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  1. I played, ran a guild there even. Now I've gone over to EVE online, and I like EVE so much more. It's not a "grind" game, the skills simply take time to train. If I have to take a week off EVE it's simple - set a skill that takes 7+ days to train and leave for a while. I run a corp there so I tend to play often, but it's nothing like WoW used to be for me. The grind is what is killer, and I always had fun doing the raids, but unlike most of the folks in my guild I never had really high faction with the different groups and stuff because I couldn't stand the grind for it. All in all, yes, it's really easy to get hooked on that game. It's as easy to get hooked on Halo though, overall any game you play can snag you and steal your life away if you let it. It takes a lot of willpower to take it easy on games for me. Even EVE can get to where I play too much, but I've got a good group of friends on there etc, and the average age of the gamers is much higher, so you run in to people who have RL stuff going and it reminds you to keep your RL stuff straight too heh. Just my 2 cents. -Z
  2. Well, if you find yourself getting sick, stop until you are better. The only way to find out if it's truly the hookah is to cut it out, get better and see if you get better. Check out your house for allergens or mold or any other causes of respiratory problems as well while you are at it. I had the swine flu and still smoked when I was over the worst part, now if I had a cig I'd hack up a lung, but if I had hookah it only made my throat hurt (just had a raw throat from cough, so lots of water made that better). -Z
  3. QUOTE (Sin on Sunday @ Dec 1 2009, 04:34 PM) I feel bad for the guy and his family, they seem.... special. thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb3UobSZl34 Can I get that 5mins back? Or at least the memory erased? On the other hand... at least I don't feel like such a loser anymore for enjoying video games a little too avidly. At least I've had relationships... I can't envision this guy having a girlfriend. Too creepy. -Z
  4. assuming you still smoke hookah? if so, have you increased the amount of hookah you've been smoking? I quit a while back, but as someone else mentioned above, speedbumps in life can leave you looking for comfort in the wrong places. I had never been a pack a day until after that (and most of the time I'm still not a pack a day, but I do smoke more or less depending on mood.) In any case, I've not had many good sessions lately, looking forward to a nice big christmas order via gift $$. I noticed when I quit that I went from smoking hookah like 3 times a week to daily, usually just one bowl when I got home from work or something, but the weekends I'd smoke a lot too. Over time I had started to finally cut down, but then I'm back to smoking now, but I'd like to get off cigs again, there's a definite difference in how you feel after a cig and after a hookah session. It's like I can feel the "gunk" in my lungs after a cig, and while I know hookah isn't good for you, it never makes me feel like I've rolled my lungs in dirt. I think I will try and quit now too, I've gone a couple days without smoking the past month and then back to it. I can feel ready but I have to decide on being ready, its all in our heads! Willpower. Good luck with it man, you've inspired another person, I will keep looking for updates, and let you know how it goes for me. -Z
  5. Very glad I saw this. I will see about making a trip out to grandparents farm Tuesday night, it's far from the lights, though there is some, it is the best place I know of around here to see meteor showers. Glad I checked HF today! -Z
  6. I have done this. Was when I just got back home from out of state, my grandfather had been burning brush piles and trees he had pushed over on the farm. In any case, even the larger ones stayed lit the whole time, it was mostly oak/cedar/mesquite that was in the pile, and I'm not sure what all I got from the coals. No taste, and worked perfectly, never went out (but you've gotta remember they were smoldering there for a LONG time, he'd burned in the morning and I grabbed these in the evening). So, make sure they are large to begin with, and make sure you've got a well lit fire burning to keep more coals cycling through and you'll be fine. I think it'd take a lot more to get the same effect though, IE you have to burn a lot more wood to keep the coals you use going since it's not easy to light one in the first place all the way through. -Z
  7. to start another round or not.... that is the question! -Z
  8. even though it's ubnoeeded durnken bump -Z
  9. Drunk posting just cause... ate a light lnch and nothin else today, it's hitting me pretty hard - vodka and whatever soda's I've had here to mix wihth -Z
  10. QUOTE (Stuie @ Oct 27 2009, 04:02 PM) Awesome!!!!!!!!!! For the record I gotta change pants. You're browsing hookahforum with pants on? Is this normal? -Z
  11. It's all been done... oh well, good find on the auto seal port. Only works for Mya though? I think a hose with auto seal would be helpful because it wouldn't matter what hookah you're using. -Z
  12. tbh, not a bad idea, pretty easy to implement as well. I don't have a multi-hose hookah but I do know what they are like. Perhaps some kind of auto-sealer built into the mouthpiece or the part that connects to the hookah. -Z
  13. QUOTE (Arcane @ Oct 26 2009, 01:16 AM) QUOTE (fillup @ Oct 25 2009, 09:10 PM) wow, thats crazy!!! Nice collection. I could only imagine how much you paid for all of that to be honest...i have no idea how much i've invested in hookah....probably a few grand or so.... i don't regret one cent spent though.... wait...nah, i kinda do...i wouldn't have bought the syrians or the black mini phunnel...lol.... To each their own man. Keep on smokin! I'm jealous, I don't have the money to get such a nice collection... yet. One day though, I can aspire to have such a collection as yours. Bravo. -Z
  14. QUOTE (kvtaco17 @ Oct 25 2009, 07:53 PM) QUOTE (JDHarding @ Oct 25 2009, 08:51 PM) QUOTE (delSol_si @ Oct 25 2009, 04:01 PM) QUOTE (BohoWildChild @ Oct 25 2009, 05:48 PM) I was going to post a lovely deep cleavage picture for my post, but you know, I never did figure out how to make pictures appear within a post..... Ah well. 'Rani CODE[img]http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f159/2muchvtec/4CHAN/12325934761093590205359hp8.jpg[/img] = Ooooooh.. hold on.. *takes photo to bathroom* Take?... I used my damn laptop... and a video to set the mood lol I really just felt this photo needed one more spot in this thread... WOW she is gorgeous. And she's into video games =) -Z
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