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  1. Yea It has been a while since I have been here. Still Smokin my Hookah though!!

  2. You still come around here? It's been awhile!

  3. QUOTE (Stuie @ Mar 19 2009, 06:34 PM) anybody got an invite to a good music site. Looking for some hard to find stuff and main stream stuff. I got invites to demonoid.com, bitspyder.net, and bitme.org to trade. Darkside is really good for music http://darksiderg.com/forums/ And I have plenty of invites to Demonoid also
  4. QUOTE (NUBBS @ Oct 29 2008, 01:18 PM) Todd, I wanna see where you put them in your house. Mounted pictures. I will do that Sir!! First I need to organize my new house. Everything is moved out of my apartment and all cleaned up and keys turned in. Now my House is a big mess from the last stuff I moved this week.
  5. QUOTE (NUBBS @ Oct 25 2008, 03:01 PM) Im really glad you like everything Todd. Thanks a lot everyone, I really appreciate all the compliments. As an artist I tend to be my worst critic. And that video is so frickin kick-ass and Im glad I could get to use them, I like to pretend I can drum sometimes. If anyone wants any for Rock Band let me know. Im very glad to have someone like Todd as a friend and everyone else on here too, as a great community. Anyway, I got the drum sticks at Disneyland and they have blue, green, orange, pink, and purple. I wasnt sure if you could use the sticks
  6. QUOTE (LiveRadical @ Oct 23 2008, 10:42 PM) wrong forum? Nope, just wanna show some support for a fellow member here that is a great artist! I did not want to see this buried in General Chit Chat where most do not look, and I am a Mod here so I thinks I can get away with it for now, and then I can move it to the General Chit Chat! QUOTE (MNH @ Oct 23 2008, 11:29 PM) definitely worth the Jet Bowl... Sweet drawings and that is a pretty rad drum solo snoop.. It cost more then a Jet Glass for the paintings, he does great work and deserves to be compensated properly. I
  7. WOW is all I have to say!! Nice Hookah you have there, one of a kind that most of us can not get. Man I gotta make it it Egypt someday!!!
  8. Hey every ones!! I have been extremely busy lately with moving and a new Band line up. I apologize for my absence. Anywho, I had Zack a.k.a NUBBS, make me two paintings of Snoopy, and I received them today! Here are some pics and a special vid of one of the kick ass things Zach sent me. Enjoy, all I have too say is that he does great work on his paintings! I am really happy with what he painted for me and the cool surprises that he sent me also. I know this does not belong in this section, but this is to cool to leave in General Chit Chat This one is me totally!&
  9. Very sweet Hookah, it is a KM so it kicks butt!!!
  10. Very sweet Hookah. Great pics. Thanks for sharing!! You will love it because it is a KM!!!!
  11. Codename gets a last kill in as a guest Mod!! Great work buddy!!
  12. I have been so busy, I closed on a home yesterday and lots of practicing to get the new line up ready for Oct 18th. We are gonna shred this town up big time!! My Daughter loves the guitar gnr. She has been playing it a lot. She had 2 years of lessons!!
  13. OK guys settle down...lol Yes she is VERY HOT!! Rule #1 in a Band, you do not date or mess around with the chick singer!! It kinda makes a big mess if the 2 of you would split up. Got good business sense in that way. Our Band is a Business and that is how we roll!!
  14. Hey everyones!! Here is a pic of our new Chick Lead Singer. We will be changing our name now soon. We also hired another guitar player, and our practices have been kicking some serious butt!! More pics to come soon!
  15. Congrats on a great Hookah! It will serve you well for many years to come!!
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