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  1.   I think this problem is more common than a lot of people think. At my old lounge and also at the lounge that I frequent now, it has always been common practice to use some sort of skewer through the top of the foil when the foil on the phunnel starts to sag. I prefer this to using a center hole.     Yea but did that lounge(s) use tangiers bowls or knock offs? I own 15 tang bowls and have owned over 25 and I have had the spire problem on one.
  2. True. I guess it just depends on who is making them ( just says a local tang smoker so pretty sure they arent from the same guy who makes the real tang bowls but I could obviously be wrong). The quality will dictate if they should be considered cheap (as in a good deal) or cheap ( as in built poorly).   Also there is no post about size which sucks. You could be getting a great size bowl or you could be getting something undesirable to what you wanted.
  3. Seems like an answer to a problem that isnt really there. Most Tang bowls have the proper spire height. Yes there are a few with high spires which is gonna happen with handmade products but the predator design seems like its come up with a fix for a problem most people dont have.   Also with the idea of handmade products that I brought up, I see there being problems with the piece that goes over the spire. I can already see cases of it being too big and the effect it would have on the bowls draw.   End  of the day, just poke a middle hole.
  4. I do this on nights I plan on drinking (most nights). I just pack all my bowls for that night so it doesnt interfere with daddy tv time.
  5. ohhhh good mix idea! Wish I still had some P grape to try it.
  6. Santino needs to start making tips for NU/fancy hoses. If anyone has seen the new fancy handles they have, those would be amazing if made of glass. Only hang up would be price. Idk if someone would pay over $15/$20 for a tip for a cheap plastic hose. I would gladly pay $20/25 for one
  7. My goal/dream is to ride my bike across America when I graduate college (2 more years). I plan to do it in about 40-50 days.
  8. My favorite OG nak flavor ever. Such a great fruit blend. Makes me glad that I kept my kick ass large unglazed egyptian bowl.
  9.     This.   Especially if him shipping them back falls into a matter of commiting a crime.   OP is trying to interpret law on his own.  He is trying to receive a refund without shipping back the product by applying the logic of an employee of a government agency.    Yes, ShishaFreak would be potentially liable for the loss but that's only when an actual judgement by someone of power has passed it.    If the OP wants his money back and not return the coals due to his own interpretation of the law (again, based on the logic an employee and not someone of power), then he needs to wait for that judgement to pass.  If he wants his money now, he can use the return shipping label.  He can't have it both ways.   And his libeling (thanks Chris) of ShishaFreak in the OP is just icing on the cake.  If you were scammed, they wouldn't have returned contact with you in the first place.   So he called an official government agency in his country and was advised that shipping the product would be breaking a law but somehow that is him interpeting the law on his own? You mention someone of power, if you have a problem where ever you are do you expect to be able to reach the govenor of your state or even the mayor of your city on the phone?   Yes if he wants his money back he could ship the coals back. You are right, he cant have it both ways. He can either take the loss on the counterfit coals or he can risk a criminal offense by shipping them back and getting his refund.   Also it isnt libel. He ordered Coconaras. The ones he recieved were counterfits. Shishafreak didnt know they were and thats fine, shit happens and it was an honest mistake. Im pretty sure the realms of libel are out of this picture when you are receiving a counterfit product even if the retailer had no idea. The 2 cancel each other out.     Its ridiculous to see people jumping down this kids throat for this. We are in a down economy and if I got $80 worth of faulty product I would be mad too. Should he have handled it differently? Probably but I mean come on, you are gonna jump down a fellow hookah smokers throat for getting burned on a transaction?
  10.     This.   Especially if him shipping them back falls into a matter of commiting a crime.
  11. Living in San Diego is expensive but I guess one perk is cheaper Tang and bowls.
  12. $30 for a nuhose with a metal handle????? NINJA PLEASE
  13. I might be wrong but some of you older members might remember, didnt neil try to do this and got in a lot of trouble?
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