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  1. I hear that. I need to mix it with some mint to make it enjoyable. Currently smoking Tangiers Pikina Sun with Cane Mint. Really good together. In my opinion, Pikina Sun is too sweet on its own.
  2. Smoking Alchemist Stout Lemon Mint. My first smoke of this brand and my first impression is that it's very rich in flavor, smoke is so far a notch under Tangiers.
  3. For me it's the association of hookah with winding down the day watching a movie or some tv along with a hookah.   When I'm just sitting here dilly dallying and the day is ending I start thinking about hookah.  If was occupied with something else or out of the house it doesn't cross my mind.
  4. As the topic title says Tangiers is discontinuing Lucid and hoping to move as many of its flavors to the Birquq line.  Another addition is the Birquq line will now be made with a lower nicotine tobacco.  It won't be washed.  Just a tobacco that has a lower nicotine level than that used for Noir.     This is expected to take place the end of the year or the start of the next.   Anybody sad to see Lucid go?  Birquq seems to deal with humidity and acclimation similar to Lucid.     Here's some more specific info: Birquq is made with a different sweetener then the other lines. Birquq doesn't have any less nicotine but it will now when we switch. Back then we use to wash the same tobacco as noir to make lucid but now we use a low nic level tobacco. so that will be used for birquq now. We try to not use water in tobacco so you can get more tobacco for your money. This is decision came because we wanted to release a new line and we didn't want to make a fifth line and confuse everything. And plus birquq is a little more resistance to humility then noir just like lucid. So it was a easy transition. We made sure that all the flavors went through a rigorous testing period to make sure it will stand up to our standards in a new line.
  5.   I had a similar story from last night.  A friend is telling me about a badass all brass hookah he found at a thrift store.  It's really old, he says.  It has this jewels that hang down from the tray and the stem unscrews... muhfucka Chinese.
  6. Have you ever had a trouble with any flavour? Haha yeah a couple. Orange soda, pineapple, melon blend. Kashmir plum,   I'd throw Blue Gumball into that mix.
  7. Whew... I broke my first phunnel.  And my third.  Well, somebody else broke my first.  
  8. I tried to figure it out my android and I was not successful.  It would be pretty sweet.
  9. Hey.  I don't think a lot of people here have gotten into the vape pens, but my sister just got a really nice one, so I can share what I know.  She got the e-go2 Twist.  It's pretty sweet because on the end of the shaft is a dial that adjusts the voltage output.  A little too harsh? Turn the dial to reduce the voltage and it's an easier smoke.  The guy told her the atomizer thing (I just call it the vapor chamber), needs to be replaced every few months and that it's like $10 for her model.  I assume you will be replacing it more often if you let the glycerin juice sit in the chamber for a while between smoking.  You should regularly clean it with warm water.   You couldn't just fill it with water and smoke that.  It's the glycerin in the liquid that creates the smoke.  
  10. Hmm, alright. Carry on then.  It's a first for me!
  11. So normally I've adhered to the idea that if you got Megadeals coconaras you were getting the "illegitimate" coals and that Mastersales were all good regardless of the stamp or the flier.  I've had some Mastersales with the stamp or without, with the flier or without and they have always been fine.     TODAY, I just bought a 108 box and the weirdest damn thing... I swear it's one of the one 96 packs in a 108 box  I haven't counted the number of coals up, but look at the orientation of the package.  I had to lift the plastic pack out of the box to open them.     Edit: I've added them up. It's 108. I just think it's weird.
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