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  1. In Chicago I have paid $10 - $20 dollars. Smaller the operation, higher the price.
  2. Thats too bad. Hookah lounges can either be great or they suck. Lack employees suck the most.
  3. There is a lot more to opening a hookah lounge. For example: 1. Know your market. You need students, students, students. Only students. 2. Build your store cheap. Hire a service (like ours) or do it yourself. 3. Know your product. If you make a crappy hookah, say goodbye to repeat customers. 4. Set realistic expectations. It takes hard work to make money in this business. 5. Diversify your cash flows. Hookah sales alone won't let you "make it".
  4. Pretty much the same. It's all very inexpensive.
  5. I've heard Korea is a great place to open a hookah lounge, especially with so many US solders who have been to Iraq.
  6. This is a great twist on the idea of a traditional hookah lounge.
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