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  1. Thanks for the inputs, guys! Most def will take everything into consideration the next time i pack my bowl. Anyway, yeah, i notice that the 50g pack is extremely juicy, as in, its like tobacco soaked in blood. lol. thanks guys
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Appreciate it.. Maybe i have bad heat management, I'm not sure, I always start off with 1 coal burning red hot coal on the edges, then start rotating it every 7mins or so then I would add another coal. After a session, i notice that the bowl will have some black tobacco left on top but the below it some of it is still pretty 'fresh and juicy... is this normal? Thanks. I'll be getting the original shisha soon, it's hard to get one around this region. Thanks again guys!
  3. Hi guys, Need a lil bit of feedback about this. I just got my hookah, it smoke great. But I just have a little bit of taste problem. My setup: Hookah : It's similar to 31" The Kremlin @ Smoking-hookah.com except for the different colored base and the decorative thing on the stem other than that, it's all the same. Standard bowl as on the link Standard hose as on the link Tobacco: Al Fakher Peach (turns out to be the fake al fakher because it doesn't have the genuine seal and the logo is different. if you're wondering, its the 50g pack.) Coal: Not sure what brand it is, it's in arabic. But it's in a strip which you can break into 3 and it's coated silver. Using foil Ok here's the thing, I get this nasty molasses/sugary taste and it's kinda taint the whole peach flavour. The smoke is not harsh or anything, I can still smoke it nicely but the flavor is just not right. Another thing I notice is that it drips down the bowl too, the shisha juice. Is it just bad shisha or is my setup wrong? What can I do to improve the flavor? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks Mentler for the info! $100? That's not very bad. How big is it? Yes, I figure getting the tobacco is a problem in Singapore, like pipe tobacco, I spent a great deal of time searching for it and the price is just unreasonable. Solution? Johor. Haha.. I've heard that there is a shop in Johor which sell Hookah stuffs but I couldn't locate it. Some say, it's at the street shops right opposite City Square, couldn't find it. Some also say at Larkin Bus Interchange, there's a shop selling, I've been there a lot of times, could'nt remember seeing a shop selling hookah or shisha. Another tip is that there's a shop in Plaza Angsana, level 4, called 'Little Egypt' or something, they might stock something. But, I don't know, wanted to go there yesterday but the only road there was moving very slow. :\ Any Malaysians smoker around? Haha. Thanks guys for the inputs! Seanji: I agree, I'm ashamed to be here.
  5. Salaam/Greetings people, Any singaporeans or malaysians here? I desperately want a simple egyptian hookah with the necessaries but I can't seem to find the right place! Help anyone? If you could provide the shop location anywhere from Singapore or Malaysia, it'll be very very helpful. If you could provide the rough pricing guide, even better! Note: Please don't mention the shop at Arab St. (singapore) area, that is a tourist place and they jacked the price up like crazy and are merciless when bargaining! haha! Thanks!
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