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  1. yeah, it doesn't say redbull on it. like, it's not even a fruit flavor, it's redbull, nothing even close to it, they matched it perfectly. (the guy told me it was redbull, and he wasn't just trying to sell it to me because I speak fluent arabic and sampled it there, I guarantee that if you take a wiff of it you'll say redbull instantly! haha) lol yeah I know it's pricey but hey, you won't find this stuff online or anywhere else in the u.s.a.
  2. current high offer is shipped to Fort Collins, CO for $65
  3. By khatk7 By khatk7 The container with the shisha is the one bag I opened, I have 500 grams unopened, looking for 60$ domestic. Very Juicy, Few Stems, Authentic Redbull flavor. pm if you have any other questions or if you are interested.
  4. k, I'll get em up tomorrow, got an orgo test to study for.
  5. while I was in Cairo I picked up 500 grams of designer Redbull flavored shisha. It's almost scary how much this stuff smells and smokes like Redbull. I picked it up from Sequoia, a very nice restaurant along the Nile. I don't really need to sell it, but I have another 500 grams to myself. I'm charging 60$, which may seem pricey, but this is real shit, not American, and not to mention "designer tobacco" over there. It's very juicy, with some stems. I have an unopened 500gram pack, the brand is Al-Massah. I don't really get a big buzz from it, but it tastes wonderful. Hit me up with a pm if you are interested.
  6. So, I'm going down to Chicago tomorrow for a couple of days, and I was wondering what the best hookah bars and lounges are. I'm looking for a place that is slightly more upscale and one that attracts a more mature audience. So far I have heard of sigara, which seems nice. I also am looking for place that doesn't use quick lights! haha, thanks.
  7. that is awesome man, the couch area looks perfect bra
  8. so I used the new funnel which by the way holds soooo much shisha, like i had a 50 gram sample and used nearly all of it and the foil still caved in instead of being a straight layer, and after an hour of thick smoke with 3 coconara coals, i was done and cleaned it out and there was a lot of unburned shisha, how can i fix this, I'm not sure if 4 coals would be too much or not, but still, I can't really underpack the funnel because then it wont be level... any suggestions?
  9. I just got a sample of pink lemonade fantasia, smells excellent by the way, but can I use my new tangiers medium funnel with non-tangies shisha? Or should I just use my tangiers super chief medium bowl for non-tangiers brands? If I can use my funnel, any difference with coal management? I usually put three coconara coals on my super chief bowl with medium to small holes... let me know, I wanna smoke up tonight, thanks!
  10. how the hell do you put these things on, I bought one earlier with my h-s order and I have a mya vortex and there is no way that plastic thing is going on the downstem... how did you guys get it to fit?
  11. so i ordered a box of 84 pcs of coconara coals, i'm pretty pumped, as far as the situation there is a smoke detector pretty close to the stove but there is a kitchen on each floor and i think the one in the basement doesnt have one near the stove, so I should be alright, if anything i'm just going to put it in a pot and cover it up, I know it will take longer, but I've got time. also, I think the dorms don't have CM detectors, so the coals should be okay even if there is a smoke alarm near by; the reason I think they don't have them is that I smoke hookah in my room all the time and have even lit some coals in my room and nothin has happened. We'll see though. damn a dorm of 250 students -- if I set this shit my friends are going to bug the shit out of me haha shookran (thanks) for the replies!
  12. So, I'm getting a little tired of quick lights, and I live in a dorm which has a kitchen, and I was wondering if I wanted to use these natural coals, could I just put a pot or pan on the stove and then put the coals in the pot? or do they have to be directly on the stove. Also, do natural coals / coconara coals create any smoke while being heated? if so, would this type of smoke be detected by a smoke detector? We are allowed to smoke hookahs in our room and that does not set off the alarm; someone was saying that fire detectors only pick up black smoke (like when burning paper). Anyway, just want to find out some more info, preferrably from other people who live in dorms and use natural coals / coconara coals. appreciate it!
  13. fully agree with that, I only use akhla's now and I light em outside because they can stink up your room at first, but there is no odor after that and they don't really alter the taste of the shisha I am smoking, and give almost perfect amount of heat, i put 2 on one bowl and it lasts for about an hour, that's my opinion
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