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  1. QUOTE (RingsMaster @ Nov 9 2009, 10:17 PM) QUOTE (doombuggie @ Nov 9 2009, 01:54 AM) QUOTE (demonix @ Oct 25 2009, 03:55 PM) my pubes remind me of the beach dirty, litter strewn, and full of crabs? no just filled with crabs, that hooker probably wasnt the best idea for him, he'll learn next time around Yikes.... -Russ
  2. So Jon, what did you think?? Did you enjoy your shopping experience?? -Russ
  3. QUOTE (Jondd88 @ Nov 5 2009, 04:35 PM) I've been to an actual lounge only once (Red Hookah) and I found the experience to be somewhat disappointing. Maybe we just got a bad hookah but it had a pretty tight draw and the flavor we picked out (Purple) wasn't great. Also, they had a DJ playing really loud music that made it not a very relaxing environment. It felt more like a "hookah club" than a hookah lounge. That place is hilarious..they have two red limos out front on 20's!!! I told a lady that worked there that this place should be called Pinky's (after Pinky's from Next Friday). I can agree tho, not the best experience. There is a lounge over here called Almaza, they are ok...but if I go in there I take my KM, phunnel bowl, and Nammor hose. The customers love my stuff, but not so much love from the employees. If anything I just go to the HoS owners house and smoke there. Best sessions are had there. Like I said, I will be there tomorrow around 3pm so if either of you guys wanna meet up there I can introduce you to them. And yes they have quite the stock in CH (Im guessing I cant say the name of them as my last post was edited) Hookah coals....Hit me up if there are any takers... -Russ
  4. Damn, how did I miss this thread?? Haha, what up man...welcome to the forum. I also reside in Las Vegas, up by Anthem. The only place I shop in town is House of Smokes on Silverado Ranch and Maryland Parkway. I'm pretty good friends with the owners and I'm always there on Fridays around 3pm. As far as ordering goes, I prefer Hookah John. In fact I hooked John up with House of Smokes to sell his CH Hookah coals. Hit me up sometime, I'm always down to smoke or chill. -Russ
  5. Haha, I dont know about traveling with it, but your one stop shop would be House of Smokes. Im good friends with the owners there and sent them customers from out the country. They stock a ton of stuff like tangiers, ch coals, coconaras, al falkher, and even mya qts that you are looking for. Hit me up with a pm and I will help you get there. -Russ P.s. No I do not work there/or own the place, Im just a big fan of customer service and they always treat me and my friends right so I always recommend them.
  6. Haha, that would be the Fashion Show Mall. Every hour or so they have a runway that comes up in the middle of the mall and they do a fashion show. There is an apple store there too. I have never been to the Le Tobac tho, so Idk. I tried calling it the other day to no avail. I don't even know if they are still around. -Russ
  7. Sorry just re-read you post and it seems you are trying to stay on the strip. Well I try to avoid the strip at all costs and cant really think of anything that is on it. Sorry, but the best stuff as well as the better priced stuff will be found off the strip. Never been to the puff lounge, looks pretty good, but Idk. -Russ
  8. I'm going with John on this one. House of Smokes on Silverado Ranch and Maryland Parkway. They are my go to shop. I actually hooked John up with them and they stock his coals. They also stock a ton of tobacco including Tangiers-Og, Lucid, and F-line. As far as lounges go, there is a lounge in the same parking lot as House of Smoke called Almaza.(they are not owned nor have anything to do with House of Smokes, just happen to be in the same parking lot.) As far as the smoke shop in the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood, it is no longer there. They opened a new shop on Rainbow between the 215 and Blue Diamond. It is called Cloud Nine and that is the lounge I prefer to go to. It has a really chill atmosphere and they stock a ton of stuff as well as KM's(the last time I was there.) Let me know if there is any other info I can help you with, after all I'm a Vegas local.... -Russ
  9. When I was 15 my beard starting coming in. Im 24 now and haven't had bare face since then. Once I was tricked into cutting it short. I didn't shave for a year straight after wards. Funny thing is I met my wife that year. I was 20. Here is a pic. I got so many nicknames from it. Fidel Castro, Osama, Grizzly Adams, ZZ Top....haha, good times. I couldn't picture myself without it. [attachment=2896:i.jpg] -Russ
  10. Yeah, I'm from Vegas. My name is Russ and I live on the south side of town..been smoking for a couple years now. Got like 4 KM's, and a mya or two. Where you located at? -Russ
  11. Well I'm a Vegas local and I have never heard if it....is it a local brand and if so which store/lounge is selling it or created it? Not saying I know everyone or everything going on here but I do know alot. There is a brand called couzins but I think its pretty low key still tho. -Russ
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