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  1. I can't look at the name of that hose without thinking about this guy:
  2. QUOTE (cartercdad @ Apr 9 2008, 04:51 PM) well i got a base protector off ebay from Caravansari Imports . they were actually really helpful. i gave them a call and he told me of the colors that he had. i got the blue so it will match my razan hose. price was incredibule 3.55 for the base protector and a whopping 1.97 in shipping so 5.52 altogether. i must say this guy is on the ball. plus his prices are great. so take a look. he said the small will fit a 5 inch wide base and my hookah is 24 inches tall. you will probably need the medium/large of ranything bigger. but give him a call he will help you out. I've heard good things about that vendor. But in general you should avoid Ebay for hookah related stuff.
  3. I dont have much of a preference. Currently in stock I have 3Kings, Unprocessed natural olive charcoal, cococha, generic Jap-style charcoals, and Nours For Tangiers I prefer to use naturals, since I can always find some smaller pieces from the bottom of the bag. The Tom's Cococha are really good, BUT they're frikkin too large! I have to cut them in half, which is a pain, since they're cube-shaped. Tom's also manufacture cocobrico, I dont know if they're smaller? Use 3Kings when I'm smoking a bowl and the coal dies and I can't be arsed to go to the stove My perfect solution, buy some coco-whatevers and a small filipino boy to cut them into the right shape. Find a small one, preferably one that can fit into the Mya QT cage.
  4. QUOTE (Bushbr @ Apr 9 2008, 04:40 PM) QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Apr 9 2008, 10:38 AM) I'm guessing on that note...you're gonna get a "if ya wanna buy from us, buy from us...if not, than don't" lol yeah, but TDP seems to post on here alot, i expect some direct feedback from him at least Neals awfully bussiness with his new hookah lounge; I wouldn't expect a reply any time soon!
  5. I'm no expert in this matter. But the size of the bowl depends on how many people will be smoking with you, I think you should specify this.
  6. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Apr 8 2008, 08:28 PM) Got mine from a local uk company - but i think they are all much the same. I'd say it's Pink Takes a real man to put a pink vase protector on his black vase Yup!! * *most manly pic I can think of
  7. I've reused it. Easiest way i found was to just mix up the shisha and resmoke it (using the same foil and all!). Its not the most economical method But, its a start
  8. Welcolme to the forum new guy! If I was you I'd try lots of little 50 gram sample packs
  9. Hey guys. Thank you so much for all those people who have reported back. I wub you all! Oh yes to clarify the hole pattern jfaltous, its exactly how Snoppy1966 has done it http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?showt...st&p=235629 You dont go all the way through. And the shiny side up, so I believe makes it harder for us noobs to accidently burn the shisha (which is the number one problem, far above any worrys about wasting charcoal). PS: I'm sorry Scoop and TheCoalition for missing your names! Actually come to think of it, I've missed out George (Coadename067) I'll add them asap!
  10. Hi I dont like starting threads. But this seemed a little bit important. As we all know Tangiers requires some guesswork, and a lot of skill to get it to smoke properly. I think that a lot of people try Tangiers for the first time, can't get it smoking nicely, so quit and go back to smoking more traditional shisha. There are a number of tutorials on how to smoke Tangiers, but the problem is always the same. They require skill. I'm a Tangiers noob. I've tried a lot of methods, but they all required too much skill for me to get going properly. Before my current success I was secretly thinking that the people who rave on about Tangiers probably just like harsh tobacco? Makes sense, doesn't it? Why wouldn't it? I know people who like eating Marmite!! But I was wrong, Tangiers doesn't have to have ANY harshness at all. But I would not believe that until I experienced it myself. I'm certain that if newbies were given a "noob method" to use with Tangiers, a method that didn't require skill, that produced "reasonable smoke", no harshness. Then it'll encourage a lot of people to stick with Tangiers. And with that, they'll try the "proper way". Some of you may disagree with this, you may think that everyone should learn the proper way. That maybe if noobs learnt a different method then the wont learn the proper way. But let me ask you this, did you learn to run before you could crawl? I'll cut to the chase, the punch line: Please, please, please, could all the hardcore Tangier smokers (e.g. EternalSoil, Canon, iamscott, RayverX, Mushrat, Snoppy1966, Scoop, TheCoalition, Coadename067, etc) try out the following method for packing Tangiers in a funnel bowl. But I want to make one thing clear. I'm not asking you Pro's to adopt this method over your own, nor do I claim this to be the best method for packing Tangiers in a funnel bowl, I want that to be PERFECTLY clear. We're not aiming for perfection, because perfection requires SKILL. I simply want to find out if this is the easiest method to get Tangiers to smoke reasonably, not fabulously, not better than your method. Just good enough so that if someone prepared a bowl using this method you wouldn't spit in their face and beat then with the hookah hose, like a lowly servant. And before someone says, "but with my method you simply look at the density in the tub and put x inches above the rim, etc". Look buddy, thats skill. Judging the density of tobacco inside a tub is skill, you can do it because its second nature, but for the rest of us its a mystery. And clearly its skill because thats the advice I and a number of people have tried and still managed to mess it up. Have a look at the following method, I believe it requires far less skill (and remember the golden rule: its a not a perfect method). So whats the method: 1. Assume you've acclimatised Tangiers, room temp water in base. 2. Get phunnel bowl. Pack the bowl HARD with shisha. I mean push it down with your fingers till it ozze between them. Go around the bowl doing this. Put more shisha, and repeat. Leave a few millimeters space from the top of the bowl, just so that when the foil goes on it doesn't touch the shisha. 3. Put the foil over the bowl, but with shiny side up! Use something like a kebab skwer to make random holes over the foil, with a slightly larger hole in the middle. 4. Bowl done. 5. Place small bits of charcoal and test out the monster! Hopefully you guys all have different setups, like different size hookahs, phunnel bowls, charcoal, etc. So if you try this out, please state what you used, and if you got "reasonable" smoke. And finally. I'd REALLY appreciate it if you guys try this method. Please! Pretty Please! I really want to know if it works! Or is it just a fluke? Think about how cool it would be to have more people appreciate Tangiers? Wouldn't that be great? Aren't you frustrated by all the "Tangiers is harsh, blah, blah" comments Thanking you in advance. N PS: Constructive critisms welcomed. For info. The hardcore method incorporates the wise words from the following: http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?showtopic=11299&hl= http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?showt...oking&st=20 But on the scale that Eric mentions, numbers 6-10 are probably not going to happen with the harcore method because the shisha never touchs the foil. And yes this method does require more tobacco than normal.
  11. QUOTE (*HOT&SMOKING* @ Apr 8 2008, 05:04 PM) Sorry just to get it all right... so basically I am right in saying that as long as the holes at the bottom of the bowl are able to let air through, it doesn't matter if the shisha touches the foil which then touches the coal???? because then it sticks to the foil by me. So then blowing threw the bottom of the bowl would be good because it doesn't matter if the shisha touches the foil/coal??? The reason I am worried is becuase my foil just really doesn't get that tight to the bowl, and "sagged" down about half a cm when the coal was on....so still not quite sure how to stop the burning... JD I looked at your set-up in the potions review section and saw how you loaded the bowl, thanks is helpful...but still a little unsure... Would more holes let more heat through or less??? Probably less right??? which inturn should solve my problem maybe?? need help guys thanks ,....need to get rid of this unsureity -H&S My friend, you need one of these!! Just wrap it around the neck of your bowl and on top of the foil. It'll hold the foil in place and stop it sagging. Personally, once you get better at preparing shisha's you wont need to use an elastic band. You should be able to wrap the foil around the bowl in such a way so that it doesn't sag, its a learnt skill. But at the end of the day, a little bit of burnt shishs is rarely a session killer.
  12. I got the email and I haven't brought squat! However, a while ago I registered on the site to check out the shipping costs. Looks like during the registration process there are a few tick boxes, must have ticked the right ones BTW: Its a shame they dont sell KM's
  13. I got a base protector for my QT. For that hookah it was really simple, just measure the bottom of the vase, which happens to be the widest part. Plus, QT's are infamous for requiring base protectors, so the one available fitted my QT like a glove!! I've seem a wide variety of base protector shapes and sizes. Seriously, your best bet would be to talk to a vendor about this. Maybe email them pictures of your base and ask them to recommend a product.
  14. QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Apr 8 2008, 12:49 PM) QUOTE (Majid @ Apr 8 2008, 12:04 AM) that is just beautiful, what kind is it? It looks vaguely similar to the hose on the Mash'al http://www.hookahcompany.com/mash_al_khali...h_3045_prd1.htm
  15. QUOTE (TheAnt06 @ Apr 8 2008, 04:22 AM) QUOTE (jbean422 @ Apr 7 2008, 04:28 PM) when my friend came back from jordan he brought home 5 pounds of shisha that looked just like that and we havent had any smoke like that since then Yes it was. It was the juciest shisha I've ever had, and it made my fingers stained for days as well! Locally made Jordanian shisha, that isn't mass produced, is AMAZING. Next time I go back I'm going to load up on as much of it as I can... 100g's for 1JD (Equivalent of ~$1.30) Surely JD's worth more than that
  16. Hey bud, great rig. I know this might seem a bit chavy for your taste, but I reckon a softly pulsating light source inside your base would be sooo cool! If I had a base that great, I'd do it. PS: HOWEVER, not a fan of that red base-protector. Like owning a Ferrari, and then dangling fluffy pink dice from the rear mirror, *shudder*
  17. QUOTE (mathuv @ Apr 7 2008, 07:55 PM) well...um..ok thanks for the input welcome to the forum! QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Apr 7 2008, 07:39 PM) They always worked for me, But I have to order these from America and fly them into the UK.... But they are a good, cheaper alternative to the golden canaries that you speak of. Problem is they are quite a high cost and there are viable alternatives. Exotica is a good coal as are [I believe from reports here] coconara. Smiley had coconut fibre coals that people raved about for a while. But if you can afford canary coals.... Then go for it lol! JD Hey, why don't you try the TOM coals from shisha-world? The shipping is probably cheaper than from the USA and apparantley, according to our other european brothers, theyre the dog's bollocks. +1 to that! Best charcoal that I've used. Dirt cheap to buy, 12 USD for 3 Kg. Lasts VERY long, little ash (but the ash is very light and fluffy, and therefore has a habit of getting everywhere ), no noticeable taste, etc. But since Eric and JD recommends these Canary charcoals, then dam! I got to try some!!!
  18. QUOTE (shisha fan @ Apr 7 2008, 03:50 PM) QUOTE (mathuv @ Apr 7 2008, 02:30 PM) arent they like naturals in the shape of discs? yes they are. i just bought 10 boxes of these coals, some imitation phunnels, a base protector and some precut foil (thicker than usual, i can only find very thin aluminum foil around here). should be here around friday. Hey shisha-fan. I'd like to mention something about the imitation funnel bowl. I ordered a second one and the middle hole was much smaller, so I told shisha-world about it and they immediately sent a replacement the replacement was just like the first one I brought, very good (for the price). But bear this in mind. When you get your funnel bowl I suggest you check the air flow, suck through the base of it and you should get a reasonable amount of air flow. If its very constrictive, please post some pics so I can compare it to my bowl. I'm not saying that you WILL have a problem with it, but just bear this advice in mind
  19. QUOTE (voski @ Apr 7 2008, 10:41 PM) QUOTE (Sonthert @ Apr 5 2008, 04:22 PM) Looking at your bowl, with the foil mashed down, thats how I determine how much the tobacco is in the bowl (too little/too much). From your picture, you have too little tobacco. When you mash the foil down, it shouldn't give more than an 1/8 of an inch or so. When you can see the outline of the phunnel, its definitely too little. I want to say if 100% is the amount of tobacco in a good bowl, I want to say you are somewhere around 60%. Eric Edit: That is, more tobacco. Less heat will balance out under-packed bowls, but the performance will suffer. You will get better performance, in my opinion, with more tobacco. Feel free to call the number on the package if you continue to have problems. 619/265-2225 if you threw itt away already. Oh ok wow I thought I was putting too much in. I didn't throw it out I just ran out since I tried to much. But I got another 250g to try again. I'm gonna pack the shit out of it and see what happens. Hopefully this will work. As of right now I can get it smoking thick and not harsh but it sort of tastes "dirty". Mate, pack it like fudge! I think thats the best strategy for noobs like us I've never had a bad Tangiers bowl by packing it hard, and so far I've had a number. But like Eric says, once you get better you wont need to pack it in so hard. But until that day comes, get a jack hammer and mash it in there!!!
  20. How old are they? I have a box of quick lights that I've had for almost a year. Not too long ago I tried to light them, but they didn't spark up all the way. I strongly think that quicklights loose their efficacy with age.
  21. QUOTE (Sonthert @ Apr 6 2008, 12:17 AM) Over time, you can perfect your technique and you won't feel like you are mashing so much in. When using a standard bwol, I like to have it well packed on the sides, but a little looser in the center. Also, don't be afraid of reusing Tangiers. Some people will smoke the same bowl 2 or 3 days in a row. You can even pull off the foil and remove the dried stuff from the top and leave the damp stuff at the bottom and add new stuff to the top. Cool!! Mr Tangiers read my post, and even wrote something! Well this is turning out to be a fine day indeed!
  22. Finally got Tangiers to smoke well And yes people, you were right it was all down to how I packed the bow. I suppose I dont need to explain how I did it, since most people on this forum are pro's I finally got great taste, good sized clouds, and no harshness! None of that smoking razor-blades feeling at the back of the throat. I used that funnel bowl I got from shisha-world. I reckon a proper funnel bowl will make it much easier to smoke, so I'm still hoping I'll get my hands on one. Just for kicks, I'll tell you what you already know (apparently people like that). To get it smoking right I had to pack the bowl solid. And I mean SOLID! None of that "let tobaco fall into bowl and put tobacco 1/2 an inch above the rim and then foil and push down slightly" malarky. NO NO! I had to push the shisha into the bowl with my fingers until there was no air gaps whatsoever. I had to push it REALLY hard into the bowl so that it filled it up completely and started oozing out like toothpaste. Then pack more, and more repeating the process. I left a few mills from the top of the rim, I think it might make it less likely to burn the shisha. Then two layers of foil, shinny side UP, and a lot of skewer size holes all over it, with a large hole in the middle. Then the charcoal, I used natural (unprocessed) olive charcoal. Two pieces, each less than a 1cm in length and fairly small. I've been smoking the bowl for almost an hour and I got some great hits, nice clouds, great flavour and no harshness. Before I always used to harshness, like smoking razor-blades that hurt the back of my throat. Infact it was so bad that when I coughed my mucus had a little bit of blood. But hey, trial and error, no pain, no gain, yada yada. But I will say one thing. Heat management with my bowl is rather tricky. There's a fine line between getting big clouds and turning the shisha into razor-blades. But I think thats down to the bowl, I think it has too much glazing. I really hope I get my hands on a proper funnel bowl, time will tell. So thats it! A long an painful journey, but I finally discovered why people like Tangiers so much Its a bitch to get smoking right. Hopefully a proper funnel will make it easier. Thanks guys for all your help! And the moral of this story, he who dares wins Peace N (originally buzzed, but its fading, time to hit the shisha again! Can't wait to try out the other flavours)
  23. QUOTE (vetbridge @ Apr 5 2008, 04:36 PM) QUOTE (ComradeL @ Apr 5 2008, 08:56 AM) One last question Has anyone ever done business with hookahworld (AKA Devil's Playground)? Are they reputable? Will they deliver on the product if they say it is in stock? Newbie here. I ordered a phunnel bowl and some shisha from Neal recently. He must have been sitting at the computer, because he emailed me a question about my order within minutes. Free shipping, plus he included some Fantasia Mango shisha. Seems like a cool guy. +1 to that, he IS a cool guy
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