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  1. QUOTE (antouwan @ May 19 2009, 06:13 PM) QUOTE (Stuie @ May 19 2009, 12:05 PM) ....and 2 kilos for Stuie. Aww thanks shesha1. You're the best! Stuie, come on man already drinking at noon? you have to wait until AT LEAST 3:00. I was lucky enough to get some from a shop owner in dubai. He doesnt sell it outside the coutry and its what he smokes. He said, not good for selling outside saudi and dubai because most ppl want al fakher. So he set me some up and its amazing. Didnt know saudi had its own, but it was lovely, and the apple isnt like the apple we havem the i tried a melon and it was great and the grape, well it smelt so nice I tried to eat it.... lol was a great smoke though. quite moist.
  2. Hey guys, tried to edit my other thread to put this in there too buy couldnt make it. Im looking for some lucid tangiers also, want to buy so i can get for friday. Buy, or can trade for 1kg packs of strawberry or double apple al fakher. Thanks
  3. QUOTE (Jerie @ Sep 28 2008, 10:23 AM) i have some sorts like choclate mint, orange soda, bubble gum, spearmint etc... want some? Not hijacking the thread, but if the thread starter doesnt want them all, I am willing to buy the flavours he doesnt if they are lucid tangiers. Orange Soda and Spearmint especailly. Im in the UK, and looking to get some starbuzz and lucid tangiers (after reading the reviews) around friday for a party
  4. Hey guys, Im looking to buy/trade for some starbuzz or lucid tangiers after reading the reviews. Especailly bluemist. Im having a party on the weekend and would love some of this stuff. I do have some trades. 1kg alfaker strawberry or double apple and willing to trade. Thanks
  5. QUOTE (xsp2004 @ Jul 4 2008, 06:55 PM) QUOTE (shoresidejake @ Jul 4 2008, 05:52 PM) LOL we'll be down there tomorrow too! ya i would be down there im back up in jacksonville. Thanks man Are the last 2 shops to buy things from? Im coming from the uk, so will have a shisha/hookah by the pool, lol. would love if they have some good brands and flavours.
  6. Hey ppl, Im going to florida 2moro in the Orlando kissimmee area. I was wondering wheres the best/closest places to buy some shisha stuff, like tobacco, coals? and is there any lounges? Im looking for some starbuzz, blue mist again, and im from the uk, so will be cheaper to buy here. Thanks p.s looked around to see if theres anywhere else to post, but the vendor section was just stickies, so thought maybe here is the best. Thanks
  7. Hey people, After getting tangiers to work great and the phunnel bowl to work great with it and with other brands. So I tried Tangiers orange soda and it tasted lovely, couldnt see how thick the smoke was but it seemed ok, but the buzz was more then others, which I dont like. Anyway, so why is tangiers the best, something like starbuzz blue mist is lovely tasting and extremely thick too without alot of the hassle and buzz. Same with al fakher grape, currently my 2 fav flavours So why do you think its the best and what flavour is your fave? Ive got grape and melon mix acclimating and waiting for me
  8. QUOTE (SimplexCoda @ May 5 2008, 06:18 PM) YA like the clean burning-ness of cocos, but i have one problem with them. No matter how much i light them. Typically i light them till they are red on one side and flaming, then flip do the same thing then flip till flaming then repeat. it is always all red when i get them off then when i put them on the hookah the bottom portion of the coal kinda dies out so i have to flip them over pretty often so that they stay going. I get that with all my coals, even instants go dark on the bottom when you put them on the bowl.
  9. Thanks guys. I guess Ill get some better foil, we dont have reynolds in the uk, so Ill try my works full on foil which we use in the kitchen. Hopefully this foil will hold up better. Going to go for this method of holes on the bowl http://youtube.com/watch?v=CjF8kRw1Q7A&feature=related Will let you guys know how it goes with double foil till I get a thicker foil 2moro. Gonna read on how to prepare the tangiers the best way now to have it in the next few days.
  10. I got it working great for a bit. Nick 909 and manic were right for me. I didnt put any holes right above the phunnel hole and loads around and it worked great. Worked great twice, but having other problems now. If you guys could give me some advise. I dont know it its cause it has so many holes, but I get a huge huge buzz now. More like cant move, for a few mins, lol. Maybe too much heat. Also, I dont pack above the rim now, because I can hear the shisha constantly cooking and it becomes really harsh after a bit. Im using 3 instant lights now in a triangle method. I dont get it because I went to a shisha place in dubai this week and he was using al fakher and packing above the rim in a normal bowl and you could see by the foil it was over the rim and it didnt give a burnt taste, he was using natural small coals though and wasnt super thick smoke. Ive heard with some shisha brands you can do this and others you cant pack close to the foil. In the vids on how to pack tangiers, everyone goes above the rim, and it doesnt seem to burn for them. Im using Al fakher to perfect how to use the bowl, but I have starbuzz, fantasia and tangiers also. My other problem is, if i make the foil too close to the phunnel, it seems when I breath in the phunnel blocks the foil in a way and makes hard to suck in. Maybe because the foil im using now is alot thinner because I ran out of my thick foil? and if I dont press the foil down, I cant see the centre rim to know where to put my holes...? Im getting there... kinda
  11. QUOTE (manic007 @ May 10 2008, 07:16 PM) I also put holes near the middle, but I never poke a hole directly through the center (above the hole). If you find that the foil is being sucked down, then just use an elastic band around the shaft of the bowl and over the foil. Or just use thicker foil, or two pieces of foil Hmmm, I will try what you guys have wrote. Do ppl get thick smokes with other tobaccos on this bowl? Also, do you guys press the foil down, so that you can see the ring in the middle and the inside of the outline of the bowl? Need some more vids on how to prepare it.
  12. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ May 10 2008, 02:14 PM) Air leak? It's also possible that you might benefit from a Funnel Bowl Mod that blocks the central hole and forces the air through the tobacco....... If smoking with Al Fakur Cant be an air leak, cause i put on another head straight away and it worked great. hmmm, really wanna get this working. whats this mod, where can i buy 1?
  13. Hey guys, So ive bought a tangiers bowl. and instead of wasting the tangiers ive bought, im trying to master packing/preparing the tangiers bowl with other shisha. So I used Al fakher watermelon in it and used the step by step guide of these intructions, but the smoke is hardly thick, its very very thin, like vapour almost. this is the guide i used http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?showt...l=tangiers+bowl I can hear it cooking, but its very very thin, so i poked another 2 holes in the center where the main phunnel whole is and it became even thinnner.... I tried again, but this time but a layer of foil in the bottom, so i wont need to use as much shisha and it is still very thin smoke. Im sure its me and not the bowl. then i used shisha potion on a normal head and it was lovely. Any help would be great, really wanna learn it by the next UFC when all the guys are over. I used 2 instant coals, broke them into halfs and spread it into 4 areas. normal head works great like that. Any vids would be great too on what to do. Thanks guys
  14. Hey guys, I had a problem with both fantasia and starbuzz yesterday. I packed the pink lemonade in a normal eygptian bowl, quite tight, put the normal 1 coals I do for al fakher and normally I get a thick smoke but it looked like it werent working, very thin smoke, and then became very harsh.... havent had problems like this for years. Does fantasia take longer to cook? Then I tried x on the beach starbuzz on a small phunnel bowl (damn they are huge and take up so much tobacco, i need a mod) got good airflow, but the coals just werent cooking the tobacco, hardly any smoke. Ive looked at a few vids and Ill try them, but the first problem cant understand why. Do they need to be left out a bit also like tangiers? QUOTE (khearts @ May 1 2008, 11:13 PM) So Ive always been using al fakher and wondering should either fantasia or starbuzz be packed any different? or acclimated? I have a normal eygptian bowl, small and medim tangiers bowl. So any advise would be great
  15. So Ive always been using al fakher and wondering should either fantasia or starbuzz be packed any different? or acclimated? I have a normal eygptian bowl, small and medim tangiers bowl. So any advise would be great
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