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  1. all the flavors I got are awesome... I'm smoking Double Orange right now while watching football...
  2. Finally she's in town! She brought me back, 1 kilo of Lucid Double Orange 1 Kilo of Peach Iced Tea 1 kilo of New Lime 1 kilo of Sour Cant wait to get off work and smoke them!
  3. My friend is moving back to Texas from San Diego and she stopped in Eric's new lounge and picked up some tangiers for me. Hopefully she got me Lucid
  4. i'm building my hookah / theater room currently... My couches just came in today and will be getting my tv and accessories soon. When my room is complete I will take some pic of us smoking hookah in it
  5. i smoke my hookah everytime I play cod
  6. damn it, I was looking forward to the cherry review....You should have gotten Lemon and Gum they are the shit!
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