the best lounge in chicago, hands-down. Nothing else comes close, at least from the 4-5 others I've tried. I completly agree on that....I go to columbia in the south loop and just about every other weekend we hit up Samah(when i dont feel like smoking up all my friends), It hasn't failed us yet!
  4. I also have a small i ordered from MNH and its smaller dimensions than yours. Might wanna call.
  5. Well, i guess im the only Hookah Smoker in Chicago.......and like someone already posted DEFF check Samah. It is deff the best run place in chicago, it even has Tangiers!!! woot! And the best part is they have private rooms! Now the only down side is they like to have large groups so your gonna pay top dollar to get a private room for just the two of you($80 min ($10/pp). And if that doesn't fit your taste there is another bar just south of this bar. Its called Hookah House, they have a more casual style with low booths in an open room. So whatever your needs might be either of those two places should work best! Directions: Samah- If you take the train(i would advise) take the red/brown line and get off at Belmont, go east on belmont to clark(you'll see a dunkin donuts) make a left(north) and continue down about a block and a half its on your left hand side. House of Hookah- Same stop just instead of going left on clark, just keep going east on Belmont a few blocks(maybe like 3 1/2) and its on your right hand side(Its just b4 walgreens).
  6. Cleveland hometown, but moving to the loop for school at Columbia College Chicago and soon moving their for good.
  7. So i'm still at work....and will continue to be till about 4 in the morning and i got here at 3. I Cut chicken for Sandridge Food Corp. they make grandma's old fasion potato salad and a bunch of other shit....mmmm..good gotta love it at 10.50 an hour! and 13 hours a day 5 days a week!!!!! but all ends up going to hookah!
  8. Well I ordered a Medium Clearence Hookah at $25.00 so i was less then optamistic about it but figure what the hell i'll give it a try. So i ended up ordering that an extra vase, 500g of HH assort. ,and a free jar of HF Cherry Vanilla Float that was thrown in by the nice gent from Saraha on HF. 10/10 Shipping 9/10 Packing 10/10 Customer Service As for my items i was giving alot of free b's so i was rather happy about that but when it came to the Clearence items i quickly learned there faults. Both vases had chips galore but none that affected smoke, stem had small leak, hose had small leak, and the bowl that came w/ was pretty much a POS. But thats where you come back to you get for what you pay for. I spent maybe 50 bucks and came out with a damn lotta Great Shisha and after some TLC 1 sweat looking hose, 2 decent vases, a below par stem, and lots of fun goodies to go with. I called to ask about how bad it was b4 i bought it and they were able to help me with everything and gave good detail about their items. They deff put the effort into their company! All in all if your looking for a budget hookah this could be your diamond in the ruff. But if your looking for something amazing out of 25 bucks than maybe you need a cheaper hobby.
  9. Medina, Ohio >>>> just west of Akron, and a hop, a skip, and a jump away from Cleveland Soon Chicago........this fall
  10. Rosetta Blackberry Pie I had acually really low expectations for this and it ended up being the favorite of the night, and this was some of my friends first try at hookah and it was enough to get them to go buy one of their own. I was so surprised to see no one had reviewed it so I felt the need. Setup: Small MYA pumpkin(all standard), Ice cubes w/ COLD COLD water, Three Kings 40mm Smell: Smell was almost perfectly matched. Flavor: Amazing flavor, honestly cought me off guard at first i felt as if i had honestly a Blackberry pie in my mouth, almost even made me go buy one. Smoke: Good smoke but not quite a good thick O smoke. Buzz: None-Mild (for me but for virgin lungs rather Medium buzz) Duration: About an hour/half Overall: I still can't stress how impressed i was with this flavor....being this my first post I'm gonna hold off on a rating due to not had tried other blackberry flavors. None the less two thumbs up.
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