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  1. Who gives a shit if you were to walk in to a store and have the owner,associate talk to you in that manner what would you do? hopefully tell them to F off and never do business with them again. He was robbed to bad im sorry for your losses but does lashing out at your source of income better your situation absolutely not. Why would you call someone leave them a vulgar message then think an apology in any form would recitify this situation that is unprofessionalism at it finest.
  2. but it will be a bitch to get off......i had to kinda of sand a few layers off of my KM gromet to make it fit right
  3. The base i found is 1 3/4 the KM stem with grommet is 2" .....so i can buy a diff grommet and size it to fit?
  4. ok so im trying to find a base for my KM that i recently broke but i have no idea how to find one with the right opening. What do i measure the stem heart? with the gromet on or off? HElP ps.the base i broke was a KM with a KM stem and it was harder than hell to get off almost impossible!
  5. Now that is a nice one vaypourus,snoopy thank you for the advice
  6. Thoses are nice vases but there all sold out bummer i would snag one of those. so what do i actually measure to find out if a base will work.and the same for a gromet
  7. http://www.shisha-hookah.com/Small-Hookah-...se-p-19355.html kinda like this one .......what measurments would i take to find?
  8. Thanks Joshmmc...but they dont look deep enough for the stem. hummmm
  9. It's a KM and what do you mean by size...tall?
  10. ok so i broke my wife's base and i was just going to get her another green one but well now she wants a purple base does anyone know where to find a purple base?
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