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  1. Ohhh man somone threw my first hookah off a balcony i got soooo upset
  2. i just love the set up very nice GRADE A!!!
  3. Im very sorry about your mother i hope she gets better and enjoy the clean lungs!
  4. My nammor is leaking by where the mouth piece goes in. I already e-mailed Neil, Im sure he'll take care of it. Excellent buisness man.
  5. i recived mine with my order at the time of placing the order i mentioned i was in the fotm THANKS NEAL!
  6. props snoopy thanks for that kinda interesting.
  7. I have the amber mash'al and imo it is worth picking up its all i smoke and i have about 6 hookahs go with the mash'al be sure to get a nammor hose with any hookah you purchase
  8. gave it a quick wash... smokes like a dream no plastic taste
  9. i will continue to order through neal simply because of the fotm. the fotm is genius.
  10. I just got my first nammor from DPG and the FOTM Thanks, Neal
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