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  1. Here I was waiting for the zombies... And it's just going to be another day. i was looking forward to nailing zomie heads to skis and having downhill races.... my own zombilynmpics.3 But if its just another day... Only zombies will be my staff... Workers cp agent would frown on nailng their heads to skis
  2. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1351806330' post='559717'] [quote name='Rani' timestamp='1351802367' post='559709'][quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1351801497' post='559707'] [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1351800653' post='559705'] Nope. Gary Johnson or Ron Paul. [/quote] I'd be cool with either of them. Just don't want Romney. Also, this seems relevant: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TiXUF9xbTo[/media] [/quote] Oh, my God...... I'm going to send that link to freakin' everybody I know who is a registered Republican. 'Rani[/quote] Haha, you're welcome? I seriously don't see how this clown has gotten so high in the polls. I wish it was more competition between Obama and the third-party candidates. Tapatalk'd via iPhone [/quote] Only reason mittidiot made it anywhere is a result of the sheer incompetancy of the current lier-in-chief. You question should be more along the lines of "how can obama be so completely bad that even the mittidiot is actually a better choice." They arent voting for romney, but just anything against barry:-)
  3. mistakes my ass mistakes don't make up lies, then perpetuate them for 14 days, over, and over, and over, and over. Mistakes, that's stupid, lies are what they were. typical, try to excuse the present liberal's lies, by what, the cuban crisis? Is that reaching, or what? The past is just that, the past. basing a vote now on the cuban missile crisis, or who supported slavery, or whatever the liberal guilt of the week is is totaly fucking rediculus. I guess if we follow the liberal-white-guilt thinking, we need to never vote for a dem, after all, it was progressive liberalisim that gave us a eugenics program operating in the USA, and later became a model for Germany circa 1939. The great depression wasn't so great in the rest of the world, it was our retarded l president who was pissing gov't money all over a deep recession that turned it to a drpression, a depression that took a world war to end. As for whining about no raise... tell me again, just how many companies have said bummercare is going to leave them cutting their FT staff to PT only? Hmm??? I am waiting. (crickets) Ok, you don't know. Darden, best buy, jimmy johns, yumm, home cheapo, I could go on, the list is long, and glorious. So what does the numb-nuts in charge of the regulations decide? They are going to call 30 hours FT. The answer from the biz community is that they will drop staff under 30 hours. WTF idiot didn't see that coming? Gov't can't force business to do anything, but they can prevent them from doing things. In the end, there is nothing gov't can do to force a business to keep/hire staff. Better get good at blogging-4-bucks, because when you get a couple of no-beni 20 hour/week jobs, life's gonna suck, and I get to tell you I told you so. No business owner wants to work harder, so the gov't can take more and hand it to the deadbeats. Feck that! They do the same as I did, spiral it down to a minimum, reduce your exposure to unpredictable expences, liabilities, and take that time you would have spent beating your ass at work to do something else. My business (that I did build, despite what that idiot said) is for my benefit, it becomes a cost vs value equasion. When I spend double the time, and risk double the assets, to produce many times greater exposure to risk, but only make a few percent more, I am not going to do that, neither is any other business. Maybe if we had a president that at least operated a lemonade stand when he was 10 (or would it have been BBQ dog on a stick stand) we would have a president that realized business reacts to every cost, or income source. they gotta balance, or the business has to change to make them balance.
  4. [indent=1]Now written proof wh situ room got multiple emails from 2 separate offices, CIA station chief, and State, about Libya attack as it was going on. The attack lasted 8 hours, but the first emails reporting the impending attack were 30 hours prior to the actual attack.[/indent] [indent=1]And the buffoon-in-chief lies to the whole world, does nothing about it, went to bed, and then on a campaign fund raiser, and blamed a youtube video for 2 feckin' weeks.Tried to say we need to restrict the first amendment to prevent "insulting Islam" You people still support him.[/indent] [indent=1]I know for a fact there are more than 1 130U within 1 hour of Benghazi, and a K variant within 3 hours. If we had a REAL commander in chief, those would have been airborne, and we would have seen smoking holes that were once terrorists. I guess someone needs to tell the bummer that we have these things called gunships, and they strike holy terror into the hearts on anyone on the wrong end of them. One in orbit would have, without any question, turned a terrorist attack on the USA, and a national embarrassment into a lesson in why not to attack the USA. If we had a real president.[/indent] [indent=1]It's either a case of massive, unbelievable, exceptional, cosmically gross incompetence by the president who is so smart he doesn't even go to the daily intel briefing, Or it's an attempt to lie to the world to cover something up. In either case, you gotta be a complete fool to still support such a president.[/indent]
  5. [quote name='Rani' timestamp='1351003166' post='559036'] Ahhh Haaa! We now know the real identity of Scotsman! It's Donald Trump! Which means we also have the opportunity to settle a global debate once and for all......... Come on Donny Boy, admit it......... It's a rug, right? 'Rani [/quote] I think I learned the property requirements in 5th or 6th grade, and I was not even in a US school. Still makes sense in the context of the era, people not invested in the outcome were not voting. The idea was to prevent a foreign power (GB at the time was a bit of a concern) from flooding any US election with torries.
  6. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1351019220' post='559049'] Ann Coulter can go jump off a cliff with her irrelevant skinny ass... Most hateful and disrespectful woman I've ever heard of in my life. Tapatalk'd via iPhone [/quote] I guess you have never heard of debbie wasserman-"Da' Harpie" schultz. Opposite sides of the same coin.
  7. There are no "ships that go under water" in the US inventory. Submarines are BOATS not SHIPS, big difference. One would think the CIC would have known that. We still use bayonets, lots of bayonets. Being a condescending ass turns people off, believe my, I am good at it (surprising, isn't it?) It looked desperate, and amateurish. Think coulter got it right, Romney was being nice to the retard.
  8. [quote name='Venger' timestamp='1350940718' post='558986'] the trouble is things are not as simple as they first seemed. Yes you do not need to prove you are a citizen by carrying papers, you also don't live in a town of 600 people that all go to the same church. We also never thought anyone would need to sneak into the country but, since the creation of the United states, we have had to change our immigration laws. no one is being asked to do anything unreasonable. every state will issue (and as a state and not a federal agency can require) a photo ID be it a drivers license,pistol permit or just STATE ID. you only need your birth cert (to prove ID and 2 forms of mail (bills,we all got them) with your current address. you can be a student,black,white,male,female,over 18 or older than fuck. They won't even ask your sexual preference. Any body who can't or wont do this is probably not supposed to be voting. lets think about these things with our heads not our hearts. Not everyone is out to fuck you over.I promise. Ray [/quote] A birth certificate!!! You mean I need one to vote, but the president doesn't need one to hold the office??? sorry, I just couldn't resist.
  9. Something I can agree with cherieo on! What the hell was that? It was like some 1960 hippie love-in... with ties, and expensive suits. Wonder if the romney bus suddenly turned into a chartreuse VW microbus with pink flowers on it! I expected to see Ann Romney come up on stage in a suede vest and bell bottoms. All I got out of it is that pakistan is a mess, iran is a danger, and we all love more teachers. Very good job from the moderator. Didn't expect that at all from a hopeless liberal. Hell, I wish there was a viable, non-fruitcake third choice. Tactical win for Romney. He didn't shoot himself in the balls, and the prez didn't reverse the trend. Prez attacks bordered on childish.
  10. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1350708850' post='558865'] After some research, I'm of the opinion that politicians are just making voter fraud out to be a bigger deal than it actually is. [url="http://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2012/04/24/the-myth-of-voter-fraud"]http://www.usnews.co...-of-voter-fraud[/url] [url="http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/19/gop-group-dismisses-study-saying-voter-fraud-cases-infinitesimal/"]http://dailycaller.c...-infinitesimal/[/url] [url="http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48098099/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/voter-fraud-rampant-youre-more-likely-report-ufo/#.UIIuAIVOyyQ"]http://www.msnbc.msn...o/#.UIIuAIVOyyQ[/url] [url="http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/14/1120075/-Study-Shows-Voter-Fraud-Virtually-Non-Existent-Red-States-Eliminating-Legal-Voters"]http://www.dailykos....ng-Legal-Voters[/url] [url="http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/national-affairs/daily-show-voter-fraud-statistics-are-limited-only-as-much-as-your-imagination-20120613"]http://www.rollingst...nation-20120613[/url] [/quote]You couldn't come up with a more biased list presstitutes if you tried. Cherio, some day you might even find some sources that are at least only slightly leaning left, and not far-left poster children... until then, that crap isn't worth using. As for a student id vs a CCW, Hmm... I think the fact a CCW requires you to be a legal US citizen in good standing, and has been background checked to prove you are a citizen may be a factor. None of which is true with a student ID. But then, anyone not trying to play that fake liberal outrage game would have thought of that first. As for ID's, it's a great idea! passport, voter ID, some item actually verified as being held by a real citizen. if the black panthers can stand out front in paramilitary uniforms, with clubs to intimidate voters, I think ID's are a great idea. I think NG units stationed at the polls would be nice too. Maybe a mandatory 10K/10 years for voting illegally. All sounds fine to me. Maybe even a quick drug test while we are at it. If you are trying to say we should just trust people to tell the truth, and not vote when they are not legally doing so... while they are illegally in the country already, you gotta be kidding.
  11. Well, at least to this point we don't see mittens accepting foreign campaign donations... Which is, by the way, illegal, not to mention just plain wrong. I would hardly call the NYT a conservative paper.... http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/bam_blind_eye_to_illegal_donors_8SWotytr1RvbhyDCRyyrEL Think we will see those bastions of what you people think is fair and balanced news cover a second of it? Let me know when the presstitutes at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, or PBS even mention it. If you think for a second bumster is going to do anything but destroy small biz, you are just so far out there I find it impossible to take seriously. mitties could damage it, but bumster HAS destroyed a good chunk of it. I'll take the possibility of damage over the guarantee of more damage any day. It seems the bumster also has a nice pention investment in a caymens bank, and China... Oh, and his pention IS BIGGER by a giant chunk, than mitten's. Yet another bama-lie - Just like Libyagate, Just like F&F, just like... well, pretty much any time he's defending something he's involved in. Making nixion's "I am not a crook" and Bill's "I did not have sex with that woman" look like a couple of alter boys, and avatars of pure virtue. Just how the hell do you explain the fact a "community organizer" managed to become a millionaire in a few years? You don't honestly think that money was all earned in a upstanding fashion, do you? Where is the explanation about it? At least we know where romney made his $, and how, the same can not be said on the other side. Remember the gay marriage flip-flop? oops, you forgot that one, eh? Same for the penalty/tax/penalty/tax, whatever on the deathcare bill. I guess, now it's officialy a tax, makes him a lier on the not a penny of tax increase for the middle class. And it is just a tax, a tax for nothing, because if you get stuck with the penalty-TAX you just paid a tax for zero service, you still got medical bills! The first ever tax in US history that provides zero service gain from the gov't. He flipped on immigration, On paygo, on senior income tax, earmarks, lobists in cabinet, spending freeze, on requiring competitive bidding for earmarks, tax credits for child care, military action without congressional approval, stand on Israel, let Sudan off the hook for Darfur, stand on Mubarak, NAFTA, Keystone XL, single payer HC, nuclear power, closing gitmo, cracking down on employers for illegal imigrants, lower cost foreign drugs imported, military tribunals, US Pat act, fisa, superpacs, accepting campaign donations from lobists, welfare reform, hell, even wearing the damn US flag pin. And those are just the ones I came up with in 3 minutes. Oh, wait, I forgot the liberal way of thinking. Only a conservative flip-flops, when it's a liberal, especialy your messiah, then it's a "developing" opinion. Someone's pissing on you and calling it rain if you believe O has a firm opinion he will stick with on any subject when the polls go the other way. I find myself voting on just a few issues, likely every voter does, and on the issues that are important to me; POTUS is the wrong choice in every case that is important to me. In the words of Bob Beckel, "If the poll numbers are right, it's all over." landslide Romney.
  12. Economy going downhill inflation accelerating The mid east on fire US embassy in the mid east over run gas prices way up I lived through this once before, it was peanut-boy. So just how many of bamater's green tax money thievery cronies have gone broke or are going broke with how many taxpayer dollars?[list=1] [*][url="http://www.usaspending.gov/search?form_fields=%7b%22search_term%22%3A%22evergreen+solar%22%7d"]Evergreen Solar[/url] ($25 million)* [*][url="http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/15/despite-stimulus-funding-solyndra-and-4-other-companies-have-hit-rock-bottom/"]SpectraWatt[/url] ($500,000)* [*][url="http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-09-12/obama-team-backed-535-million-solyndra-aid-as-auditor-warned-on-finances.html"]Solyndra[/url] ($535 million)* [*][url="http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-10-31/beacon-power-backed-by-u-s-loan-guarantees-files-bankruptcy.html"]Beacon Power[/url] ($43 million)* [*][url="http://thehill.com/blogs/e2-wire/e2-wire/236311-another-obama-backed-energy-firm-may-be-close-to-collapse"]Nevada Geothermal[/url] ($98.5 million) [*][url="http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/10/12/solar-firm-that-received-12-billion-federal-loan-plagued-by-financial-problems-702546811/"]SunPower[/url] ($1.2 billion) [*][url="http://campaign2012.washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/doe-backed-solar-company-lays-2000/484901"]First Solar[/url] ($1.46 billion) [*][url="http://www.globalwarming.org/2012/01/14/cbs-11-more-solyndras-in-obama-green-energy-program/"]Babcock and Brown[/url] ($178 million) [*][url="http://dyn.politico.com/printstory.cfm?uuid=A1602AF6-F11F-4B9D-ABC4-AC9234EBEC41"]EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1[/url] ($118.5 million)* [*][url="http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2012/jan/25/some-200-laid-north-las-vegas-amonix-solar-plant/"]Amonix[/url] ($5.9 million) [*][url="http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/02/clean-energy-loan-recipient-lays-off-staff-113652.html"]Fisker Automotive[/url] ($529 million) [*][url="http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_20066660"]Abound Solar[/url] ($400 million)* [*][url="http://nlpc.org/stories/2012/04/04/taxpayers%E2%80%99-green-%E2%80%98investment%E2%80%99-battery-company-withers"]A123 Systems[/url] ($279 million)* [*][url="http://nlpc.org/stories/2012/04/05/crickets-chirp-another-taxpayer-funded-solar-factory"]Willard and Kelsey Solar Group[/url] ($700,981)* [*][url="http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/for-obamas-green-car-revolution-fits-and-starts/2011/11/29/gIQA0FdRdO_story.html"]Johnson Controls[/url] ($299 million) [*][url="http://www.recovery.gov/Transparency/RecipientReportedData/Pages/Recipient.aspx?duns=001288364"]Schneider Electric[/url] ($86 million) [*][url="http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303657404576359852009524680.html"]Brightsource[/url] ($1.6 billion) [*][url="http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-31727_162-57402463-10391695/stimulus-recipient-under-investigation-for-insider-trading/"]ECOtality[/url] ($126.2 million) [*][url="http://online.wsj.com/article/SB20001424052970203710704577050412494713178.html"]Raser Technologies[/url] ($33 million)* [*][url="http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/309936/green-jobs-gone-bust-deroy-murdock"]Energy Conversion Devices[/url] ($13.3 million)* [*][url="http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/15/despite-stimulus-funding-solyndra-and-4-other-companies-have-hit-rock-bottom/"]Mountain Plaza, Inc.[/url]($2 million)* [*][url="http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/15/despite-stimulus-funding-solyndra-and-4-other-companies-have-hit-rock-bottom/"]Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company[/url] ($10 million)* [*][url="http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704364004576132453701004530.html"]Range Fuels[/url] ($80 million)* [*][url="http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303644004577523282632904216.html"]Thompson River Power[/url] ($6.5 million)* [*][url="http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303644004577523282632904216.html"]Stirling Energy Systems[/url] ($7 million)* [*][url="http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/azure-dynamics-wins-doe-award-to-develop-next-generation-traction-inverter-127521153.html"]Azure Dynamics[/url] ($5.4 million)* [*][url="http://www.nrel.gov/solar/news/2009/677.html?print"]GreenVolts[/url] ($500,000) [*][url="http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/10/13/Danish-Wind-Turbine-Company-That-Received-Over-50-Million-In-Stimulus-Lays-Off-800-Workers"]Vestas[/url] ($50 million) [*][url="http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/background-presidents-event-holland-michigan-today"]LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power[/url] ($151 million) [*][url="https://lpo.energy.gov/?p=834"]Nordic Windpower[/url] ($16 million)* [*][url="http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2010/autos/1004/gallery.electric_trucks/4.html"]Navistar[/url] ($39 million) [*]Satcon ($3 million)* [*][url="http://www.boston.com/businessupdates/2012/06/04/konarka-files-for-chapter-ceases-operations/afQFI6wU5DKTZbSJkUdJQJ/story.html"]Konarka Technologies Inc.[/url] ($20 million)* [*][url="http://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/17123"]Mascoma Corp.[/url] ($100 million) [/list] Now add A123 and their 249 million$ theft Those bucks would have looked much nicer not being wasted on bama's cronies, speaking of chrony capitalisim. As of last week, the # on medicare exceeded the number paying. More people in the cart, than pushing the cart. How long do you liberals think that will last. No way the "middle class" is going to miss paying a big tax increase to float the deadbeats on one end or the other of this fiasco. It's bamater world!
  13. WALL OF TEXT WARNING: Go relisten to the speech better yet, go read it. When he did mention terrorisim, it was clearly, and unquestionably in the context of talking about 9/11/2001, NOT the present situ in libya, there is no way you can make that comment be about libya without ignoring the 8 feggin' paragraphs about the WTC attack. Then after you spin that, you gotta spin the speech at the UN, where he blmaed the video 19 people saw until the state dept brought it up, and you gotta convince me the UN amb went on 5 sunday talk shows, blaming a cheesy youtube, and nothing else, really meant terrorisim, when she said protest... and that she went on the sunday talk shows without WH approval, and after all that you need to believe hillary said it was a protest about the video... a bunch of times... but really meant a terrorist attack. Then you have to do all that with a straight face, and honestly believe it. Holy crap, send in the fecin' clowns! Then you get to explain this particular piece of his RG speech... [color=#333333][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [color=#ff0000][i]The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. We're working with the government of Libya to secure our diplomats. I've also directed my administration to increase our security at diplomatic posts around the world. And make no mistake, we will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.[/i][/color][/font][/color][color=#333333][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [color=#ff0000][i]Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. None. The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts.[/i][/color][/font][/color] Not much question he is refering to, and blaming a shitty youtube for insulting Islam, and causing a retaliation. No spin can change facts, no rearranging words will make the admins response, and lies to the US people any thing more than a load of lies. Why else would he say .... "[color=#ff0000][i]We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence."[/i][/color] Then, after all that comedy act, you have to explain why the WH sent 70,000,000.00 to run adverts in Pakistan blaming the video, apologizing for the video, and disavowing responsibility for the video. All we need is caliope music, and a ringmaster for that circuis! But wait in ring 3 we have THIS from the UN address - [i][u][color=#ff0000]"And on this we must agree: There is no speech that justifies mindless violence. There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. There’s no video that justifies an attack on an embassy."[/color][/u][/i] Now, if he wasn't blaimng the youtube video for a protest, just what did he mean about no video justifying an attack on an embassy? He was LYING about is not blaming the video, he clearly did. Energy... http://naturalresources.house.gov/issues/issue/?IssueID=15410 - house of rep info http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/watercooler/2012/oct/16/picket-flashback-oil-drilling-permits-down-36-perc/ http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/wo/MINERALS__REALTY__AND_RESOURCE_PROTECTION_/energy/oil___gas_statistics/data_sets.Par.69959.File.dat/table-01.pdf _BLM info http://hotair.com/archives/2012/10/12/reminder-oil-and-gas-production-just-keep-falling-under-president-obama/ http://www.eia.gov/totalenergy/data/annual/pdf/aer.pdf -EIA Women in the workplace... First, when they take years out to raise kids, then expect the same pay as anyone who had spent those years getting work exp, they are just wrong. For some reason, a woman at 50, who spent 20 years in a part time, or no job at all, wants to hold up the pay of a man who has 20 more years work exp, and say she isn't getting paid the same, is nuts. Pay commensurate with experience, and when you have not got the same experience, you don't get the same pay. I would be intrested to see a well-done, scientific and non agenda driven study of pay vs actual experience vs education vs gender. I have not found one. Staying open on this one. I know a bunch of LDS families. Can't say I have ever seen anything less than complete respect for their wives, sometimes to the point of being sickening. Setting asside the sister-wives sects, I think the nature of the LDS church is not going to allow a whole lot of "war on women". Taxes, No economist agrees with romney? Well, on the other side, the DEMs won't even bring the president's plans to a vote, sponsor them in a bill, or even have their names afixed to any document stating just what his "policies" are this week. Which is worse? Lets look at businesses converting their F/T help to P/T to avoid the current admin's plans. Nuff said, anything is better than where we are now. Time for a new hope, and definity change. Oh, then there is -"Five Nobel laureates (Gary Becker, Robert Lucas, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott, and Myron Scholes) signed the statement which, in part, reads, “We enthusiastically endorse Governor Mitt Romney’s economic plan to create jobs and restore economic growth while returning America to its tradition of economic freedom.” Why is it that the libs always say romney's plan will increase taxes for the middle class, but never mention a word about's effect on economic growth? Answer: they don't want you to look at the economic growth that would result. They are concentrated on the century-old liberal pattern of inducing class warefare into every discussion they can not win. A good read, if rather dry:https://www.princeton.edu/ceps/workingpapers/228rosen.pdf May be some sample doubling between income groups if I am reading it right. The short answer is that under obama's plan LLc's with a 250K takeget screwed big time. Answer, we all go back to being privately held corporations. There is zero net tax increase for small business, no more money goes into the gov't, and we all get to do that same shit-load of paperwork we had to 20 years ago to avoid being taxed out of existance. The LLc's came about as a simplification of business practices, and tax breaks for using an LLc over an inc. Did you ever do incorporation tax bs for a small sole-holder biz? I did, and still do, it blows! What obama's plan to goon the 250K level does is send all those SBs into the domain of corporation taxes, and the many wonderfull deductions, write-offs, depreciations, that come with it. That possibility alone will nullify any increase in revenue to be had by increasing the tax rate on that particular group. Hell, big promoition for the average LLc holder, you get to form a corp, promote yourself to CEO, and legally deduct so many expences you can't deduct as an LLc. Their tax rate would drop significantly. Maybe that is how the obama plan works! Hey, that's it !!! I got it now. Obama tax plan creating jobs. 1 raise tax rate on LLc's to the point they have to convert to privately held corps 2 inc's save a load of money on taxes through new write-offs in conversion 3 inc's spend some of that money hiring a floatilla of new accountants 4 gov't hires as many revenue people to handle ass-load of forms that are basically blank, but required 4b gov't get's fed reserve to print them a load of 'bamma-bucks to pay new gov't workers 4c gov't unions contribute to dem party camapigns with 'bama-bucks they force their membership to pay 5 newly inc'd biz hires one new worker on saved tax bucks... then pays healthcare, fires worker, and buys a machine to do same job minus healthcare cost. Machine made in China 6 small biz hates paperwork, puts off until last minute, uses a whole laser toner cart to print inc tax return toner cart from China 7 SB owner goes to wal mart, buys new toner... no one else is open at 1:00 am on April 14th 8 SB owner hits deer on way home, ends up going hospital, with no insurance, because he couldn't afford it, and paid penalty 8a hospital bed made in china, cool gown that won't close, and leaves my hairy white ass hanging out made in china, food tray the colour of baby-puke made in china, pen to sign check to pay for it made in china 9 SB onwer goes home in cast made in... guess it.... No, China, sits on chair made in china, watches made in china TV, harasses nice lady in california named RANI on a computer.... made in china. See??? it will all work out! You fact checkers seem to be typical liberal spinmeisters... er, I mean fact checkers, sorry, I get those confused. If you are trying to convince anyone that the guy whom said energy prices would go up under his admin, then hired Chu, a guy that openly stated he wanted higher energy prices, is suddenly the champion of a whole load of new exploration, you are outa your mind. That arguement someone who is openly against traditional energy sources is so helping us all find/utilize our in-country energy sources is so wacky I don't see how anyone can make that connection with any sort of honest thought process. In short, your "fact checkers" (cnn, pbs, media matters, huff-po something of the such) are full of shit. At least according to the House of Rep, BLM, EIA, Wash Times, and most everything else I have read. If they can't get this one right, how the hell can anyone beleive any single thing they say? You can't! It's not fact checking when it's clouding/confusing the truth, then trying to twist a few words to distort the facts into a favourable light. that becomes nothing more than the kabuki theatre we have endured the last 4 years. And, by the way, the bumster didn't bail out GM... that was bushes fault. Bush did the GM bailout, and according to libs everywhere, savem millions of jobs... so the bumster needs to quit lying and taking credit for it. One of the dumbest things bush did. You libs think that bailout was such a saviour for the nation, you better get on your knees in front of GW. Send me some pix. I have used a klash style (SVd) for hunting, and an Fn, and an AR... best hunting rifles in the world, why not use one? Better in crappy weather, better when my son slams the hummer door on it, better when I fall down the hill, into the swamp, whatever... just better. What it looks like doesn't make a difference, it's the society that glorifies gangs, violence, and the like. Want to see that end? lets see a 1 hour appeal of death sentences, and execution by firing squad, in public within 8 hours, unmarked burial within 1 hour. Bet you would see the punks quit pretty fast. Execute a load of innocent people, but what is wrong with that to the average communist?
  14. Well, at least we can say O showed up... then spent 90 minutes running around the ring trying to stay ahead of his own record. Fecked himself with libya question. For 2 weeks we heard him blame a video, We heard rice go running to 5 sunday shows and say "the best information" was the attack was a result of a riot... and even go to the UN, then blame the same video... then tonight he says he was on the phone getting reports as it was happening. Hmm... can't have it both ways. Obama lied, and they died. Point blank he lied in your face. The advert committee is staying up to write material over that BS fest. Spontaneous demonstration... ya, with a 120mm mortar, and a couple of 40mm bofers canons. Spontaneous demonstration my ass, did anyone believe that crap if the first place? - Romney missed a big chance to hammer that home. candy was outright wrong (or trying to spin it for O, couldn't tell), I just listened to the rose garden speech, he never called the embassy assault an act of terrorism. - that one question, and waffeling, then lie tonight will be a nightmare for him Obama blatantly lying on the oil permits. Who would have guessed. Offshore federal land permits cut 62% under Bummer Onshore federal land permits cut 30% + Permits for shale development cut 40%+ Still the same Obama, no answers except that mittens sucks worse. What a campaign platform?!??!?! Obama ran from fast & furious like a 5 year old running from nap time. Romney hurt himself talking over mod, Not that she didn't need it. Still, Romney was presidential looking, and O was running from his record, spouting his old talking point. Saying the same crap as he did 4 years ago. Needs some new material. Best question was the guy that said he voted for O last time, but has no faith now. O's answer, in a nutshell, "he will suck worse". Neither of them was willing to piss on the NRA sparkplug. Asked about gun laws we got some shit about married parents, and schools? Good grief, it's like being in an alternate universe when these guys talk. What the hell was mitties doing asking O questions? Elementary school debate club should have told him you never open a door for the opposition by asking them something and waiting for a response. What did he expect, an honest answer? foolish, amateurism, and a mistake... or maybe just that mitts is a CEO and not a lawyer, doesn't know lawyer rule one about asking questions and not already knowing the answer. Overall looked like O did better (and incorrect information from the mod may have helped a bit), but the cost was giving the romney campaign a bus load of videotape material to shoot back at them over the next 2 weeks. - Maybe a good trade, maybe not, only the next week will tell us the answer to that. I don't think we will ever see that format again. Last question was a handout to the guv, gave them both a chance to humanize themselves
  15. Now we know why congress gets nothing done. Both were full of bullshit, and semi-facts, neither one had a plan for anything. The debate format didn't do it for me, can't put my finger on just what it was, but it didn't work. Looked and felt too much like a political talk show, and not a debate. That last few minutes of religious stuff was pretty useless, I expected to hear trumpets, and see a burning bush they way they were laying the BS on. And good grief, the abortion horse got flogged again. When do we get to just give that argument up? We have a SCOTUS decision, it seems to work, time for the churchies to give that the hell up. I would rather have heard some opinions about the Syria/Turkey escalation, and something about the tension between Japan and China than which one is more Catholic. Holy crap, (all pun intended) that was a useless segment. Ryan couldn't answer a question with any sort of coherent answer that actually had much to do with the actual question, would have helped if biden would shut his mouth for 4 minutes, on the other hand, since it was just party line talking points on both sides, it really didn't matter. Biden couldn't tell the truth if he had to - his acting like a 15 year old girl was really degrading to the debate, and the office. Biden was just spouting party platform talking points. Looked like an infomercial, expected the sham-wow guy to pop out at any point, The grunting, giggling, and grinning reminded me of a village idiot. What does that moron think is so funny about a nuclear armed iran, or our embassy being attacked? It's not a funny matter, even if joie-boy thinks so, so why all the giggling? Win- biden if you heard it on the radio, and didn't see the way he acted, Ryan if you watched it, and saw that idiot. Cbs gave it to Biden CNN gave it to Ryan Rasmussen gave it to Ryan Frankly, in either case, I would rather see BHO in the office over either of them.
  16. Rani, you should know by now, I am never wrong.
  17. I don't think you have to "hope" he wins, It's romney's race at this point. Always was, the lib media just pulled the wool over the truth - the bias always leaves the polls in the last 45 days. You are seeing something closer to the true numbers now. Then there is the effect of the president and the state dept lying, bold faced, at the American people. Where has carney been? He's in hiding so he doesn't have to answer any questions about the pres lying about Libya. They are trying hard to shift the focus to big bird, but it's not working. The mid east is a disaster many times worse than when the pretender took office, we are broker, everything is more expensive, the world thinks the USA is a laughing stock, and it's going to coast him a second term. Like the fact major businesses are dumping their full time staff in favour of part-time only so thy don't get hosed by 'bamercare? Gee, what idiot didn't think that would happen? Oh, wait, the Chamber told them this would happen - Gotta pass this bill so you can see how fucked you are a result of it!
  18. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1349848737' post='558175'] Separation of church and state is what has kept this country from falling into absolute madness thus far. Let's see how much longer we get before our great nation falls... Yes, religion is what's killing not only this country, but the world. Tapatalk'd via iPhone [/quote] Your opinion is noted, but you still failed the basic premiss - Show me any part of the constitution that states a thing about separation of church and state. We are a nation built on that single document, more than anything else. How about that mess in Libya? I can't wait for the debate about foreign policy. I'm going to need popcorn for that event.
  19. Where do you actually get "separation of church and state" in the constitution? Just in case you need a hint: It's not there, that fallacy is a result of a progressive activist judiciary in 1878 (date may be off... it's been a verrrrryyyyy long time since those courses.) The whole separation idea, as it is today, stemmed out of the gov't looking for an excuse to not pay for busing students to catholic schools in the years just post WW2. Before that case the feds never applied the "wall of separation" theory to any events at a state level. Talk about needing a test to vote, how about just allowing people that actually know the constitution fill in a ballot. Wouldn't be many of us, easy to recount the ballots. How could LDS members even hold a candle to the asshole that is Rev. Wright? or did we forget that wanker?
  20. E. St Louis?!!??!? I don't own enough win mag ammo to feel safe in that shit hole. edit -asus keyboard blows
  21. [quote name='Rani' timestamp='1349713226' post='558045'] Here's how I know what happened........ The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department got some tip from somebody in the jail about a drug lab and pulled a joint raid with the LAPD in a gang area just West of South Central. The house they raided was on Hobart Street and the people living there were a grandmother and her three grandsons, two of which were Rollin' 60's Crips. How do I know this? The mother of someone I was dating lived one street over on LaSalle and was 2nd cousins to the grandmother and I had a "Hi, how are ya?":in passing kind of acquaintance with the elder of the two brother. Knowing they were Crips, I stayed out of their business and their neighborhood unless I was visiting the boyfriend's mom. One evening I go for a visit and hear there was a raid, they'd been looking for drugs but found only guns. Three AK-47, several handguns, and of all things a Tec-9. The guns were confiscated and then a week later all charges were dropped and everybody comes home. Weird, but whatever. Like I said I stayed out of their business. A few months later I get a job at a company where a newly retired Sheriff's Deputy has taken on the job of Safety and Human Resources Director. We have to visit several job sites together and we get to talking. He tells me he retired after a straight 20 and went into private industry because of the politics involved in working for the Sheriff's Office. I tell him I think the system is jacked anyway, blah, blah blah and the stories start flying. One of the stories that comes around is the story of the raid on Hobart Street. He almost chokes when I bring it up and tells me he led the Sheriff's Department's portion of the raid. They took possession of the guns while the LAPD took in the suspects. They ran the registration numbers and ballistics through routine channels and in 24-hours gets a call from the Justice Department informing them they're taking over the case, etc. The following day two AFT agents from Tucson show up and confiscate the guns, and that's the last the Sheriff's Department knows until charges are dropped and the gang bangers show up back home with all charges dropped. It wasn't until this past year with Wide Receiver coming out that 2 plus 2 added up to 4 especially considering that Wide Receiver [u]was run out of the Tucson office of the ATF.[/u] Funny thing was the Tec-9 showed up again in the newspapers for some Black P Stone Blood being arrested with it in his possession and it turns out after it was "reacquired" by the ATF it somehow made it's way to Denver where it was involved in the shooting of a police officer before being stolen out of evidence, making it's way back to Los Angeles into the hands of the Blood. All of which came out at trial. So Wide Receiver was well administered and harmless? Not even a little bit. Oh, and Scotsman...... Kiss my ass my friend. (And that was meant nicely.) 'Rani [/quote] Again, no matter who decided to arm known crooks, it was wrong, and people need to go to jail over it. I wholely expect to see Barry use a blanket pardon for holder, and a handful of his minions. Well, let's seen some of it on all those damn liberal news channels that had to let Univision be the only news channel that wasn't in the tank for the bummer. Better call that story into CNN, they need some actual news for those harpies to blabber about. So what you are saying is that Holder's dept gets a pass on the carnage they caused because a similar operation took place under bush. Doesn't "it's bush's fault" start to get old? Didn't your mama tell you 2 wrongs don't make a right? If your friend jumps off a bridge, are you going to do it too?n Sure not much "change" involved with coming up with a bigger, bloodier fiasco than the guy before you! Not much hope for an admin that has a documented record of blaming anyone they can except themselves, then hiding behind exec priv rather than tell the whole story. I could give you a whole list of bush's actions I didn't agree with. He was a complete disaster, and one of the most progressive, and oppressive presidents until Barry Hussein. That still doesn't excuse bodies all over as a new program. If the current admin is all the collection of geniuses you hold them up as, they would have realized WR was wrong on all levels, then not done F&F. The fact they went ahead with F&F is just more proof they are a collection of inept buffoons. Who else would take a bad policy, and turn it into an unmitigated disaster, both in the USA, and foreign countries? Liking those gas prices? Pretty funny from where I am sitting, but I bet it's not as funny there. (don't take it wrong... not gloating, well, yes, I am. Sorry)
  22. [quote name='Rani' timestamp='1349503160' post='557965'] [quote name='TheScotsman' timestamp='1349498773' post='557958'] 1) Wide reciever actually followed the arms 2) Bush INFORMED the Mexican gov't, and utilized their assistance in tracking 3) every arm was captured 4) no arms were ever allowed out of survelience 5) most of all... none were used in a murder, much less nearing 45 documented events involving dif't arms. 6) federal gov't never funded the purchases under bush 7) under bush no dealers were instructed to make sales they knew were illegal. Another words, what you are saying is that a method bush used successfully, the holder doj completely clusterfucked from every possible aspect. Your point proves bush had his admin working, and the present doesn't. Typical, anyone disagrees with a liberal, and the liberal will squelch the debate they can't win. [/quote] Bullshit. I know for a fact several of those guns were later found in a drug raid right here in Los Angeles. They didn't know the official operation or anything about it, but I know the deputies who made the bust and traced the guns back to the D.O.J. It was a big internal scandal at the time. But nice try. 'Rani [/quote] First, I think the whole idea of any of the walking programs is so utterly stupid that everyone involved with all of them needs their balls stapled to their deckchair. Anyone in charge that approved them, knowingly, or not, should be tried for the appropriate crimes, and sentenced. I would think someone that thought they knew so much about Op Wide Receiver would actually have taken the time to learn that the "guns" were actually only the lower receivers for AR's - (hence the name Op Wide Receiver) The serial numbered component that requires a 4473. Hmmm... not complete, for that matter missing, well, everything that makes them work. The intent of the buyers was to build 10.5" SBRs, I haven't seen any of those at the scene of any dead border agents. The parts were RF tagged, and partially demilled. Assembly would have required a bit of weld & remachine was what hey original intent was. Weather the field managed to not cock that order up is another thing all together. Even stranger, one would think a big cartel would be able to hire a machinist or two. The actual lower reciever is a simple part to make. Using minimal manual tooling the below average machinist could make one in less than 8 hours. So where are the pictures of dead bodies as a result of wide receiver? Did I just see a big investigative journalistic piece on the carnage from WR? Nope. Liberals must think the rest of us are pretty gullible if they actually think we believe holder would be taking the crap he is over F&F, and not be throwing every actual real case of any other op in front of the public. Give me a break, That's just plain silly. The admin that leaks everything they find politically effective in their favour, and blames everyone they can for everything they can would suddenly keep something like that quiet? bahahahahahahahaha ON that note, I need another coffee. Why is it every Liberal "knows somebody" with first hand info, but never has names? Could it be that it's all just BS? I'm thinking so. I had a neighbor that thought aliens abducted him regularly, that doesn't mean it happened.
  23. 1) Wide reciever actually followed the arms 2) Bush INFORMED the Mexican gov't, and utilized their assistance in tracking 3) every arm was captured 4) no arms were ever allowed out of survelience 5) most of all... none were used in a murder, much less nearing 45 documented events involving dif't arms. 6) federal gov't never funded the purchases under bush 7) under bush no dealers were instructed to make sales they knew were illegal. Another words, what you are saying is that a method bush used successfully, the holder doj completely clusterfucked from every possible aspect. Your point proves bush had his admin working, and the present doesn't. Typical, anyone disagrees with a liberal, and the liberal will squelch the debate they can't win.
  24. That wasn't a debate. I expected better from Big O, that wasn't a loss so much as an utter defeat - the political equivalent of Dunkerque minus the boat rescue, Better go back to the teleprompter, and fire the prep team. All I heard was the same old talking points, and lame stories about imaginary people, the same old crap I heard 4 years ago got a cheap retread job ans shoved back out the door at us. There was a definite lack of actual coherent responses to gov mittens. The pres' closing was just a "vote for me because he sux" that had no real reason to vote for him. R-1 O-0
  25. I was trying no to blame the president. At this point there is little evidence that has come to light that even infers his involvement, with the exception of claiming executive priv, which in itself only protects high level communication in the executive. Still, his body language, and responses make me believe he was completely unaware of just what was going on there. Holder, that guy is another story altogether, but I think President O was not in this mess, except to try to cover up the truth ex post facto, in an attempt to avoid the political fallout of arming a foreign paramilitary organization. (thinking Oliver North, except arming the bad guys) I am appalled that congress didn't discover any of this with their sham investigation, should tell us more of the level of competency in that group. They spend a bazillion dollars figuring out if some baseball has-been has a 'roid needle in a beer can from 1977, and naming parks, but can't seem to even find out how many weps took a free ride in Mexico??? That should make anyone in the USA angry beyond belief. But more, it is an "in our face" demonstration of just how piss-poor the American journalists are. Where are the days just one of them went after the truth at all costs, and in complete disregard for who's political image will be damaged by the truth? Maybe we would see a bit more honesty in politicians (quit laughing) if they feared that their bad behavior would be leading news for days. But nope, not here. We get to see blocks long lines waiting for some new gadget, and talking heads blabbering about polls until we all want shove a pole somewhere, yet this gets 15 seconds of coverage at 1:00 am, if any at all. You absolutely can not trust news from anywhere that isn't beating the drum for the truth in f&f. Hell with them all, it's a beautiful fall day, I am going to go sit on the end of my dock, and enjoy a bowl of K peach.
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