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  1. Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban are pretty good.
  2. I really hope this thread is an elaborate trap to get names for a social cleansing list.
  3. Depends on bowl, shisha, session length, blending method, coal, etc. etc. etc.
  4. QUOTE (liquidglass @ Oct 5 2009, 03:27 PM) QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Oct 5 2009, 05:06 PM) i just want to say that my request that the lockerz thread be closed until further review was 100% merely messing with liquidglass. i picked it at random without the slightest idea what it was. Oh I see how it is hmmmmm, pick on the new mod Just testing if anyone could get threads closed simply by asking
  5. QUOTE (rhineholt @ Oct 5 2009, 03:19 PM) I'm not into that whole drinking scene It strikes me that you confess this without considering the gravity of its implications. This is the equivalent of stating that you are not into that whole fucking scene, or that whole music scene, or that whole breathing scene.
  6. scandanavian, same shit it was his brother's or something. and i like the one with a wall what has holes in it
  7. i just want to say that my request that the lockerz thread be closed until further review was 100% merely messing with liquidglass. i picked it at random without the slightest idea what it was.
  8. i have absolutely no experience or training with this stuff. but these people say these are the best pictures ever taken of them. i don't know about light or shadow or anything like that but i thin the perspectives are pretty good. they're all taken with shitty early gen digi compacts. hydroponics farm one was taken on a disposable. i really like the first one, i was with some friends at a lucha libre fight in the really sketchy area of guatemala city. my buddy ryan just happened to be wearing the same incredibly obscure swedish death metal band shirt as the wrestler: the fifth or sixth most random thing i have ever seen in guatemala.
  9. is there a disadvantage to using IS?
  10. i recognize you as an authority. i am comfortable with considering your imagination of what sorts of lenses would be useful as solid evidence. sooo fucked right now.
  11. Edit: Addendum: I've heard of IS lenses, but I don't know what they are. What are they? I guess I'll need to make sure that I get it. Cos I'll never be using a tripod. So what are they?
  12. QUOTE (chinamon @ Oct 5 2009, 01:16 PM) QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Oct 5 2009, 12:52 PM) I think I'll decide on the more rugged series by Canon, to eliminate an overabundance of choices. good choice. i find that the sensors and bodies by canon and nikon are all top quality so its a tough competition between the two. however, canon glass is definitely better than nikon glass so canon ftw. i think you mentioned that you want to shoot sports. when it comes to sports you will want a lens that has a long focal length (70-200mm or longer depending on the sport) and fast (wide aperture). dont forget to factor in the 1.6X crop if you are not getting the 5d or 1d or 1ds. also when shooting with telephoto you will want a lens that has IS if you arent using a tripod. i think its always good to have IS even if there is a tripod being used. expect to spend as much on the lens as the body itself but that depends on which body you choose. Not sports, wars. They both have that WHORE sound to them. It's tricky. Does this affect your recommendation? Also: I'm going into conflict journalism, not conflict photography... I mostly just need this to get together a portfolio, and because I've always had a natural eye for it, and because I like to be prepared. The reason I want a good MP rate is for situations like, suppose I'm witnessing a genocide, and I have no idea who the military personnel are. Unless I have time to get close-ups of all of them, I need to just take wide shots, and be able to crop them when and if I get the information later.
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