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  1. Anyone through mixing, or anything find a way to get a sweet fruity taste along with sour?
  2. Some of the best bowls I have smoked have been when I smoke half before bed, and when I get home from work, I smoke the other half. It has usually been magical.
  3. The very height of smoking was with the OG AF grape, I remember it being the very best I had ever tasted. Now it is and has been shit. Static starlight is the closest to a good grape there is IMHO.
  4. Did they get bought out? TX now? Whats the story behind this?
  5. I was wondering if it is better now, or still tastes like ass. Thanks.
  6. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1269069437' post='458376'] [quote name='Codename067' date='19 March 2010 - 05:58 PM' timestamp='1269039503' post='458293'] Paper Towel. 3 inches across, 1 inch wide. Fold it in half [so you get it to 0.5" wide], get half of it wet, then use that as a grommet. Trust me, that's the BEST seal you can ever achieve. Use it for your bowl too. I haven't touched a rubber grommet [except for the one that connects the base to the stem] for many years. Paper Towel all the way. Everyone that has smoked with me used to use rubber grommets all the time, but not anymore. /thread! [/quote] I'm with this guy. Been using damp paper towel strips for the longest time. Best seal ever. [/quote] Heres a new problem, all these paper towels now suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When wet they work fine. Once 30 min passes, they turn into shit (like dry cement and the seal goes away after they dry.) Do you kind of understand what I mean. All those god damn one sheet keeps cleaning one dry fast and you lose the seal. They dry like writing paper. I am having a damn bad run again. Grommets suck, all thes paper towels suck now. What are you guys using in terms of paper towel brands.
  7. [quote name='Zildjian' timestamp='1304099567' post='507467'] vanilla and cinnamon to make cherry cobbler? orange, peach, or strawberry would also mix well. also lemon like the lemon/cherry sorbets you see [/quote] Should the lemon be AF?
  8. I bought Al Amir Cherry, and I am not looking forward to smoking it after smelling it...........Should [i]i MIX AF mint or AF lemon? Something else? Thank you. I need an answer soon. Also does anything mix good with AF cherry?????? [/i]
  9. AF cherry, Roman Cherry or very ehhhhhhhhhhhhh underwhelming.
  10. K cherry is the best you will find on the market. Might be the best flavor period. Dragons Breath by Fantasia has a cherry undertone that comes and goes, but can be some of the most amazing puffs of taste you will ever experience in your life.
  11. Ok I'm going to Anaheim on Sunday for a charcoal run, does anyone know where I can buy fantasia tobacco? I'll be around Brookhurst and ball rd.
  12. Are there any stores in west Los Angeles, or Anahiem that sell fantasia? These a place called tobacco zone in Santa monica but they have q bad selection. Thx
  13. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' date='12 May 2010 - 11:32 AM' timestamp='1273685561' post='467772'] I use CCNs four halves and two fulls on my Tangiers mini and small phunnels and never have trouble. In fact, CCNs four halves I leave on the bowl, never touching them or ashing them. When I use two fulls I have to rotate them, but that's it. John's coals are extremely high maintenance. I'm using a box of those right now until I get more Coconaras, and I can't stand using them. They ash like crazy and have to be constantly moved. Drives me crazy. [/quote] Yeah I have to be honest, Johns coals are not very good. I will try the cocos again tonight, and leave them on for a little longer. I pack the bowl like everyone does with Tangiers. I posted this, becuase I am not a Fumari fan, and I was looking for the best alternative until I can get the golden canarys back.
  14. I just dont get what all the love for them is. The ashing and constant care these need just make smoking a pain for me. I usually throw one stick of real Japanese style coals on a bowl, and I dont move them for 45 min. Last night because of the golden canary shortage, I messed around with Johns coals, and coco's. Am I doing something wrong? 2 pieces on a small phunnel, smoking tangiers. I left the coal on the stove for 5 min waited till all black was gone. I had to attend to these coals every 10 min. And the end result for me was yes they are better than exoticas, but I swear they change the taste of the tobacco. Anyone want to chime in, as I know there are so many nara lovers out there.
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