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  1. I don't think my shisha packing or holes in the foil are the problem. I grab a chunk of shisha and break off small pieces and drop them in to the rim. I tried using the poker that came with the tongs but I have better success using a needle and poking a lot of little holes all over. I just had a smoke while posting this actually and moved the coal around a bit- had better success. Next time I will try splitting the coal in 2 and trying it that way(damn these things are hard). Thanks for the fast replys.
  2. Hi, long time hookah smoker, first time owner. I've had my Mya Staff for about 2 weeks now. I'm using the coals that came with it from hookah-shisha (golden coals? they're pretty small). Usually what I'll do is just put the coal in the middle and get it smoking nice and good. But usually 15 mins or so into it, it will start getting harsh. I check to see if it's burnt but I don't think it is, doesn't smell burnt but the top layer is black. Is the shisha supposed to get black and "burnt looking" I guess? At this point I'lll usually take off the coal for a bit or move it around.. it usually helps(like 75% of the time) but sometimes it will keep smoking harsh. I'm thinking it's poor heat managment. Any ideas/tips?
  3. Now before I review this product I'll just say that this is my first owned hookah. My (ex) roommate used to have one and we'd smoke out of it 3-4 times a week, but I never learned how to prepare it properly. So, I received my Mya Staff from hookah-shisha.com yesterday. First two bowls weren't so good, but I don't think I set it up properly, tobacco got burnt both times. On my 3rd bowl now, packed a little more tobacco, added a few more holes to the foil, and now it's smoking wonderfully. It has a little bit of a drag, but not too much. Very rich flavor and thick smoke. The glass vase seems a little fragile, but pretty durable against bumbs and nudges, just as long as you don't drop it. The rubber grommets do stretch a bit, as long as you don't mess with them too much it should be fine, though. As for the looks- very classy like the previous posters have said. The "cloissone" stem + hose look very beautiful, as well as the glass vase. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase, though I do think it could be a little cheaper.
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