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  1. Currently reading A Game of Thrones. Iv'e seen the first two seasons on HBO so I decided to give the book a shot.
  2. I poke several little holes for the same ash reasons
  3. I was hospitalized twice as a kid so I try not to smoke hookah every day. I do notice when I smoke often that I tend to wheeze a bit.
  4. I dip occasionally and was wondering if anyone puts in a dip and smokes hookah at the same time. Seems like overkill but was just wondering.
  5. We have come to a point where everyone's opinions are wrong. Who is to say that my "right wing biggot" view of gay marriage is wrong? Do I agree with gay marriage? No, but is gay marriage wrong? Who are we to say what is "right" or "wrong". We all have different views and we should not get slammed every time we express ourselves.
  6. Hey guys, I opened my bag of Lucid ILTOBC and it has a citrus smell almost like Mimon. I looked up the reviews and 1/2 the people said it smells like applejacks/ fruit loops and the other 1/2 say they get a citrus smell. Should I acclimate it longer until I get more smells coming through or is it ok to smoke as it is? Thanks. I haven't smelled apple jacks or fruit loops in a while, so maybe they do smell as citrusy as Mimon
  7. I have had a few drunk friends lean back with the hose causing the hookah to tip and spill the coals onto the floor. This hookah house might be able to help with something like that.
  8. http://orlando.craigslist.org/for/3148321789.html Quite a few website call it this also, I just didn't want to link any of them in case they are banned.
  9. Not that I know of. The Tangiers I picked up on Craigslist from Orlando ( the guy was also selling a KM ceramica) and the Pipe I got on Ebay from someone in Texas for $40. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1343093491' post='552397'] Lol, was it a member on any of the hookah forums? With that pipe and tobacco, they had to have a bit of knowledge they gained online. Either way, great pickups! [/quote]
  10. Just got these few items off Craigslist/ Ebay and I'm thrilled. Iv'e only tried a few Tang flavors so at $10 a piece I figured I should buy everything the guy had.
  11. I have to agree with gramps on this one. Every generation has their thing. When my dad would go to the clubs here in Miami he said the waiters would walk around with mirrored plates offering cocaine like it was water. Kids now are so connected together with social media/ internet that everyone knows who hooked up with who, and who did what. Do I think kids are getting worse, not necessarily, but I do believe that overall respect for people is declining.
  12. Treat the bowl like a woman. You have to warm it up first. I do 2 or 3 coals on the very edge of the bowl and then adjust accordingly after a few minutes.
  13. Hey guys, this site is a really good motivational tool. [url="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=140847501"]http://forum.bodybui...php?t=140847501[/url] There are tons of diets out there but remember, all you need to do is have a calorie deficit. Consume slightly less calories than your bodies maintenance (guys is typically 2200 and 2000 for girls). Also, check this out for calories needed. [url="http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/calories-goal.php."]http://caloriecount....ories-goal.php.[/url] Finally, working out is a great way to lose fat ( not necessarily weight) because even after you finishing working out, your body is repairing itself and burning off extra calories.
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