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  1. I vary the water from smoke to smoke - although i do find that hot water is not one to use, warm water is fine - ice only cools down the smoke a little. Guess there is a science to it but there are so many variants - dependant on your hookah, your shisha, your bowl, the packing of the bowl, the coal etc that you can never be given instructions on making the perfect pot. You just try what you can with what you got - everyone will get different results! And everyones perfect smoke will differ slightly - i have some friends who enjoy a harsh smoke!
  2. QUOTE (LondonShisha @ Dec 9 2008, 03:43 PM) Would love to know of the cafe's in London that are doing shisha - PM me! (I've been to the ones in Edgware Road etc) I have to say im basing my comments on whats happening up here in the north... Manchester and local areas.. might be a lot different down south...
  3. There are a few ways around it... Some people do have legitimate open areas with shelter and heating... Others in local communities have locked door policies... And the ones in public places get warnings and fines and all you have to do is rotate the ownership of the cafe between friends to get past being prosecuted. There is still a high demand for shisha cafes and good money to be made so people will take the risk!
  4. A lot of people come by here to plug something or find something and are never seen again... As you already know you will struggle tremendously to get hold of AF in the UK... there is somewhat of a drought... my local shisha cafe just bought one of my 250g tubs of me! And getting it from the US currently it is just not worth it considering you have to pass customs and the strength of the pound being so low it works out pretty expensive. Mush - i would say more shisha cafes have opened after the ban then have closed!!
  5. Not a fan of fantasia personally i find the cut can be very variable. And it seems to burn a lot easier then other brands of shisha? I stick to using a bit of the pink lemonade to mix with other brands of shisha.
  6. One and Two worldwide would have to be Nakhla and Al-fakher. Nakhla has obviously been around for a very long time and distribution and pricing have made the brand readily available. Al-fakher has to be up there and is definately well sought after in places where it is not available and widely regarded as one of the best brands available. I am unsure whether american brands such as starbuzz even if widely available would reach the heights of nakhla or al-fakher although it does seem to be very popular. And for tangiers all i can say is there must be something special in there cos the first time i try a flavour it seems ok but for sum reason it just grows and grows on me and in the end regardless of what brands and flavours of shisha i have i always end up preferring the tangiers shisha! He must be doing something right!
  7. H-S do sell both tangiers phunnels and the cheaper chinese knock offs. Bambinos are excellent hookahs by the way- i would get a QT for myself and bambinos as gifts as they look nice. Both hit as well as each other tho. And with the right grommets or a little adjustment most bowls will fit onto all stems.
  8. Being in Kuwait you should be able to find quality stuff locally!
  9. http://www.shisha-world.com/lshop,showdeta...hishakohle,.htm
  10. I have some coco-naras from HS and have been using them but i now have the problem of not being able to use any other charcoal... An expensive problem! A friend did consider ordering them in from germany in bulk which would be cheaper (not coco-nara though but similar charcoal made from the same things) But i guess we getting screwed all over now especially with the strength of the pound being so low!
  11. The owner is a real cool guy from Liverpool. His site is limited in stock though. Email him off the website or ask JD i'm sure he is in touch with him...
  12. H-S price match, + cheaper shipping + forum discount applies
  13. £22 !!!!!! I'l do you a better deal, how about £20?? with free shipping! lol Order from America wont cost you any more than £10 per 250g inc delivery. HS and MNH your top choices. Better still if you have any friends going to Dubai ask them to bring some back for you - will save you hundreds... well thousands considering the price your paying!
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