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  1. The Jungle - Upton Sinclair this would be my 4th time reading it, I love this book
  2. QUOTE (TheScotsman @ Dec 14 2008, 02:22 AM) The all time record-nasty award has to go to starbuzz wildberry. The mere memory is enough to gag a yak. I would rather smoke an old wig soaked in embalming fluid than more of that stuff. On the other hand, putting the remainder of the can in my jeep glove box did a wonderful job of hiding the "aroma" of a bunch of mouse-mummies decomposing in the heater box. dishonorable mention would have to go to hookah-hookah-anything. I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one, Starbuzz wildberry was my first starbuzz and it had
  3. "Nachna Onda Nei" - Tigerstyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymuRKv9iJm4 this song just reminds me when I got my first hookah
  4. The worst I've ever had would be Al Waha Vanilla - tasted a bit funky after 10 mins HH Lemonade - burned the back of my throat tasted like metal
  5. To whoever can get payment to me asap I really need emergency money in my paypal let me know through pm! ***still sealed and everything, will ship tomorrow if payment is recieved tonight!
  6. I just got my fotm, and it's fantasia margarita and pharaoh's double apple! Im trying out the margarita right now THANK YOU SO MUCH NEAL!
  7. QUOTE (DarkParade @ May 19 2008, 04:09 AM) i did it in my moms house she didnt care because it smells good =p same here! my parents would come home after work and comment about how nice the house smelled.. they thought I cleaned daily xD
  8. Sad to hear your old thread got closed down, you werent even dealing in AW just selling some excess good luck with your sale man! ***I also purchased 8 tubs from him, he's super professional and will do everything in his power to send it to you asap.
  9. QUOTE (liquidglass @ May 7 2008, 08:35 PM) Also I forgot, if anyone has SAMPLES that they paid for or got for free I'd be interested in trading/buying those as well, just let me know. (especially Fantasia) eh, I wouldnt ask to buy those.. I remember reading a thread about selling samples from fotm and stuff. Did you get my PM?
  10. Ill buy it all, I'm selling some stuff on ebay right now so I should have money soon I have sent you a PM, let me know!
  11. he still hasnt gotten back to me about my first inquiry.. maybe hes on vacation xD
  12. I still have a good amount of that starbuzz wildberry left if you want to trade for it. (dont know how many grams exactly, i've smoked around 8 bowls out of it every since I got it from nick) let me know I can take some pics, or borrow my friends scale
  13. azcoyote - It tastes fine! but I realized that I didnt really need to order 2 tubs of vanilla lol next time I'm getting 2 tubs of peach because it's my favorite aw flavor so far brownbob06 - yes I would sell, but I would prefer trade. $4 plus shipping? (pm me, we'll work something out)
  14. i bought 8 tubs of al waha from azcoyote, and i made two of those 8 tubs vanilla thinking i would mix it with everything but I can't get it to smoke good (great smell, but no taste) I would trade this for any other flavor of shisha. **this tub is still brand new and sealed, I only opened my other tub of vanilla to try it.
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