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  1. I actually knocked over my Mya Staff the other day in the dark and fully expected to turn on the lights to see it shattered. Fortunately, the only thing I found was an uncracked base and a huge pile of ash on my floor. I'm really impressed because I originally thought this base couldn't take even slight bump. Being glass, it wouldn't surprise me if there was a big variation on the glass quality/thickness even in the same model of base.
  2. It actually wouldn't be too hard if you had a pump sitting in a big insulated bucket of ice water with thin plastic tubes coming out, wrapping around the base and up to the hose itself then back into the bucket. The problem would be attaching it to the hose and the whole setup so it's still flexible and relatively light. Also, I think if you cooled the hose with liquid nitrogen it would be stiff from the cold depending on what it's made of. It'd be great for those long sessions where all the ice melts in the base before you're done smoking.
  3. Golden Charcoal (made in Japan, imported by Canary Imports) I'm 1/3 of the way through the box and I will be ordering more soon. These coals are obviously harder to light than the lousy easy-light Golden Coals I also have, but the total lack of taste that they create when they burn makes the lighting difficulties worth it by far. I never really noticed the flavor the easylights add to the shisha until I got this box of Japs, it's a kind of chalky flavor that's really wierd and a taste I will only have ever again if I run these. Because it's kind of annoying to start these, I'm going to get a little cheap ceramic flower pot to cook my coals in before I use them because I don't have a stove. If you have a big torch these things are no problem to light at all and they aren't really too bad with a little torch butane lighter. 9/10 (for lighting difficulties)
  4. QUOTE (Jonesy @ Aug 23 2007, 05:57 PM) May be a silly idea but how about using a ping pong ball (perforated of course) and make a slightly smaller hole than the stem, so it should can be wedged on tight? On a side note, I realise that ping pong balls probablly wont fit down the neck of most bottles Any ways, just me thinking aloud. I figured this might be a good idea when I read this so I grabbed a ping-pong ball, made a big enough hole to fit around the stem and a lot of holes with a pushpin. I was still pumped about the idea. However, when I stuck the ball on the end of the stem to see if it let enough air through, I blew out first then sucked in, drawing air through the ball and the air was terrible. I don't know what gas they use to pressurize ping pong balls or if it's just the celluloid itself, but there is a nasty smell on the inside of the ball. I just tried washing it out with dishsoap and it is still really bad. So good idea but it wouldn't work because of the awful taste inside the ball.
  5. A threaded stem screws onto the base, as oppose to a stem that has a grommet that you just push onto the base. The rings around a screw are called the "threads".
  6. I just got a new Mya Staff from Hookah-Shisha.com. Overall it was a good buying experience and although that site doesn't have the greatest selection for coals and tobacco, it's still pretty nice. After having the hookah for only a few days, I already love it. With enough holes in the foil, I've found that it pulls fairly easily and it has been consistently smooth with great smoke and flavor. I haven't noticed any real faults with it yet- Mya has great quality in general. Also, on mine, the gaskets seem to work fine in my hose adapter and the stem gasket is small but almost unnecessary because of the screw-on stem. The only thing is that the base seems a little delicate and the footprint of it is not as wide as some other Myas, still seems stable though. In terms of looks, the "Cloisonne" style of it screams class. I've had comments about how pimpass it is. 9/10
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