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  1. thanks! i was thinking about using bleach as well, but wasn't sure if it would've been safe!
  2. Hey guys I have a problem here, so I lent my hookah to a friend of mine for about a week. And i'm guessing he didn't pour out the water out of the base for the whole period because when i checked the base at home, i noticed that there were little mold spots inside it. I'm wondering what are good remedies to clean this all out, the brush can't really do a thing about the molds at the bottom of the base. I've tried putting soap water in the base and letting that sit overnight, didn't seem to work in the end So any suggestions? Thanks, oh and btw, it's a KM base.
  3. I use the sandwich bags all the time, but then i'll still keep the bags in the original tin or tub the tobacco came with. never had a problem.
  4. QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Oct 3 2009, 10:09 AM) Have you been practicing Maps or tried playing it on acoustic yet? Perhaps my capacity for abstract thought might just be overly limited, but I can't imagine that going over well, due partly to the extreme amount of repetition and high reliance upon a variety of instruments. It's a fantastic song, but yeah*. My recommendations are Furr by Blitzen Trapper and The Engine Driver by The Decemberists. * Footnote: there's no "the" in Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There's actually an acoustic version of it in youtube. It's one of the AOL sessions, it's played at a slower tempo. I actually prefer the acoustic version to the original, missed the awesome drums though. Thanks for the links, I'll be checking them out. EDIT: Here's the video.
  5. Hey guys, man it's been awhile. Anyways, I have this dinner thing happening in about 3 weeks and one of the organizers asked if I could perform a few songs during the function itself. So yeah, I really need some suggestions of good acoustic songs or songs that would be great in acoustic to play. I am probably going to perform alone but if a friend(she) of mine can make it for the function then there will be the two of us. I've already got like 20+ maybes and 2 confirmed songs here. I needs me more suggestions though. Mostly likely I'll be playing about 5 songs or maybe six. The two confirmed songs are, Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and also Duet by Rachael Yamagata & Ray Lamontage. I think that should give you guys a theme for the kind of songs I wanna be playing on that night.
  6. hmm sounds good so far, i've tried pipe and cappucino, it was hella good. cherry cola sounds like a good one too... if only i had the time to smoke through day and night..
  7. Okay, so here's the deal. Me and a couple of friends have started our own hookah business and we are currently thinking of ways to spice up the menu, and well, we wanna put a "house mix" section in the menu. Thing is, we can't really find the time to sit down and smoke a bunch of different flavors at the same time to make up some mixes. Our menu, as of now, only includes Al Fakher. So here is the list of flavors, hopefully you guys can give out a some suggestions of a good mix we can do with what we have right now. Bahraini apple Banana Cappucino Cherry Cola Grape Mango Melon Mint Pipe Rose Strawberry Watermelon So that's about it, pretty limited choices, but it's pretty good with the budget we had to work with. Haven't been posting for a long while.. feels like I have a lot of catching up to do now.
  8. yeah, pretty normal.. the paint on my km vase is almost completely gone now.. i don't mind, i like a plain base.. but try spraying some clear coat paint on the base.
  9. actually.. ive seen a pic someone posted here of a penis shaped hose.. hmmmm.. *goes for search button*
  10. tangiers lucid passion fruit is awesome.. never tried a guava flavor though
  11. QUOTE (Hippo_Master @ Mar 25 2009, 10:45 AM) QUOTE (modisess @ Mar 25 2009, 12:42 PM) QUOTE (GNUWorldOrder @ Mar 25 2009, 10:40 AM) isnt that just being friends then? not really, i mean they are a couple, the feeling's there, but they just dont have sex with each other. Ohhhh are the Catholic... or just religious in general? (you know, the whole abstinence thing...) no no no, just no sexual attraction at all. no religion involved.
  12. QUOTE (GNUWorldOrder @ Mar 25 2009, 10:40 AM) isnt that just being friends then? not really, i mean they are a couple, the feeling's there, but they just dont have sex with each other.
  13. Just a thought, do you guys think it's possible to be/stay in a relationship where the two partners has no sexual tension/attraction at all towards each other? What I mean by this is that the two partners has a lot in common, personality wise, interests, and they have good conversation with each other. Only thing is, they just don't have any sexual attraction towards each other. Is this possible?
  14. i still do.. most of the time.. af makes 3 of my favorite flavors to smoke, mint, caffe latte, vanilla, might have to throw in bahraini apple into the mix as well... and most likely those 4 flavors are the only flavors ill buy from af ever again, unless af improves drastically on the quality control.
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