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  1. Soooo... Think ordering from them now is safe/won't take months?
  2. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1306889664' post='511254'] I'll fix the title for you. [/quote] Thanks!
  3. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1306888045' post='511249'] Welcome back! You officially have the longest Interests of anyone I've ever seen on this forum... [/quote] Lol.. I fixed that, was doing it from android and just copied from FB, didn't notice it showed up on the sidebar.. Also managed to screw up the title.. No edit function, it seems? ..oh, after it's been replied to. I see.
  4. Annnnnd I'm back. I haven't smoked in almost 2 years, but my girlfriend expressed an interest in trying it and.. I've smoked hookah every day since. I've changed a lot since I left, I'm interning at a substance abuse treatment center now. I was poking around online looking for information on new products, I have to score me some tangiers and exotica coals ASAP, the local shop has Rommon shisha and Coconara coals but I don't really like either of them. Dreading the cost of an order.. I don't miss the cost of this hobby.. I miss the banter here, hopefully that hasn't changed much. Not sure If I'll have time to talk much, but I'll try.
  5. I'm gonna have to go against the trend and say I like Exoticas better than Jap coals AND Coco-Naras. Don't get me wrong, coco-naras are good, and Exoticas DO have that slight taste at first, unless you light them perfectly, but I find if I factor in ease of use, heat production, length of use, and most importantly, PRICE, Exoticas are the best choice. If Coco-Naras suddenly became gram-for-gram the same price as Exoticas, I'd probobly use them equally, becuase I really do enjoy the shape of Exoticas. I've never had any issue lighting Coco-Naras on a stove, its just that they are so small, so short lived, and so damn pricey.
  6. Wow. Makes me feel less bad about the frequency that I smoke mint. It just mixes so well with everything else, food, alcohol, you name it, mint tastes good with it. I've never tried k peach, always disliked the flowery taste of kashmir, but maybe its time to give it a try.
  7. Goldens, are the best of the qls, in my opinion, better than 3k. Exoticas are my favorite for heat distribution, but can depart a bitter taste if not allowed to burn bright red for the optimal time (which can vary, I have found. Annoying.) Coco Naras are amazing for longevity and for lack of flavor, but the price is ridiculous. So, I'd say exoticas are good, if you pick them up from a place that checks them, like H-S, but you have to make sure to let em burn for a while before smoking them.
  8. To Bulldog: Ah, but I am a creature of habit. I generally fixate on one flavor for a few days, and then move on. Character flaw.
  9. So, I've been smoking for a few years, I went through periods of less smoking, to more, back to less, and I have been smoking maybe 30 minutes a day for the last few months. I started with traditional shisha, like Nahkla, with sweet flavors (like strawberry) and strong flavors (like coffee), then moved to AF, sticking to sour flavors, then moved to strictly smoking Tangier's for around 8 months. Now I'm tired of every damn Tangiers's flavor I loved before (Kiwi, Watermelon, Passionfruit- although I will still smoke that on occasion, Lime, Strawberry, Green Apple, etc) excluding their excellent Mint flavor. So where do I go next? I've been thinking about going back to traditional, but hell, I don't know. What do the long timers here think? BTW, I've been off the boards because I've been too damn busy with work, 18 creds of upper division and graduate courses, and family bullshit to spend time thinking about hookah, when I could be smoking hookah. I'll be back pestering all of you more frequently sometime in May. Moving into a new place where everyone is down with the hookah. And the house has three bars. Three. Fuck yeah.
  10. Yeah Soex is pretty awful, the only enjoyable Soex I've had was the mint, and it doesn't even touch Tangier's mint.
  11. I'm still waiting for them to get the green grape vine pattern hoses in stock, how are yours holding up? My overall assessment of the cloisonnes hoses are that they are probably the most tasteful looking hose I've ever had, but prone to small leaks, especially in the handle. You have this issue yet, Gary (I see you have a blue gyro)?
  12. It's ridiculous. I mean it. How can any online vendor actually be SO FUCKING NICE to their customers? It flies in the face of all net- business precedent! Anyways, I had one of the bad Nammors from January, but hadn't really complained, but mentioned it on the chat, and they offered to replace it. The person on live also chatted with me for around a half hour about various products and his opinions, clarifying details, being a generally courteous shopkeeper... Online. Seems like a contradiction, I know. Ended up saving $17 on the order I made today, too. BTW... I don't know if this really should go in the vendor review section, it struck me as being topic worthy. I think they deserve attention for it. Whatever, feel free to move it if you think its misplaced, guys.
  13. I'm sure I don't have to point out the inherent irony of corporal punishment. I'd look elsewhere for the cause of unruly youth: say... little to no chance of future economic success, and the unrelenting reality of a future of negative wealth. Hell, it was enough to make me a rowdy punk kid throughout my high school years. Not that I'm dismissing those little prick kids who had everything handed to them on a platter and still act like they were somehow fucked over. I just don't think they are the root of the problem. Now in regarding to parenting... Hell, is it any wonder? Every year adults are expected to put more of there time into their workplace, and more time away from their kids. Hell, most working class-lower middle class families don't spend any more than an hour together a day... Mine sure didn't. So where do the societal lessons come from? Their equally unruly and unsocialized peer group.
  14. Dear god, I fear the day any of you get on a school board.
  15. Yeah I think the majority of us have run into some kind of mess with the RA\landlord. I'll be renting a smoking apt. for that very reason in may. Did they say they would do anything if your hookahs mysteriously disappeared while they were discussing it? Because I would be gone in a flash if that happened to me.
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