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  1. Welch's grape! that's what it was! thanks a lot guys. will search for the lemon when im smoking it tonight
  2. Şerbetli makes one of the best Double Apples anywhere. Good luck finding it though. It's turkish and NO ONE in the US retails it in online. there's some German and British sites that sell it but it's not the same stuff I smoked in Turkey cause of EU tobacco laws or something. if you can find this stuff please let me know!
  3. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STUFF? i'm almost 100% sure it smells like it's supposed to smell. i made a TINY hole in FIRST the bag when i got it to smell it so my climate didn't touch the tobacco yet but this stuff smells BIZARRE. im mainly getting rose but there's some strong underlying flavors too. if i get super close it starts to smell like nail polish remover BLAGH. still. it smells ridiculosly sweet and flowery. gonna smoke it tonight maybe. Eric, WHAT IS IN THIS?!
  4. QUOTE (supersubby @ Aug 22 2009, 03:54 PM) I'm sittin in the kitchen and watching food network. now thats the ultimate test! same! i was watching Giada make some sweet bean and herb salad. it was a bad idea... had some nice pasta and chicken for iftar though.
  5. Romman Ivory Coast I bought a 50 g pack of this from HS and smoked it immediately from a standard Egyptian bowl on a KM exotica with tap water and 4 large ice cubs. Standard KM hose lots of holes on the foil, 2 Cocos initially and then another 2 to finish the session. First impression: dig the new packaging. I haven't bought Romman in 2 years. Look: Tobacco looks clean, few stems, nice golden, honey-like color. About as wet as Nakhla, which I think is a sympton of 50 g packs of the stuff. Smell: Pretty good. but ALL grapefruit. dead on, fresh grapefruit smell but I have no idea who ha
  6. Anyone know where I can get a KM supreme hose? i've looked at all the major sites no one has them. would the ultimate at HC or the new ones at HS be good substitutes? also would be willing to buy one or two off some HF members. thanks
  7. what's up with everyone's fascination with banning? and wanting to see WHO got banned and why? too much guys. they get banned, move on. it's no biggie and it's a shame how much people talk about it
  8. this sounds hard to believe so im gonna go with crazy solutions here... people's taste buds naturally change over time. stuff you liked as a kid you may hate now and vice versa. in other words, maybe your taste buds hate hookah now. God help you if that's the case... have someone else whose opinion you would trust smoke out of your set-up. if they think it's good tasting and get good clouds...you owe me a 250 g. pack my friend
  9. Hey guys so I'm going back to school in about 2 weeks and want to make an order that will last me about a year. My budget is around $150 for tobacco and i need a new hose. the hose is important: i really want an ultimate KM. in blue. no one has it! help. please. i could settle for another KM hose and honestly i think it'll just end up being a regular one from Hookahcompany. for tobacco I want mainly literally whatever. i would like to try whatever Romman has that's generally accepted as their BEST stuff (goodtimes?) there must be these AF: watermelon vanilla mint nak:
  10. i think im gonna email some of the guys i met at the Grand Bazaar over there to see if they'd ship me some of this stuff. the mint and cappuccino are without a doubt two of the best flavors i've ever tried. and i get great tangiers sessions. i have a bit of the stuff left over, mainly peach capp and apple. smoked the capp last night it was amaaaazing. wettest shit out there. will keep updated
  11. I'm not going to say that that's impossible - but it is highly unlikely right now. That would be like banning apple pie here. assuming apple pie caused emphysema.
  12. guys relax... this is actually popular amongst most turks and honestly i think it's great. i HATE cigarettes and this is what that targets. i won't be smoking hookah in a bank or the grocery store anyways...like here, this is exempt in hookah bars. what the hell is wrong with that? and for those who hate on the government...the people support this. we're not in an Orwell novel; ease off the misplaced hate
  13. i just came back from 2 months from istanbul and i saw those being sold often. you didn't really even get ripped off that's almost what is considered fair for it i believe. turkey isn't cheap and the pipes there are only maybe 60% of what we pay for here plus that thing is a beaut. they had some such amazing nargile there. ahhh i miss it!
  14. so im definitely a little late on the upkeep and please forgive me for not just searching for the answer to this (there are 87 pages to this thread though...), but can I get a mini...? and for how much?
  15. with a KM or from what I hear Magdy Zidan (i never smoked out of one) or some Syrians - you can't go wrong. it's all about looks at that point. quality wise they're all pretty damn awesome. MYA are good too i guess but the price isn't worth it to me when you get a nice more "traditional" nargile. i have the 40" km exotica and even my fairly oblivious friends notice the effortless draw and overall badassness as compared to a regular egyptian i got from HS gothookahs.com; get the exotica. or if you got money (and know it) buy the disgustingly sexy nar mashal fro
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