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  1. I lived in Israel for a short time about 15 years ago and no matter how I try, I can't get the same flavor that got me started on this hookah journey from the Nakhla that is imported into the states...   ...so, if someone from somewhere in the lovely Middle East (Israel, Egypt, Jordan) maybe send me a few fresh boxes of the good stuff, I would be eternally grateful.   I can pay via Paypal and I would prefer EMS shipping.   Thanks in advance. 
  2. Equipment used: 1 MNH Jet Bowl 1 MNH Jet Scalli Mod 1 MNH Jet Standard Glass Screan Coco-nara Natural Coals Problem: I was told to pack the bowl to the brim and to level it off with the screan. When I do that, I end up only burning the top part of the shisha while the whole bottom is left untouched and that's after 2+ hours of smoking. Packing it shallow yields similar results, it just takes longer to get any smoke. I've tried using less coal, but got little to no smoke. More coals and the above problem happens faster. When I pack it looser the stuff turns to carbon to quickly
  3. How did it happen? Did you have it precariously purched while you were packing it and it fell? Or did it jump off the pipe? I always use that square box they shipped it to me in to hold it while I pack it. Just push the flaps together to make them overlap each other and put the stem through the square opening. That way, it stays stable while I get it ready. Well, either way, I mourn your loss, man. A buddy of mine broke my diamond screen awhile back. He payed me for it, but I still rag him for it.
  4. QUOTE (GreatPigHookah @ Mar 16 2009, 06:55 AM) QUOTE (dark_lord @ Mar 16 2009, 12:17 AM) What is Kashmir anyway? It's a kick-ass Led Zeppelin track, man. Or a region in northern India. Or a type of sweater. (cashmere) Neither of those sound good to smoke, though.
  5. I've been hearin' a lot about Tang Kashmir Peach and Cherry, but what's the word on K-Apple? I like apple flavored shisha, especially double apple as long as the anis licorice flavor is to a minimum. Do Tang apple flavors have the licorice flavor?
  6. I have seen it before in movies like "Casablanca" and "Arabian Nights," some kind of coiled rope looking set up on the bowl. What was it for? Also, what did they use in the bad old days to cover their bowls with, or did they just put the coals right on the shisha?
  7. Which of the two glass screens available from MNHookah is better, and what is the difference between diamond cut and standard?
  8. QUOTE (Zinite @ Mar 1 2009, 12:39 AM) You can get great results from any shisha. If you're talking about big clouds, then Al Fakher is easy. If you want a nice buzz, then Nakhla or Tangiers works very well. It's mostly about experimentation and trial and error. Where in Arizona are you? Also, you can boil the bowl and screen for a 20 minutes then lightly brush the black crap away. Hello zinite, I live in Buckeye, AZ. I was the guy wondering if Smiley was still in business to get his glass bowl, obviously I had to opt for something else. Thanks for all the info gentlemen,
  9. Wow, I guess I'm the first one to ask an "unanswerable" (or dumb) question. Oh well, let me ask a few more. I've used the whole shebang with the glass screen, after doing so, I noticed black resin (or something) on the screen. Is it better to get all that crap off between uses, or does it matter? Also, how do you get it off? I've scrubbed it with brillo pads, but the stuff is quite beligerant. Any ideas....?
  10. I'm sure such questions have been brought up before, but I was wondering what shisha (brand and flavor) gets the best results in an MNH jet glass bowl? Also, I like to use Coconara coals, how many should I use and how should I arrange them onto the glass screan? Please let me know any other tips you guys might have as to the best ways to clean and maintane a bowl like this. As you can tell, I am kind of new to the whole phunnel/glass bowl thing. I've been smoking hookah since the '90's and this is the first time I've decided to break from conventional methods.
  11. QUOTE (Zinite @ Dec 25 2008, 09:16 AM) I'm just going to copy and paste my post from this thread: http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=26874 Don't listen to these other people smile.gif I live in Tucson (where Smiley's is), and they still have the Pyrex bowls. They are listed: Smiley's Ultimate Hookah Lounge Inc. 341 north Hoff ave open 11am till 2am seven days a week phone 520 882 4853 Ask if they will ship to you. If not, we might be able to work something out, where I can pick it up and ship it to you for price + gas money. That sounds like a good deal Zinite,
  12. I have scoured every internet site I know and haven't been able to find Smiley's glass bowl and mod screen. Anybody know where to find one?
  13. QUOTE (Victim026 @ Dec 18 2008, 06:40 PM) QUOTE (dark_lord @ Dec 18 2008, 04:48 PM) Anybody know where in AZ (Phx. Area) to get a glass hookah screen? Gonna have to order that one online, what kind of bowl are you trying to get one for because your prolly only gonna find them for medium phunnels and jet bowls @MNH. I have a Tangiers phunnel. I am relatively new to the phunnel thing, so I am not sure what size it is. It doesn't seem rediculously massive to me, but like I said, I'm new to phunnels. After doing some research online I found that a guy in Tucson named
  14. Anybody know where in AZ (Phx. Area) to get a glass hookah screen?
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