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  1. Anybody know where I can find some to test out some software? I've already found random pics online with hidden messages in them but I'm trying to bigger harder ones if they exist. Maybe a site that provides free files to try to unhide? Don't know if I'm even asking the right questions lol!
  2. I usually smoke 1 bowl a day but that could mean up to 3 times if I do it right.
  3. Dragon's blood is also a flavor for sno-cones. When I was in Killeen, TX they used to sell them there. They also sold Tiger's blood flavor (which happens to be a combo of cherry and coconut, excellent for hookah, I love it) and some other animals blood. I do know that all three were Cherry based.
  4. QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Apr 8 2008, 12:09 PM) In a way this whole thing is a tad similar to Ghandi, in his way fo dealing with things. The Dalai Lama is going about it the "Right" way, but not the way that will work. Being forgiving is getting his people nowhere, and they are losing love for him fairly quickly, unfortunately. Force is the only thing that will work, the Tibetan youth are now noticing that, and are getting violent (i guess instead of self-inflicted violence). As U.S. citizens, there's nothing we can really do but go over there and throw a brick or 2 at a Chinaman; or, pour gasoline on ourselves over here and ignite it. China won't back down, and they have basically already one. They are just waiting out the current Dalai Lama's death. Although the Dalai Lama is peace-loving and unbelievably forgiving, that won't re-direct the Chinese view of Tibet. They have ruined the country, it is nothing like it used to be. It will never be again. I'm going to try to find all of my research on tibet and try to find links to articals and what-not but......oh this might be painful......the tibetan Dalai Lhama can kiss my....uh.... vote for him goodbye. Things that I have found happened because of China's "invasion": a. Electricity has been introduced b. Slavery of the lower class has been eliminated c. Upper class could no longer treat lower class individuals like animals(it's pretty much the same as d. The Dalai Lhama and goverment no longer held 90% of the wealth e. I almost forgot running water and sewage drainage were also introduced. The list goes on forever (not really). Anyway, all I'm saying is that there are always two sides of the story and NEVER believe the hype. Of course I am no historian nore do I claim to know the whole story, but I do feel that this is one of those issues where your being told the story they want you to hear. What's the big deal with the Olympics in China? What does it really matter to the tibetans? How often do you hear about the Hmongs who some look at as being the "Jews" of asia or something. Then again, U.S.A. did "invade" Iraq and look what we gave them! Wal-Marts, MacDonald's, General Motors and even check cashing joints and loan companies! How can they not love us! (I laugh at myself as I write this) I guess I'll just shut up now but hopefully I don't get flamed for this. Disclaimer* In no way do I actually have an opinion on this matter. I may "Go against the grain" for the sake of doing so and also to fufill my sick addiction for entertainment, but I do so truthfully. I hope that my urge to defy starts a dominoe effect in your minds that leads you to do some actual fucking research. Any Lightbulbs going off yet? I will not come back to this topic for in my opinion, it is another pointless argument. That is my statement so feel free to rip me a new asshole. Have a great day!
  5. A while after I "recovered" from the Fantasia Blueberry, I went for the Pharoahs Fruitopia. I started to mix it up in a rock glass (I always do this before smoking or putting it away for another day), then I smelled it. First kinda just waved it in my face but I couldn't smell a thing, so I put up to my nose........ the smell alone made me cough. So instead of POSSIBLY having 2 bad bowls in a day, I packed some Starbuzz Passion Fruit Mojito and called it a day. I still plan on trying the pharoahs but I needed something I knew I liked after a long day at work. Tomorrow I plan on giving the Fantasia Blueberry another run with another bowl of the Pharoahs ready just in case. With another bowl of Starbuzz White Peach and Blue Mist mixed in it, just in case. That's another one that's freaking delicious!
  6. Thanx guys for the Honey/Glycerin info. I was afraid that it might dry out sometime in the future.
  7. Heres a question. Does anyone else keep a container on the side that you put little left overs or flavores you don't like in. I mean all mixed up in one container brewing over time just hoping that for some reason something good will come out of it and you'll have a bunch of it to share with friends. I got about 200-300 grams in my little "Mystery Stash". Nothing great has come from it yet.
  8. QUOTE (Scoop @ Apr 21 2008, 06:44 PM) wasn't impressed. the flavor made me feel really weird. couldn't smoke for over 15mins. haven't tried the pharoahs yet Ya! Me neither! I wasted one of my coals on it. I thought it was good at first then.......blah blah blah. I wrote a short review on it. Read if ya want. Gonna wait a few hours before I try the Pharoahs.
  9. Just wondering what everyone thought of the Fantasia Blueberry. I thought it tasted almost like Blueberry Pez. Can't wait to try the Pharoes Fruitopia!
  10. crisbeatz


    Fantasia Blueberry Smoke:7/10 smell:7/10 Flavor:7/10 Buzz: I don't get buzzes anymore. Overall I would rate it a 6-7/10. I loved the flavor, it tasted what Blueberry Pez Candy would taste like IMO. But after a short period I started getting a house hold cleaner type of smell and taste. My girl thought it smelled like cheap candles. I was really pumped up to try it but was let down. I actually had to stop smoking it because it was making me sick. I do plan on trying it again though after I clean my Hookah to give a fair review of it. Hopefully something works because I freaking love Pez Candy! Anyway in all fairness, I will udpdate with a sencond review (same post).
  11. So I searched around and couldn't find an end result if any to this subject. Anyone know what's going on or what happened? Oh and the Hasselhoff doesn't compare to the Chuck Norris.
  12. Just got done with an experimental blend of Starbuzz Blue Mist and Starbuzz White Peach. Mixed 60/40 with more Blue Mist than White Peach. 8/10 when your sober but 10/10 when your drunk.
  13. So I was strolling the net, looking for new sites, new deals, anything hookah really. I came to this conclusion. Alot of sites (who shall remain nameless) like to hype things up alot. I personally think that the hype is in you own smoking sessions. One site limited the amount you could look at until you became a member, tempting you with "free" this or "free" that. Another site had marketing down for those who are easily sucked into the main stream. And another site claimed to be "the go to site for hookahs" but seemed to be in place mostly so vendors can market from there instead of building a relationship with their customers. I gotta say, this is the first time I have ventured into the unkonwn only to find nothing that I couldn't found here. I also want to hand it to Neal for building a relationship with this site and it's members. Using it for information and customer service instead of just a marketing tool. Not many vendors would give out personal phone numbers to a bunch of customers they don't know personally. I love the atmosphere here and I never feel like someone is trying to sell me something. So heres a some questions. Why do you like HookahForum? Why all the hype with other sites with something so complex and simple at the same time like Hookah? Why did you get into Hookah in the first place? I smoke by myself more often than not and I enjoy relaxing, not because it's the "in" thing to do. I also love the information sharing aspect of this site as I am an information whore. Anyway, I just had to say that I love this site. Coming Soon(Next Paycheck to be exact), Premium Member Status
  14. For all of the Starbuzz fans out there......try this one on for size! %60 Blue Mist %40 White Peach It's amazing yet very calm at the same time. I say mix it 60/40 because my White peach was stronger than my Blue Mist. I keep making batches of this stuff and it seems to be the hit at my buddies parties. Then again, they mostly don't know much about Hookah. Anyways, what are you waiting for, give it a try!
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