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  1. QUOTE (EternalSoil @ Feb 17 2008, 10:42 AM) haha! routers dont spoof your ip address lol! my brother and i are on the same router but we have diff ip's... You do have different LAN IPs, but behind the same router, you're both under same WAN IP. It's the IP seen from the outside, like Johnny_D found.
  2. QUOTE (mushrat @ Feb 6 2008, 11:22 AM) Newest fun and Games: I have to submit a monthly form to show any tobacco I have purchased from outside NC. Unless the seller pays NC excise tax that is, which doesn't happen. So I have to fill out 1 form stating how much tobacco I purchased, and then pay a %10 tax on that. Then I have to fill out another form saying I didn;t buy anything from this one company, no shit, and make copies of the invoices and mail them in with any money owed. If i didn't buy anything that month, I STILL have to fill out the forms and put 0 on the form and send it in. So, being me, I sometimes get behind in my r4eporting. So I have to add penalties and interest. Fine. In October, when they raised my tax rate from 3 to 10% I also had to pay a floor tax. Which was a nice way of saying inventory tax in the middle of the year. So I had to fill that out as well. To sum up, I sent in Oct and Nov, which were late, plus the inventory, which was late, and Dec, which was early ( i get a slight break if it's early) and a big check on Jan 11th. A week later I start getting calls from the department of revenue. They only Have my Nov return, which was all 0's, they don't know if my inventory was received cause thats a different office, and they don't have my check. This begins a story that is still ongoing with daily calls, faxing in copies of my returns, some of them twice because they can't seem to find the faxed second copies, and sending in a fax of my check log showing the check I wrote to them, and checks before and after it. I was told that at the end of the year they tend to hire ectra help and sometimes these folks throw stuff away, like tax forms and checks...SAY WHAT? Today I am woken up to be told they want me to cancel my check (at my expense) and issue a new one, and can I please send Dec's return (i've sent that one in originally, faxed it TWICE and they still don't have it) and oh yes, they do have my inventory form. So out of the envelope they have 1 month's return, my inventory, but not my check or the other 2 months. I called the Secretary of the Department of Revenue today...got a trouble shooter in their office who is going to look into the situation and find out what the HELL is going on in the processing office. All before I was even awake or had a chance to eat my Wheaties. So if you want to open a bar, prepare for the "return of the beurocracy (sp)" starrign some underpaid overworked passive agressive civil servant. *sigh* Oh and one of my beer distributors is going out of business and the companies theycarry are boing picked up by other distributors all over the fricking place...and one of my best sellers hasn't been picked up yet at all... Oh im ready.........im a tax professional and I know how that road goes............this is where an accountant comes in handy.
  3. QUOTE (MrMoodz @ Feb 1 2008, 08:44 AM) So you live in the Phoenix area too? That's cool that Open Sesame would lower the SB price if you bought 2. They are probably having a little hard time selling them since it's a $$ shisha. I went there the day after they got their first shipment of SB and they pulled them all off the counter and opened every single one individually to let me sample smell them. Very cool family owns that store. Good for you that they are throwing in some shisha. I find that they can be negotiated with and you could probably get the pipe less than $90.00. Random: I just smoked out of my KM last night again. Tried an AF Watermelon / Pharoah's Honey Dew mix, and boy that was damn good! Yeah, Im actually in the planning/study process of opening a lounge in Tempe ASU area. Same here, the guy was opening and smelling the Starbuzz flavors with me. SB smells so sweet! Ill see what deal I can get for the KM. Before trying the new flavors, I gotta clean out my current hookahs to see if I can get that acrid licorice smell out of it. Im getting a new hose, I dont want to bother cleaning it. Anyone wanna PM me any cleaning suggestions/substances used for the pipe? Just dont want to get this thread off topic.
  4. Yeah, Open Sesame does hook it up. The other night, I went to check it out after reading this thread specially since it's not even far from me. I finally got to see the KMs everyone talks about, they are amazing. The owner's son invited me to the back of the store to try his KM out, that thing pulls so easy. I told him im def gonna come back to get one. They have a large selection of Al Fakher, Layalina, and Starbuzz. They sell SB for 19.99 and like 16-17 bucks each if you get two. Then as I pulled out my wallet to pay for a couple Al Fakher packs I picked out, he told me "don't worry about it, its on us"............SWEET. If I knew someone was going to return to buy a $90 pipe, I would also def let them take home a couple packs of shisha that cost less than $10 total. Now I just gotta get budget clearance from the wife(not permission, she knows how much $ we have, I have no idea) to get my KM. Cant wait to get a new pipe thats not tarnished by Double Apples, AKA "Licorice Apple."
  5. QUOTE (ASUSEAN1 @ Jan 30 2008, 11:49 PM) QUOTE (awrone @ Jan 30 2008, 08:51 PM) $60,000???? Wow. I expected 10-15K in my state. I have about 50K to start mine in AZ. Im in the study process, doing my homework and such. What did you spend most on? (In percentage) where in AZ? it is a cakewalk to open a hookah bar in tempe. If you are in code 2 zoning you don;t need a tobacco license, any special permit.. Yes, particularly in Tempe ASU area. What do you mean by "cakewalk" and Code 2 zoning? Do you mean it's easy? I'll look up what Code 2 zoning means anyway.
  6. Mushrat, about how long did it take to launch your lounge, from first action taken to grand opening?
  7. $60,000???? Wow. I expected 10-15K in my state. I have about 50K to start mine in AZ. Im in the study process, doing my homework and such. What did you spend most on? (In percentage)
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