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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Who do I contact for the PW? lol I can Skype verify if needed.
  3. About to smoke my Hookah for the first time in over 2 years! Yay!!

  4. Hey all, its been forever since I have been here.  I haven't had my Hookah stuff with me due to moving and when I unpacked my stuff recently I found that my hose had broke.  Well got new hose today and a good selection of stuff to smoke, I am gonna try out some Fantasia Triple Apple I think.  Su yeah good to be back  :)
  5. Yay, Just finished setting up my entertainment center. DVD player, PS2, PS3,Wii and Xbox360.

  6. Oh the joys of un packing, thats almost the worst part.

  7. [quote name='ntur' timestamp='1348927631' post='557537'] Congrats! online seems to be the best bet for getting shisha, at least for southern Indiana. stores that sell it around me are few and far between. [/quote] yay another hoosier, yeah I have a few online places I have ordered from in the past, so I will stick with them. Oh and the hookah is unpacked and just needs some love and attention to clean it up.
  8. Yep, I am leaving in the morning, will have the hookah put together in the evening then I have to go on a mini shopping spree online lol. At least by the time I will be able to use it it will bee dust free and nice looking again.
  9. So yes I was able to find all of my hookah and it is strateigly packed with clothes all around it. I am so pumped! So I probably wont be ordering that other one, but will need to get some shisha. So yes one happy girl here. Now on to the important decisions. : )
  10. Due to the fact that this trip I will be riding back with my parents from their vacation and then coming back to my apartment with them. So in the mean time till I can get my km hookah I was thinking about getting [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-5484-mya-saray-hookah-petite-1-hose-hookah.html"]this[/url]. Any one have experience with this? It comes with the basics, but I was thinking of getting some more shisha for variety as all of my old stash is gone. So any reccomendations are welcome. I have been wanting to try Tangiers since I got my first hookah, but also have read that a specific bowl is need to get the best results. Also whats the difference between the flat and the cube coco nara? So yeah kinda starting over with out all my stuff which sucks, but oh well. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  11. ok, thanks I will try resizing and see if that does it.
  12. Ok so I am back after a long unfortunate break. I went to upload a new picture for my avatar and can not get a picture to load. I have tried more than one and no luck. So is there a trick or something?
  13. Hi all, I have been away for a bit due to living with relatives and being unable to enjoy my hookah. But I'm out back on my own now. The only issue is I am pretty much back tot square one. I have my hookah, but dont know what box the hose is in, and the only stuff left thats good in my storage drawers is the non smokable stuff. So I'll be getting some soon. Like maybe tonight lol. I need to make a shoping list. Oh and if some one can tell me how to upload an avitar so I am not faceless, I would appreciate it, apparently I am not holding my mouth right.
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