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  1. Being an AK owner, I have to say this looks so so so wrong... they should have used blued steel, and bakelie furnature...
  2.   This is why I insist people smoke nude at my house...lol
  3. And now I live in New Prague MN... 20min from Shakopee and 40 from Edina...
  4. *runs outside, checks garage...*   I no has suprise puppy...dissapoint...
  5. Lol I do my fair share of trolling, BUT you never troll where you read... like shitting where you eat... poopy flakes...   Proxies are one of the many fun ways for hiding your ip... random redirects are another...
  6. ... wait... jorly, did you used to have dark hair?
  7. ...at work. True story. I ate a couple of those beefy stuffed burritos from Taco Bell because they are 99 cents a piece and delicious. About 15 minutes later I was standing in the parking lot of the office and tried to squeeze about a fart but a little shit came out. It was one of those where you're not sure if anything came out or not so I went to the bathroom to check and yep, sure enough, little bit of shit stain in my drawers. So I finished taking my shit in teh toilet, went to my office to take my underwear off so I could take them out to my car. Now I'm commando for the rest
  8.   Thanks for the imput kvtaco17! Now im super psyched it should be here by tues or wed the latest!  Also it was cheaper than my nawras while being new. I paid 140(shipping included for a new Nawras Spear. This cost me only 108 shipping included (after 15% coupon) now i really gotta keep that promise i made to myself that "this is the last hookah i purchase"                 Thanks PJ. I cant wait to try it out and compare it side by side w my nawras spear.  I have heard the older Nour spears have a wider Draw then the Nawras don't know
  9. Hi Stuie you sexy man beast! lol
  10. Same build almost as the Al Fakher branded pipes (Ive had a few), should be solid/beautiful and smoke like a champ.
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