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  1. coconara is the only brand i would ever use again...nothing compares
  2. I had this engineer friend of mine tried this idea out..with a coil from an electric stove top...it just wasn't accurate, which was quite upsetting. I think with some time, it can work, just need to have an adjustment to the heating coil. i say keep on trying with some sort of adjustment knob and you will be set.. the idea is great, now just need to execute
  3. you could always just ask your local shop that sells shisha about what they recommend for tobacco (brands/flavors) and of course what hookahs are the best/worst.
  4. This is a New Store in Tucson that is actually Hookahcentric. Carries Epic Smoke Hookah Tobacco with the only Mix and Match selection to exist in the Country. You can pick from over 30 flavors and mix and match. Carries Coconara Charcoal, 3 kings. Carries MYA Hookah's, MZ's and of course some smaller cheaper hookah's for the beginners The staff knows a real good amount about hookah and is willing to discuss what can be done for the perfect bowl Since the tobacco is hand made there, it is extremely fresh, with some flavors that don't exist at all in any other store in the country Carries Phunnel bowls, Vortex Bowls and of course regular styles as well Has Wind Screens, cobra hoses and MYA hoses with many more hose styles being introduced as well Cheap prices and willing to work with people on pricing of the larger hookah's
  5. Authentic Mya's have stamped mya on every pc of the hookah. the hoses usually have the stamp, but some of the hoses don't. I buy mya direct for my store and some of the hoses out of the mya boxes don't have mya on them. but every single pc of any hookah, bambino, diva, razo, chic, octagon and pyramid all have mya stamped into the metal somewhere the simplest way to check would be to call texas hookah, he is a great guy that does good business and would tell you the truth just my two cents
  6. it could simply be the wholes in the foil? a tiny pc of charcoal falls through, no matter how many or little charcoal..it will taste burnt
  7. I am not advertising for this company as I don't get anything from it...but there is a company that makes this product called "the hookah cleaner"...I feel it works well and leaves no aftertaste or anything like that just my two cents....
  8. i love my bambino.....have had it over three years..never a problem.... never tipped it over...just love it..hits like a champ
  9. i personally feel that if I smoke alone, I hit the bowl so much more than with a friend..therefore get a bit light-headed...just my 2 cents
  10. taste is subjective, if you like those brands, then keep on liking them, to each his/her own
  11. I happen to love the Fumari Blueberry... and of course one other....
  12. If the jelly has no perservatives...it can be used with great success...i like to mix and aclimate for awhile...I actually haven't in awhile, i guess I know I what I am doing this weekend....thanks... smoke and enjoy
  13. I actually have seen one like this a couple of years ago... a friend had bought one in a border town called nogales...it was actually quite a good hookah....haven't seen said friend in a while, but assume it is still the same...great find...
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