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  1. QUOTE (chinamon @ Mar 4 2008, 05:08 PM) QUOTE (Ceraziefish @ Mar 5 2008, 12:33 AM) I'll be honest, I have no idea. It's a big mess of Northern European. I don't care about my ethnicity too much. I'm American, and that's really all that should matter in this country. On the global scale, I'm a human. Ha. i never understood that mentality. i think a person's ethnicity is far more important than being american or canadian. being a true american or canadian should really mean that you are a native indian since everyone else immigrated to the land. when people ask me "what are you?" i will always say "chinese" because that is where i get my culture and traditions from. QUOTE (Perrj99 @ Mar 5 2008, 05:57 PM) But at least you know you're German and Scottish. I've never understood how an educated adult (adopted, extreme circumstances, etc aside) could not know their own ethnic makeup/ancestry. Well, I do know what ethnicities "make me up," but here's the thing... thanks to the melting pot I'm not more than 1/8th anything -- it's something like 1/8th Polish, 1/8 German, 1/8 English, 1/8 Danish, et cetera et cetera. So, what ethnicity do I identify with? Well, the thing is that I don't get culture and/or traditions from any of them, because my parents were American, and their parents were American, and so on back to about the 1850's. My ethnicity simply is American, I sing the "Happy Birthday" song at birthday parties, I shoot fireworks on the 4th of July and I drink imported beer because I hate American beer (I think this is a fundamental part of American culture).
  2. QUOTE (erufiku @ Apr 10 2008, 08:18 AM) How is smoking cellophane (derivative of cellulose) any healthier than tobacco? Yeah, that seems pretty nuts to me. Backwards logic to get away from the stigma associated with tobacco, I guess.
  3. It's sort of hard NOT to associate reggae with NHT, since, well, it's so much part of the culture. It's like associating psychedelics with psychedelic music... I love reggae. I like Peter Tosh more than Bob Marley, personally (for those who don't know, Peter Tosh was the lead guitar player from the original lineup of the Wailers, who then went on to have an awesome solo career). He's a really amazing musician. Someone mentioned Scientist earlier, I really like him too. I listened to a lot more Bob Marley before I moved on to other reggae, tbh. He's still great but I like other artists more.
  4. QUOTE (Texico @ Apr 14 2008, 03:26 PM) We don't have a smoking ban on campus, but technically I'm not allowed to have a hookah with me in the dorm. I don't feel like risking smoking here, so I just walk about a block from my dorm, just off campus, to a friend's place and smoke there. It's actually an off-campus dorm-type thing, and there are quite a few people living there who also own hookahs. We congregate on the steps outside and are almost a local attraction to the people walking by haha. The drunks are most hilarious when we start doing smoke bubbles... Haha, back when I lived in the dorms I smoked hookah all the time. Life's too short Sounds like you've got a good system going, though. There's actually a huge argument at my campus right now. The smokers are getting really hostile about their wishes to smoke cigarettes and since they're getting hostile the nonsmokers are getting angry too...
  5. I have some cobra hoses that used to give you crap, but... they don't anymore? It's weird. A few months back, whenever I would smoke out of them, I'd get little black specks and things like that. But, then I didn't use them for a few weeks and they're good as new. Weird.
  6. Is there really a noticeable difference in quality (e.g. do single-hose pipes really smoke better)?
  7. QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Oct 4 2007, 09:43 PM) haha, Acid Mother Temple. Something like that. Like Chinese people being ambient. I LOVE Acid Mother's Temple. Come to think of it, King Crimson would probably be good smoking music (some of the calmer songs).
  8. I like to listen to post-rock when I smoke. Ideally with one or two other people, calmly talking and reflecting and listening to something like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, the Red Sparowes, or 65daysofstatic. I love that kinda stuff. Also, less-intense classical music... I don't think I could listen to Dvorak's 9th or Mars while smoking, but I wouldn't mind Beethoven or something like that. Metal is decent... The only metal I would really smoke to would be doom metal -- things like Boris, sunnO))), Electric Wizard. My roommates don't really like the harsher, straight-up feedback stuff, though... So I don't get to listen often, haha. I also like smoking to Public Enemy, RJD2, and a few other hip hop artists. For reggae I really only listen to dub, so, Scientist. I really like Peter Tosh but wouldn't smoke to that.
  9. What do you feel is the optimal number of hoses? Obviously, it varies on what setting you're going to be using it in, but I'm considering getting a new hookah soon. I'm playing with the idea of getting a single hose hookah, but I usually smoke with 4-6 people, for which two hoses seems perfect. Of course, I have had times with my three hose hookah with three people exactly, no passing, haha. A single hose means more passing, but unless it was with four or more people I don't think I'd be annoyed. Based off of product reviews it seems to me that two hose hookahs are the most popular -- is this wrong? So, in a nutshell, will I regret it if I get a single hose hookah?
  10. Fortunately, the hookah bars in Seattle were able to reopen after the smoking ban closed them down (some of them, anyway). Personally, I sort of like it, since I smoke cigarettes occasionally but I'm trying to stop. What really bugs me, though, is the smoking ban at my college... You can't smoke on campus except for at designated smoking tents, and people will harass you if you smoke even while you're walking to one of these tents. These same people will just walk by if you set up a hookah in the field, though. *Is mindboggled.* Maybe they assume I'm smoking NHT (I go to a school that puts the "liberal" back in "liberal arts.").
  11. A few months back I was on really terrible terms with my roommate. We both sort of hated each other. But, one day, out of boredom, we decided to hang out together, watch a movie, and smoke a bowl of Romman Cinnamon. While we were smoking, we got to talking and sort out all of our problems, and now we're great friends again. Oh, hookahs, truly, you make all men brothers.
  12. Back when I knew nothing about hookah I would occasionally get black chunks, but here's the thing... I kept using the same damn hoses and now I never get chunks. Weird. They're cobras, so no cleaning happened.
  13. Yeah, I don't really think anyone cares, but I still call them Japanese coals... Just the way I was raised, I guess. Even historical slurs are too much for me D:
  14. Tombiek means old-style, nonflavored tobacco, right? With the coals directly on? Well, this one definitely had a modern bowl. I'm thinking it must just be a fancy wooden hookah. Maybe I'll ask the guys that work there next time I'm in.
  15. Hey, I was at my local hookah store recently and noticed that behind the counter (where they show off their new/special hookahs) they had a two-hose hookah with a primarily wooden stem (I assumed it was metal on the inside). I mentioned this to my friend who has smoked a hell of a lot of hookah in his day and he said "Oh, yeah, wooden hookahs smoke great." I'd never even heard of one before, but now I'm intrigued. Any thoughts from the internet? Has anyone smoked out of a wooden hookah?
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