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  1. Hi, if you love shisha and the environment then you might like to join our group:


    Its to support Greenpeace's efforts at stopping the building of a new runway at Heathrow. I encourage you to join and have shisha socials in the name of environmentalism (and post pictures on the group!)

    And yes I have spammed this on Facebook so you might have seen it before. Please guys, join up! I'm tired of having socials with just me and my brother!
  2. QUOTE (Hookah_Bob3 @ May 15 2008, 12:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I think it's primarily because he makes each batch by hand and will never release a flavor until he deems it worthy of smoking, even if it means scrapping many, many man-hours of experiments and work because he just couldn't get the flavor to be the way he thought it should be

    Romantic, but I question the validity of that statement.

    Someone here said they tried Rasberry flavoured Tangiers and all they could taste was Tobacco. They used up the whole pack, but it all tasted like tobacco. So they decided it must be a bad batch and brought a new pack, it also didn't taste of rasberry. So they got in contact with Eric and told him about it, and he replied with something like: "well serves you right for buying it twice!".

    Personally, I think its over-rated, its not bad! But definetely over-rated. You'd think it could cure cancer the way some people go on about it!
  3. QUOTE (goon @ May 9 2008, 10:58 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    QUOTE (chromecarz00 @ May 7 2008, 05:37 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Ok reading that again that makes little to no sense.
    Basically what Im trying to say is that if people want to sample a flavor of any brand, we can have a sign up, I will buy the flavor and distribute it to everybody who wants it. Any brand, if theres enough interest.

    are u from usa or uk, cos i no shipping costs r gnna b a lot lol

    otherwise im up for it

    Goon, shipping cost for small items from the US will be rather cheap. I assume that chromecar will be using the US Postal Service. You can check out delivery cost from this site:


    For example, large envelope weighing 7 ounces (200grams) will cost $6 via first class mail. I have Neal send me two funnel bowls via first class post and it arrived in 1.5 weeks. I think this would be a great thing to join into, especially for us Europeans who want to test some shisha before forking out a fortune to send a whole tub!

    Chromecar, one thing. Just as an added precaution, could you please cellotape shut the opening of the zip lock bag. But overall I think ziplock (plus cellotape) in a padded envelope would be ideal smile.gif

    To cut down shipping costs I'd prefer if you sent me several shisha in one envelope. I hope that options available.

    And rivithead. I too got screwed over by Paypal sad.gif I brought some computer items from Ebay. They arrived VERY badly packaged, so bad that the didn't work. I naturally complained to Paypal and sent pictures of the damage and attempts to contact the seller. Ebay/Paypal sided with my complaint but would not refund my money! Cause the seller had shutdown their Paypal/Ebay account and done a runner! It wasn't a lot of money but I was REALLY pissed off! Its the principle. The worst thing is that I found the persons MySpace and LiveJournal account and they're living life as normal, and even passing themselves off to their friends as if they're a decent person! Its sickening! Well I soon sorted that out, and posted the whole afair on their webpage so everyone knows what sort of person they really are!

    Well I've learnt that is something like this happens again, I'll simply ring up my credit card provider and ask them to chargeback. Then let Paypal deal with the consequences!

    But anyway

  4. QUOTE (azcoyote @ May 13 2008, 02:43 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ May 12 2008, 08:08 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    what the heck is glycerin used for? (other than tobacco fun)

    It's a major ingredient in personal lubricants - you know like astroglide. biggrin.gif

    Oh please. . . really?

    I know that glycerin is used in the glazing of cherry tarts. That reminds me!! Check this out LOL


    Pure glycerin is edible.

    EDIT: Ah man, I just read the comments on the youtube vid. There's some seriously messed up racist pricks in this world.
  5. I dont like the hobo hookah, it looks like your smoking something illegal. I reckon if I went to a party with that thing, put all the foil around the bowl and placed the whole thing inside an alcohol bottle, people might think its somethings REAL dodgey. I've been to dodgey party's, plenty of them! And I've seen people smoke stuff with home made pipes, and the hobo hookah kind of reminds me of them, and I would worry about that (maybe I'm shallow?). Whereas the Leila looks benin and even Classy. Although it doesn't look like a traditional hookah, it does look more like a hookah (if that makes sense), and I like the shape of a good hookah.

    PS: I Dont want to start a drugs thread or crap like that. Its just my opinion, one I've helf about the hobo for a long time. Mods, if this post if inappropriate, please delete it and tell me I'm out of line.
  6. I honestly can't think of anything to add. Nick's pretty much covered the basics, although I would be more lenient and say that "once you master AF using the funnel bowl, you've mastered all brands except Tangiers!".

    Hower I would add that I'm not a fan of the "poking hole to the bottom of bowl" method. The problem with this method is that you end up "steaking" little bits of shisha on your skewer/poking-impliment. Then as you bring up your skewer it brings the bit of leaf upto the foil, where it sticks, and then burns harshly. I've found this to be EXTREMELY problematic with Tangiers, with other brands, less noticeable. Generally I try not to let the shisha touch the foil. I know sometimes you can get away with it, but as a rule of thumb: just say no, and you'll always have decent smoke.

    Regarding thick foil, well I'm in the UK too, so I know how you feel smile.gif Just use two pieces of whatever you have lying around, it'll do the job. Or put an elastic band around the shaft of the funnel bowl to hold the foil in place.

    Regarding RayverX vid on hole placement. You can do that, it works ok. Personally I dont notice "a lot" of difference with the hole placement. For me it appears that as long as you have decent airflow (which can be checked by putting you lipps around the bottom of the bowl and sucking. If it very restrictive, just add more holes), then it doesn't matter what the hole pattern is. Some sort of uniform spread across the foil is usually good enough (but avoid the direct center for non-Tangiers).

    I'm assuming you've stuck with AF, and the buzz came while smoking that? It could just be a one off freak. Like Nick said, dehydrated, low blood sugar levels, sucking too hard and chain smoking, etc.

    But I warn you, when it comes to Tangiers the buzz will be killer! I highly recommend that if you want to smoke Tangiers from your funnel, you follow the n00b packing method thats in Snoppy's signature. That method has never failed me smile.gif

    Good luck with your session.
  7. I voted for fairly easy because I went through 4 bows trying to get Tangiers smoking right. But I'm not sure what you mean by "try"? Does it mean how many bowls you've used? Cause that's 4. But with those 4 bowls I would pack the shisha "normally", over pack, have shisha touching foil, try puffing for 15 min in the hope the harshness would go away, remove shisha so it doesn't touch the foil, put lots of charcoal, take charcoal off, punch more holes in the foil, pack the shisha SOLID, add windcover, etc. So in all honesty its not like I made "4 attempts", but I did only use 4 bowls. I suspect people are going by bowls and not "attempts".

    Also 4 times to get something smoking well in my book is HARD! Not "fairly easy".

    With other shisha brands I've managed to get good smoke (albeit not alway uber smoke) the first time round. Its so simple, just stick shisha in, check airflow, foil, holes, and charcoal, thats it! Even a child could do it. If it tastes burnt, move coals or remove some, simple. I have to say, I REALLY wish I knew what makes Tangiers so "special". After all, Fantasia/Nakhla is suppose to be a similar nicotine content to Tangiers (in theory, but in practice one of the brands is being dishonest!), but Fantasia manages to produce lovely, beautiful smoke, no faffing around with bowls and "special instructions" or having to read dozens of posts on some obscure fanboi website!

    I swear, if it wasn't for this forum and I brought a pack of Tangiers from my local shop. I would have thrown it away after the first bowl and assumed its one of those crap brands, like Afzal. I reckon most people who try Tangiers do that! And who knows!! Maybe Afzal is like, "THE" best smoke EVER! You just have to pack it right and use the "special instructions" on preparations, and somewhere on the internet is some obscure fanboi website with instructions on how to do all this, but its in Romanian or something so we'll never know and all these Romanian are having "THE best smoke EVER"™. WHO KNOWS?!

    And who cares? Who among us is going to live forever? Who has the time to read every post on the internet and try out every brand, and a million ways of preparing a bowl from a million different opinions, just to find "THE best XXXX EVER"™? Well not me. I've seen the years slip by, and I regret all the time I've wasted on my useless pursuits. And I honestly do have better things to do in my life!

    Tangiers is a good smoke, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you're not on the HF forum then its simply not worth the effort of googling the net and reading buckloads of crap on various forum's just to master some "moderately good" shisha brand. And most people dont smoke for "buzz", if I want buzz I'd smoke a cigarette! To personal friends I'd recommend Al-Fakher or any other decent brand and with the time they've saved, they can spend that with loved ones - enjoying the smoke.
  8. QUOTE (mushrat @ May 11 2008, 08:06 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    QUOTE (Sariél @ May 10 2008, 11:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Just looked up a suggestion I made back in January:

    For a video Section, just have people post on YouTube with a "hookahforum" tag. Then post it in a stickyed thread as http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...p;search=Search

    This topic could have links to:

    Frapper Map (for the location)
    Video Section

    Then you have chat, location, and videos without having to wait for anything from the admins.

    Adrock actually like the streaming video in the post. I think he's just going to get us more bandwith but a fine idea Sariel.

    Surely instead of streaming the video "through" the HF server (as I'm assuming you're doing) you could just link to it (parse the file location to the browser, so it downloads it from Youtube servers instead of getting HF to fletch the data). And best of all, you dont even have to leave the comfort of HF. Its called embedded video:


    Embeded videos wont cost you a cent more in bandwidth:


    Or am I being really stupid and missing something quite fundermental?
  9. I would be careful about buying an AF hookah. People who DONT own one think they're awesome. Some people who DO own them think they're brillian. I'm one of those people who DOES owns one, and dosesn't think they're awesome. Here's some pictures of my Al-Fakher 36" hookah:


    It has really poor workmanship. The hookah didn't smoke well when coming out of the box. The grommet connecting the stem to the base was APPAULING! I ended up replacing it with a Mya grommet and that works super well! happy.gif I also had to put a fiber washer underneath the top connecting piece to seal up a leak, again something AF should have done.

    I dont want to say that the AF hookah is totally rubbish! I got mine to smoke quite well, but I've been smoking for years and can spot a problem asap. It appears that most people have to tinker with the AF to get it smoking well, wereas Mya's smoke fine out-of-the-box, and for a newbie that's exactly what you're looking for!

    You notice that the base on my AF is partically bad. It could be as some people pointed out that I got a bumed hookah and everyone else got a fault-free one. That could be possible, but it could also be possible that many who own an AF simply dont admit to it being poorly constructed. Instead concentrating on how well it looks from afar!

    I dont want to scare you, but if you do order from alfakheronline.com I suggest you inspect the hookah before accepting delivery.

    I would stick to buying a Mya or ideally a Khalil Mamoon (KM)

    Have a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4ucownikpQ (codename067 is a regular on this forum)

    EDIT: Remembered, KM's dont do two hose pipes! So you might be better off buying a Mya. But in my opinion multiple hosers are over rated.
  10. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ May 10 2008, 07:48 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    The common Chamber is not so much of a problem. Just really hot water under a bit of pressure through the stem and chamber along with some Fairy Liquid seems todo the job.

    Cleaning is a pain in the ass. On both my Phalcor and QT. Basically the stem is too narrow for my regular brushes and I ain't not got any mya cleaning brushes.

    So there are not perfect, but the fact that I could beat Mrs JD to death with the Phalcor Stem and the overall look/size and usability more than outweights the minor issues.


    I dont know about the effectiveness of using just water to clean a hookah stem (or water and washing up liquid/lemon/beer/vinegar). Back in the old days when I first started using a shisha, I didn't own a cleaning rod and would just force water through the stem, like you described. But this method didn't remove a thin layer of gunk along the shaft, and over the months the layer got thicker! Fortunately I finally found a cleaning rod, and with a bit of elbow grease I could look down the stem and it looked like the hall of mirrors, and smelled. . . of nothing! happy.gif

    I use my QT a lot, it smell a bit, fortunately the smoke isn't tainted. But then I only use a funnel bowl with it, and that prevents any serious soiling of the shaft.

    I suppose this isn't much of an issue if you own a dishwasher. But I dont. sad.gif
  11. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ May 10 2008, 07:34 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I just use supercook Glycarin from Tesco's or Sainsbury's or whereever..... Cheap enough and straight off the shelf, food grade stuff.


    Guess its just the "deep south" that doesn't sell glycerin lol! They probably dont trust us, we might make bombs out of it and blow up Parliament!

    I honestly looked everywhere and couldn't find glycerin in Southampton. Hopefully the link will help someone smile.gif
  12. QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ May 10 2008, 05:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    MYAs are well built and smoke really well but they get flamed on here because they are modern and not traditionally styled

    The biggest gripe I have with my Mya QT is that the inside of the stem is rough, like sand paper. It makes cleaning the inside a chore for two reasons: the rough surface doesn't clean easily, and it damages the brisles on the cleaning rod! ohmy.gif and by damage I mean totally WRECKS them! I can no longer use a cleaning rod with my QT (unless I buy a new rod ever other day), instead I run hot water and lemon juice through it. And just for contrast, no other hookah I've owned has this issue. They all have smooth air shafts.

    I think that guy was pulling your leg about the cleaning issue. If Mya was serious about cleaning, then they would have sorted the stem out!
  13. Hi

    This is more for the JD crowd. In one post you said you could only get 38ml bottles of glycerin. Well those days are over!

    I ordered two 200ml bottles of glycerin from this site, total cost incl p&p £6.09:


    It arrived in 4 days via RM 2nd class mail.

    So for all you Nakhla lovers the days of dry shisha are over!

    PS: Sorry for no photos, camera needs AA batteries that are super-fully charged and all my batteries are merely fully charged sad.gif. The bottles that arrived are not by Bells, but by a company called "Care". The stuff is still food safe and even contains dosage instructions for ingestion biggrin.gif

    PPS: One last point. It says on the bottle to take 1 or 2 5ml spoonfuls of the liquid, and repeat after 4 hours if required. It also has a precautionary note that too much glycerin has the side effects of causing "headaches, nausea, vomitting, stomach upset, diarrhoea, thirst, dizziness, mental confusion, irregular heatbeat and sever hydration if already dehydrated". All sounds like a typical shisha session at my friends house!! laugh.gif
  14. yeah, we have airsoft/BB guns in the UK.

    goon, if I was you I'd go to a hardware store, like B&Q/homebase/Wickes/etc. You should find them easily, probably 10p each or something. If you have your ball bearing with you then take it along. Otherwise look for something like 6mm diameter. Or takes Mush's suggestion and buy airsoft pellets (which are 6mm).

    I wouldn't buy shisha ball bearings from ANY shisha shop or online vendor. They'll just RAPE you with the cost!! ph34r.gif Like 50p for a BB! ohmy.gif


    Oh, found this on google:


    They're 1/4" which makes them 6.35mm, but that's close enough. And for 144 bb's for £2.89 (2p each) you afford to loose one every week! tongue.gif

    Want to make an edit: although 6mm is the usual size of a BB, I've noticed that inside the purge value of one of my egyptians, the bb is 6mm but a fraction larger and it might get stuck inside the screw-on housing cap. I'd suggest you measure the inner diameter of the screw on cap, and the purge hole. And choose a BB that's between these values.
  15. I have NO idea how to package the shisha, so if anyone has experience in this matter - then speak up!

    (incase no one answers. I would GUESS that maybe putting the shisha in a cheap ziplock bag, then taping it shut would make it unlikely to open up. But to make sure it doesn't burst open due to the rollers used at the sorting office, I'd put the bag inside a padded envelope. Again, I know jack about this subject.)
  16. It sounds like a great idea. But two things:

    1. How do people pay you? I'm guessing Paypal would be easiest, but those bastards take a cut of the pie. So if you use Paypal you'll have to factor that in.

    2. I think you're forgetting packaging costs. I dont know how much it'll be, but its worth remembering what happened to LoveShisha!

    But all in all I'd definetely be interested! I've always wanted to try out new shisha brands.

    I think 50 grams would be better. Actually I think 40 grams would be fine! Thats enough to fill up most small funnel bowls and give you enough for an egyptian bowl so you can compare the experience.
  17. QUOTE (shisha fan @ May 7 2008, 08:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    i have some nakhla fakhfakhina fruits molasses here and i love that stuff. the smell is very sweet but kind of weird. i bought it from this small smoke shop in amsterdam a year ago and they were having a sale for 5 euros a can, so i picked a few up (50g packs of nakhla usually sell for 5 euros around here, so that was a steal). the little tin can is sweet and conserves the molasses very well.

    I'm not a fan of the fakhfakhina fruit mix. It tastes like pretty good fruit mix, but with perfume, or air freshner added! Its messed up IMO
  18. In the UK, the only people I trust are Royal Mail (and their bussiness division: ParcelForce). Of course people bitch about Royal Mail all the time but I think most of their grips against RM are antedotal. I went to a website where people write about their experiences in dealing with a company, and where they rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best). RM had a rating of about 6, which isn't brilliant. But then again, the private courier companys like UPS, DHL, CityLink, FedEx, Lynx had ratings between 0.1 and 0.8!

    I read this one comment where someone wrote about how they waited for over a week for a parcel. They finally gave up waiting and rang the courier to find out what happened. The company explained that the parcel had been delivered, the courier left it in a safe place. The person asked where. The courier, had left the parcel in the large dustbin infront of the house! ohmy.gif
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