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  1. QUOTE (Raziel510 @ Jul 29 2008, 12:55 AM) As you can see, I'm not getting the thickest smoke ever. I'm somewhat of a Noob when it comes to smoking (<1 year), but that seems like pretty thick smoke to me....?
  2. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Apr 3 2008, 02:40 PM) its a product of smoke in the downstem being blown up through the bowl because of the water rushing back into the stem. btw how much water are you using? How much of the stem should be submerged? I added some ice to mine and the water level was excessively high. Maybe that's what caused it....
  3. Thanks again for the flood of replies! What sucks is that while washing my bowl after its initial use, I dropped it and busted the stem. I'm gonna try some JB weld to see if it'll hold. That should work until I get around to ordering a super chief.
  4. QUOTE (smidge @ Apr 3 2008, 11:29 AM) welcome to the forums. I think its normal for it to do that, if your not blowing it out that is. After all there is shisha in the bowl, that is smoking, and not every bit of the smoke has come through the hose. Thanks for the prompt replies. I do not blow back into the hose when done taking a draw. Also, the valve next to the hose stem is in the fully-closed position. Maybe that's why...
  5. Hey Guys,New to the forum and relatively new to this hobby. Recently picked up a Mya Staff single-hose hookah.After I take a draw and cease, a wisp of smoke will flow backwards out of the top of the bowl. I searched the forum but came up empty. Is this is a characteristic of a poor set-up? Thanks in advance.
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