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  1. QUOTE Human's Becoming Stupid? Delightfully ironic!
  2. I get sick to my stomach when I smoke for longer than 4 hours with no break. Also, cheap coals make me (and others whom i smoke with) sick. I stick with coconaras.
  3. I have a MYA Vortex and yes, the nammor hoses fit perfectly using the stock hose ports and grommets.
  4. My personal favorite, at the moment: 10% Tangiers K Cherry 10% Tangiers Mint 80% Tangiers Coca Tastes like warm minty brownies with cherry sauce on top! mmmmmm.....
  5. If I used a phunnel, and the shisha isn't burnt to shit, I will often reuse a bowl another day.
  6. I put my 250g packages of Tangiers into THESE containers. 8oz nalgene jars. They fit perfectly and are very high quality containers. I buy the clear ones from a lab supply company.
  7. Undoubtedly, yes, shisha contains nicotine, which is undoubtedly addictive. But few people here will admit to it.
  8. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Jul 15 2008, 06:51 PM) send me everything you've got, i'll pay shipping QUOTE (scoop)you can sell off your hookahs to me. thats a good idea. Damn scavengers!
  9. My Large and Medium phunnel are both glazed on the inside like so: I'd imagine the glaze wouldn't affect your smoking experience, besides staining. Grats on the phunnel though! Welcome to a new age of hookah
  10. Damn you guys are crazy! I did a 3 hour large phunnel with some SB, solo. I felt like throwing up afterwards. Had to walk around the block to feel better.
  11. It's best not to fool yourself. When you smoke a hookah, your body absorbs some nicotine. The amount is still in question, but its definitely greater than zero. Nicotine creates a physical dependence. Meaning that it makes you feel shitty if you don't consume more. Additionally, nicotine messes with the reward and punishment centers of your brain, creating a primal "electrified mouse feeder" effect. Important to note that not EVERYONE gets physically addicted to nicotine. Also important to note is the Psychological Addiction aspect. This sort of addiction can happen with nearly anything that is fun or pleasureable, such as junk food, TV, etc.. I feel it'd be extremely irresponsible to not point out the addictive qualities of nicotine. At least you can see the evidence and choose your own path. Few links to read: Previous thread on the same topicU.S. Surgeon General's Report - Nicotine Addiction (1988)Wikipedia article on Nicotine.
  12. Hot water, one vinegar rinse. The plastic taste + smell lasted less than 3 smoking sessions.
  13. Perhaps a trip to the hardware store and an appropriate sized gasket? I know my purge valve (Mya) has a little gasket on the inside.
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