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  1. bump im also looking for a pico lol  5starhookah is not in stock for the pico  :(​ 
  2. Syrian Chiller or Km zankiy Chiller...

  3. Banned Vendor i just saw ur new video Doller tree containers ftw

  4. yay i hope u get it maybe i will need to get a new vase and bowl then
  5. Sell me a chiller ?

  6. [size="2"]Damn i been looking for km chillers not the 2010 models those look kinda bootleg i like the Older ones a lot tho. [/size] [size="4"]Do you know a vendor who sell them at a good price.[/size] [size="5"]IM NOT GOING TO PAY $120+ for one. [/size] [size="6"]Do you know anyone who is trying to sell/trade one?[/size]
  7. Old ass guys look like they dident get out of the college stage rofl or 30 year old virgins.
  8. If ur not trying to sell it what are you trying to get out of it ?
  9. Used or not i have a deal if no one goes through.
  10. Oooo, sounds like a good deal gl with sale im trying to get a km with chiller.
  11. I myself have seen this in my recent 5 250g of nak. I think its just a fatt stem from the plant
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