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  1. So, does anyone have a better alternative for the coconaras? The last 3 boxes I bought were fake. They smoke, they smell, and they taste horrid; and Im pretty sure they are what has been making me feel like shit after a session. Are CN's ever going to get better or is there a better alternative?
  2. I don't know about that. Silicone bowls are new. Heat management, such as Kaloud Lotus & Apple on top. Vapor bowls. I think there is still some room to innovate in the hookah world. Not to mention all the new flavors and brands popping up. But I agree with ya, I am in such a routine, that my non-smoking-girlfriend, (now hookah-smoking) knows how to pack even Tangiers tobacco.
  3. No kidding, life is pretty awesome. I now feel like I have mastered everything from the basics to making my own hookahs, and now have graduated to spreading the good word of hookah to the world. I've even had my mom's friends smoking with me.. hahaha
  4. Again, solution isn't the solution. Some of the glass hookahs are very intricate and would make it impossible to get into some of the pockets or corners. Also, I would never use hot water in my jar. I'm sure most of the glass hookahs are actually made from borosilicate glass aka Pyrex, but I wouldn't risk a fluctuation in temperature for something with such a big price tag. Not to mention warmth breeds bacteria. Mine usually sit on a granite cutting stone on my carpet, so I'd like to put it on my coffee table for a worry free smoke. 8)
  5. Well I know the cleaning solution, however, it doesn't just dissolve away any sediment. You have to physically use something to clean any residue or build up.
  6. I know that the glass hookahs are functional, but holy shit are they overpriced. I remember the first cool one I saw was a Meduse, and it had quite the price tag on it. I've been looking into getting one or two of the simpler ones, but I am wondering a few things. Of course they come in some wicked cool shapes and designs, but how the hell do you clean em? I only use filtered water in my base, because the water from the tap sometimes builds up red algae. I keep all my hookahs clean, but sometimes I let it sit for a day or two because of my schedule, and in my Sahara jar I cant get in all the corners, so it does build up. I wanna know if anyone has any of the interesting glass hookahs, and how they keep clean?
  7. I feel like I've learned everything I needed to from this forum and Youtube. My hookah sessions were exceptional, and I was moving forward in my life very quickly, so I lost time to be on here as much. Though I have made some cool friends on here and had great conversations on here.
  8. Hey guys, I know its been a really long time since I've posted, but I am always roaming and reading on here. I'm looking to buy some escentric hookahs for my collection, so I was thinking of selling one or two of mine. This is Winky. KM 34" World Cup chiller, Bohemian Crystal jar, Banned Vendor Narbish V3 hose with Giraffe cover, & Tangiers med Phunnel. Used MAYBE 10x! https://www.dropbox.com/s/7na3lrvmkh2ncr3/Winky -.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fn4jww54s10lru1/Winky - (3).jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3rn2k4r8evultem/Winky - (7).jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkr676vpiqps7gl/Winky - (12).jpg?dl=0 This is Johann Schmidt or Maxon. KM 36" four tier stem, XL Syrian Tower 14" jar, Banned Vendor Narbish V3 Hose with red Cheetah cover and custom mouth piece, Tangiers small Phunnel. Used MAYBE 10x! https://www.dropbox.com/s/6nbqfywoq00qrxk/Maxon - (3).jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/745ru0o6bq2mqqb/Maxon - (6).jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ellenbqa9dr0zim/Maxon - (8).jpg?dl=0
  9. [quote name='noodle' timestamp='1301882468' post='504064'] So if I soak jagged bits of fired ceramic in molasses and fruit pulp, I can smoke it? Interesting concept. [/quote] In trest ting!!
  10. Buy for deco? Yes. Smoke from? No.
  11. Aphex Twin!!! AKA Zen music from Children of Men. Haha
  12. After every smoke I clean the shank and tray with hot water. Then the bowl with hot water and a scotchbrite pad. The jar is typically glass and I know most places that clean glass that fluctuates temperature (coffee pots) use ice water, so I just use cold tap water a couple time. Then once a month, I use vinegar in everything. Let it sit in the jar a little while, then scrub it with I brush. (I also use vinegar on a papper towel to get water spots off my truck windows, so I know it works) same goes for the stem. Then I use the hose like a big straw and put vinegar in it, about half or less of the hose so you can swish it around. Then the handle opening is just the right size to put the kitchen hose spigot in, and rinse it out real well, then hang dry.
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